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Trumping Wildenstein

Trumping Wildenstein – Home of Bride of Wildenstein Jocelyn Wildenstein for sale after her fight with ex-boyfriend Lloyd Klein – Apartment 51ADE, 845 United Nations Plaza #37-B, Turtle Bay, New York, NY 10017, United States of America – For sale for £10.36 million ($12.95 million, €12.08 million or درهم47.56 million) through Douglas Elliman

‘Catwoman’ Jocelyn Wildenstein puts her Trump World Tower apartment on the market after recent court appearance for “clawing” her boyfriend’s face


“No showings before 12pm” shouts the listing on realtor Douglas Elliman’s homepage and given how the owner of the property they’re currently selling no doubt looks of a morning, one need not wonder why. Welcome to the 8-bedroom, £10.36 million ($12.95 million, €12.08 million or درهم47.56 million) home of billionaire divorcee Jocelyn Wildenstein (AKA ‘Catwoman’ or ‘Bride of Wildenstein’).


Situated towards the top of the 72 floor, 376 apartment Trump World Tower residential skyscraper at 845 United Nations Paza in Midtown Manhattan, Wildenstein reportedly bought and combined the three apartments offered for $6 million in 2001 (the equivalent of £6.51 million, ($8.14 million, €7.59 million or درهم29.90 million today). She is said to have “spent millions more on lavish renovations and an opulent Art Deco interior” to create a look that featured “shark-skin gaming tables, chairs made from ostrich leather and zebra-skin couches” but now, the 5,160-square foot space is being marketed as “ready to be created to the buyer’s specifications”.


Feline-like Wildenstein, a seriously wealthy woman thanks to her 1999 divorce from art dealer Alec Wildenstein, was arrested on 6th December for digging her finger nails into the face of her now ex-boyfriend, fashion designer Lloyd Klein, during a “cat fight” in the apartment. She is reportedly selling up as “she just doesn’t feel comfortable there after what happened”.


Jocelyn Wildenstein and Lloyd Klein in happier times
The entrance to The Trump World Tower
Lloyd Klein in the gaudy apartment that is now for sale
Jocelyn Wildenstein poses with a cat
A dining area illustrates Mrs Wildenstein’s curious taste in decor
Mrs Wildenstein is said to be a collector of all manner of curiosities
The current floor plan of the apartment offered
The original floor plan of the apartment offered
The proposed floor plan of the apartment offered
Jocelyn Wildenstein’s face
Lloyd Klein’s face after he was “clawed” by Jocelyn Wildenstein
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