Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Rise of James Stunt

Matthew Steeples suggests James Stunt as a man to watch in 2018


James Stunt was not a man I expected to have much time for let alone come to actually like. Prior to meeting him properly this summer, I tended towards the opinion that he was somewhat brash but now, having spent time in the company of this gentleman, I admit I was wrong and now have come to consider him a true friend.


An undoubtedly loving father to his three children, billionaire businessman and art connoisseur Stunt is quite a contrast to his now ex-wife, Petra Ecclestone – a woman who sadly seems to have taken to dating dodgy electricians and falling out of nightclubs dressed rather inappropriately. He has shown dignity in spite of adversity and his brilliant YouTube video retort against the bogeymen of media, Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre and his creepy boss Viscount Rothermere, was a highlight for of 2017 for even the legendary actor, writer and producer Steven Berkoff.


Now an eligible bachelor once again and free of the nasty piece of work that is Bernie Ecclestone and his sorry clan, Belgravia based Stunt will undoubtedly lead the way in 2018. He looks set to rise from difficult times and he will move into the year to do things far more impressive than one could possibly imagine.


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The Rise of James Stunt – The man to watch in 2018 - Matthew Steeples suggests James Stunt as a man to watch in 2018 – Bernie Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone and Sam Palmer
Petra Ecclestone with James Stunt in happier times

The Rise of James Stunt – The man to watch in 2018 - Matthew Steeples suggests James Stunt as a man to watch in 2018 – Bernie Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone and Sam Palmer
Petra Ecclestone now (looking like Patsy from ‘Ab Fab’)

The Rise of James Stunt – The man to watch in 2018 - Matthew Steeples suggests James Stunt as a man to watch in 2018 – Bernie Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone and Sam Palmer
Petra Ecclestone now (looking Waynetta Slob) with new boyfriend electrician turned used car salesman Sam Palmer and James Stunt looking dapper with Puff Daddy and rapper Mase

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  1. James Stunt has a had a very lucky escape. The Ecclestone girl and her anything but highbrow sister need to grow up and stop behaving so badly. How on earth Petra thinks hanging out with Sam Palmer, the son of a fraudster, will do her any good is beyond anyone’s imagination. She needs to see a shrink and pipe down.

  2. If I had not read this article I would still believe the bad things written in The Daily Mail about Mr Stunt. I think he has been very much wronged by the media in general and it is good to see something positive and decent written about him. I would like to hear more about whatever exciting things he has planned in 2018 – I note you hint at there being something on the horizon. P.S. Glad he is back on the market, I’d definitely date him now.

  3. wow, James is looking fab!!!
    what the hell happened to her.
    eligible bachelor is going to be the big man on town, it is a great thing he got ride of Petra as she is looking older then her mum.
    James is looking sexing !!

  4. Billionaire with those looks he has it all!
    What is next for James …maybe a move role.. James Bond?
    I be looking for you James in the cinema

  5. You are so right Alexandra they have it all wrong
    The man has been bullied by the media
    True to form the Truth comes out
    That man is remarkable be bounces back greater then ever
    Someone should tell Petra that AbsFab is so over and she is looking like Patsy .
    Ding Dong the which is gone bye bye Petra HELLO JAMES

  6. I have long suspected there was more to this story then reported! Stunt looks great, sadly poor Petra does not look as if single hood is a very decent way of life for her! the Steeple Times does not often get things wrong but surely you have this wrong for everyones sake! Stunt has always seemed a man not to be underestimated and it looks like Little Bernie must be miserable she has gone from a suave billionaire to this man!!! who looks like a body double for Wayne Rooney! I only feel for their 3 children it is always sad for them especially if mummy is slumming it! Hopefully 2018 will show everyone the Ecclestone attempt to manipulate the public with all the lying propeganda they placed in the Daily Mail!!!

  7. Wow I love this man rich handsome and direct! She is just a Daddies girl train wreck! Deffo team Stunt I say let her and her even uglier sister go tell more people to eat cake!!!!

  8. She looks like she’s been following the Mary Berry diet and gone overboard on the cupcakes! Perhaps Sam Palmer can hire her out as a potwasher. What next? Will she be moving to Dagenham?

