Wally of the Week: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Wally of the Week: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Moaning minnie Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s guest column for the ‘Sunday Mirror’ confirms that she truly is nothing but a harpy for hire


In a “guest column” for the Sunday Mirror yesterday, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown attacked David Cameron, complained about Jamie Oliver and whinged that “justice can be unjust”.


Wally of the Week: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown


This moaning minnie took the place of the paper’s regular mouthpiece Carole Malone – who thankfully “is away” – and also complained about a senior solicitor named Alexander Carter-Silk and lauded Jeremy Corbyn as “talent[ed]” and “great”.


In the full-page feature, Alibhai-Britain also declared Britain’s government to be “cold” but in reality it is time that she was told a simple home truth: If our Wally of the Week hates this country so much, she has the right to leave. If she did, the nation would rejoice.



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