The rotten men of 2014

rotten men

Scoundrels and criminals top our selection of the most rotten men of 2014


As 2014 draws to a close, we will profile the best and the worst of the year. We begin with the most rotten men of 2014. In no particular order, they are:


Max Clifford

Undoubtedly one of the most manipulative men on the planet, this sex pest is finally where he belongs: Locked up in jail. Max Clifford built his reputation by destroying others but in the end it caught up with him. Clifford is currently being sued by the toxic former royal butler Paul Burrell but truly the best thing to happen next would be that he be totally forgotten.


Shrien Dewani

This oddball businessman hired Max Clifford on a retainer of £30,000 per month in the wake of his wife’s murder. Clifford lied on Dewani’s behalf about his sexuality but now this Hindu Lohana has bizarrely been cleared of having any involvement in Anni Dewani’s death. Whatever actually happened will probably never be known, but one thing is clear: Shrien Dewani has a lot to answer for.


Nigel Farage MEP

“Caravan man’s” appearance with the equally loathsome Russell Brand on Question Time was a most definite low point of 2014. Equally, Farage blaming illegal immigrants for being late to an event summed up how ridiculous this bigoted man truly is. We only wish he’d take a leaf out of Iain Duncan Smith’s book when he commented on the merits of being a quiet man as then we could then all turn off the volume.


Rolf Harris AO, CBE

Thankfully now disgraced and jailed, Rolf Harris is dishonest to his core. He pretended he’d never been to Cambridge until a video of him there emerged and his grasping daughter only accompanied him to court as she wanted a slice of his wealth. This Australian creep and his didgeridoo should be confined to the dustbin of history.


Oscar Pistorius

This gun-wielding maniac took the life of an innocent beauty and blamed everyone other than himself. Oscar Pistorius got off very lightly thanks to South Africa’s bizarre jury-less court system but all being well, he’ll soon have a far more severe sentence.



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    1. What of the Deadly McDuo who continue to exist on exploiting the disappearance of their daughter ? The resumption of the Libel hearing on 10.12.2014 against Mr Gonçalo Amarale, set to resume next year will be interesting.

      • How dare you say such terrible things about dear Gerry and Kate McCann. They are tireless in their quest to find their beloved Madeleine and Mr Amarale should hold his head in shame. He will hopefully be punished in due course. Stop being ridiculous and support the Find Madeline campaign.

    2. The perfect list. ALL of them are awful but you should also have Russell Brand, James Stunt, Ed Miliband and Tony Blair. Next time include ten.

    3. I.don’t’s it’s corect in.any way to link.NIGEL FARAGE AS A MEBER OF PARLIMENT. With rapist murderers and child molesters all members. Have good and bad sides and make mistakes. And as forty percent of the people want to leave the market X every one is and has there own.feelings but never in.a 100 years is he any where near that grourp.of people that you.have lumped him.with that makes you quite sinfully and unless to.a happily married man that’s a hard working MP.SHAME ON YOU.SIR THIS COUNTRY ANDBOUT QUEEN PRIDES ITSELF ON FAIR NESS JUST WISE PEOPLE WHO GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE HE HAS COMITED NO CRIME SO.PLEASE sir don’t link.him with such people

      • Calm down, Nigel Farage can sometimes be a irritating cock, but he is not a murderer, chicken molester or child buggerer. Nigel is as smooth as Leslie Philips, but not as funny as Terry-Thomas and Frankie Howerd. We are in the land of stand up comedy. God save our Lord Monty Python………

      • 1. Nigel Farage is not a Member of Parliament (MP). He is a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).
        2. Our list is of people on the basis they have displayed “rotten” behaviour. Farage has behaved appallingly this year with ridiculous remarks about those with HIV, immigrants, etc. That is why he made our list. He is a nasty piece of work and illustrative about what is rotten about politics in Britain today.
        3. Max Clifford made our list as he was finally jailed for being utterly rotten this year. He has not shown any remorse and continues, we are reliably told, to believe he still has a role in public life.
        4. Shrien Dewani and Oscar Pistorius are “rotten men” on the basis of how they had it all and destroyed what they had. They also illustrate what is wrong with the South African justice system.
        5. Rolf Harris provides illustration of what has been rotten at the BBC and elsewhere in public life in Britain.
        6. If our list had been of 10 rotten men, others such as Russell Brand and Ed Miliband would have definitely been on there but we decided we would stick with 5 individuals to keep it brief.
        6. Farage is the representative of politics, whilst Pistorius represents sports, Rolf Harris the arts, Shrien Dewani business and Max Clifford the dark arts of PR. It is a perfectly reasonable list given how awful all of these people truly are.


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