  9. Finally we get to know what really is going on.
    I always know something was up. How they bullied the man
    You always know when thing are one sided you know some ugly person is behind it,
    Glade that the truth is coming out!
    And wow sexy man.
    FYI petra put down the fork and start to ride a bike you look like crap

    Petra your a dud!!
    I agree with michelle cheverie petra you look like medusa
    I guess it is true what you are on the inside is what you look on the outside
    James your a stand man
    Petra it is time to get a face lift inside and out.
    Petra looks like your dad!

  11. WHAT a Stud JAMES STUNT is !!
    It is so true the LGBTQ community really loves this man for all the right reasons
    Petra your time is over O V E R! Petra you look like your dad but older

  12. petra you really need a new face cream put down the droughts
    Petra you should be asking how James is looking like a model maybe he can give you tips on how to look and sexy
    Petra should realize money does not buy all.

  13. Let me get this straight, SHE had the bright spark of an idea to leave a heart throb billionaire for a ugly gas fitter! I do not know who is more stupid her making this huge mistake, or Tamara making that bloody stupid tv show with another Essex chav who would not not know the front of a painting from the back of one!!! Did Bernie not even bother to spring to send these two to a decent private school! there is no danger of either one of these girls getting into mensa! then again look at the pair of mutants they are with!!! Yeah Yeah Petra I am sure the public will listen to your lies again NOT!!!!

  14. God Stunt looks like a Kennedy!!! Why
    does the Mail never put any of the
    great looking pictures of him? I googled
    him and my god is this man handsome,
    A Billionaire, philanthropist and seems
    genuine! Shame on the gutter press Daily Mail in particular!!! Petra is the social astronaut her sister and parents sinister!!!!
    Why was Back off Bernie giving statement after statement. well as the Rat Pack once
    sung Everyone wants to back Jack! So looking like a Kennedy I agree TEAM Stunt and yes, Back off Bernie Petra your a parent grow up, bet you regret it all now!!!

  15. James Stunt 18 Ecclestone Trash Nil

    Disgusting family Petra what a stupid girl you are! James we love you!!! would you date a more academic lady rather than an heir head lol!!!!

  16. There you go again? Just another spoilt rich bitch who gets all her money from daddy and hubby, with no real understanding of the real value of where it comes from. I suppose she could support some kind of charity to hide behind like so many of these so called nobodys. This would garantee her endless pissups in all the night clubs of the land. Grow up! For gods sake.

  17. James should be forgiven his past antics. Your pictures of that dirty wench with her new filth are symbolic of her poor judgement and utter wrongness. She looks like Cilla Black on heat!

  18. Looking handsome you still
    make me feel. your not only
    Mr hey big spender hahaha lol x
    I will say for a fact I KNOW all the
    appalling LIES that were said and
    written could only ever be horrible
    tactics by very jealous, spiteful people!
    Everyone who knows you knows the truth.
    Make all who know you proud and make
    This year only about you and what you have cruelly endured laugh like we all have
    been doing!!! Never change you are still
    the most unique, fascinating and generous
    soul!!! Karma always has and always will come full circle!!! A Always x x x

    • Hope 2018, now just calm down and take a deep breath, It sounds like you’re living in hope. Hope that he might help you open your glory box..

  19. That Lady needs glasses! I doubt her and Mr Stunt’s private members clubs would welcome his sort. Soon I doubt they will welcome her, lets hope she enjoys singing i’m forever blowing bubbles on the arm of Mr Palmer. I bet for now he is only holding a season ticket.However I am sure Mr Palmer will somehow persuade her to elevate him to box owner. Looks as though he comes with a very long annual christmas list.

  20. Send her Down Under and I’ll teach her a thing or two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Criminality is not even tolerated here in Oz now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody in their right mind would want to have the son of a hoodlum fraudster from Essex near their children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on girl —- Either you’ve been on the magic mushrooms or you’re simply a dumbo of epic proportions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Mr Stunt has gone up in my estimation. That convoy of cars used to really annoy me when it made a nuisance in the locality but in choosing to take on HARMsworth and Dacre I must say this chap has shown nouse and the capability to do the right thing. More of that please James Stunt, but less of the cars. Thanks!

  22. I feel sorry for the poor children. A mother’s place is in the home. It most certainly is not dressing up like Tina Turner and heading down the hooch house with someone of the ilk pictured. Shame on Petra Ecclestone. I would not normally condone condemnation but I see nothing but an unfit mother.

  23. I am not surprised that Steeples has taken the side of this man – The public must remember that this same fake news journalist aided Gina Miller get an innocent man Viscount St Davids taken from the arms of his loving wife and child simply because he honestly expressed what so many in Britain truly believe about dodgy immigrants. Shame on you Steeples for trying to upset this lady at Christmas.

    • Not you again! You’ll be writing about Paedo Harris next. Viscount St Davids is a racist abuser and terrorises defenceless people like Gina Miller. For some bizarre reason you support that . I think he should have got 5 years in prison and he can count himself lucky he did not.

    • Oh come on Stacey, don’t pretend, you would love Mr Stunt to give you a punt. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be interested in Racist, Bigoted, Paedophile supporters like you.

  24. Quite a turnaround Mr Steeples but I must admit that I admire someone capable of admitting they’re not always right. Well done and my best wishes to Mr Stunt also. He deserves to put what that awful family did to him in the past. I know from experience what a bad wife is capable of when it comes to hurting a father when she heads off into the sunset.

  25. Mr Stunt, as Steven Berkoff pointed out some time ago, should be on the stage. His one man show on YouTube was heartfelt and he conveyed a message that many fathers separated from their children will sympathise with. I suspect you are right – his next chapter will be a huge improvement now he his free of the shackles of that family.

    • Evans, you are the offspring of some minor peer. It is common and vulgar to use some silly courtesy title.
      You sound so pretentious!

  26. What a charming, educated and attractive, articulate man. Petra is a product that turned into a prat. She does not have appear to have a brain in her head. She makes me ashamed of my own sex.

  27. The deterioration of an heiress is happening I can see. Mixing with the wrong people will result in her being moved to a council estate. She might be better off there given how she looks. Perhaps her and the criminal’s son, Chloe Green and that felon of hers could go out as foursome. Throw in Tamara and that God awful Essex boy and you’d have six rotters.

  28. For God’s sake Stunt is clearly mad. Anyone who drives around in a convoy of vulgar cars, congesting and polluting our streets, is a bloody nuisance.
    The foundation of his fortunes will always be the subject of mystery.
    What is illuminating are the salacious comments here; presumably by middle aged old bags whose time is wasted in long lunches and shopping a la Ecclestone clan!

      • GTH, leaving aside the vacuous idiocy of your comment may I recommend you make a New Year Resolution?
        Enrol in a K&C literacy class; it could improve your career prospects.

  29. What an incredible young man! Be proud of your accomplishments and your generosity! Cheers to the successful and prosperous 2018, let this year bring true love and lots of joy in to your life!

  30. If James Stunt reads these comments, could you please do away with your convoy of cars. It is damaging the environment. Please stop being such a show-off. I will like you much more if you just stick to one car.

    I find Tamara and Petra oddly fascinating – all their money and education, and they crave media attention, and need for most expensive of everything . Their mum clearly spoilt them and missed to team them the happiness from small things and being kind. Their dads fortune will be frittered away in no time. I suspect Bernies oldest daughter had a more grounded upbringing.

  31. I’m still watching this drama evolving around, we will see how it goes with Petra Ecclestone and her new electrician boyfriend.

  32. Petra is a spoilt b***h jumping here and there. It was Stunt yesterday, her new found electrician today, who knows whom it might be tomorrow.

  33. James Stunt has certainly taken the high road considering the situation. It’s blatantly obvious that Petra has been conditioned by her own father, Bernie Ecclestone, co-owner of the Daily Mail, who never seemed to approve of her marriage choice right from the start! To divorce James who was obviously under enormous pressure and may have occasionally acted out, rather than forgive and help, through better or worse – seems to me that Petra was swayed by the real James Stunt haters – not Petra, but her sister, Tamara and father Bernie! I feel sorry for James, who never cheated on his wife, yet was summarily cast aside by the Ecclestone’s! Now Petra is planning to marry a former electrician and used-car salesman, whose father is allegedly a fraudster! I’m sure the two father-in-laws-to-be will find a lot in common! As for Petra and Sam – I’m not so sure!


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