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The monotony of Michelle

Michelle Young’s ‘Evening Standard’ interview proves that she is nothing but egocentric and fame obsessed


There are women who like to shop and then there’s Michelle Young; there are women who like go to fancy parties and then there’s Michelle Young; there are women who like to cause havoc and then there’s Michelle Young and then there are women who revel in fantasy and then there’s Michelle Young.


Yesterday, in the Evening Standard, self-proclaimed “modern-day suffragette” Michelle Young – a tiresome Louis Vuitton handbag wielding harpy who most probably doesn’t know the price of a pint of milk – gave a bleating interview that showed her true personality. One can only ask: “Why did this self-serving woman do it?” but the answer is simple: This tawdry creature simply does not know when to stop.


The monotony of Michelle – Michelle Young


In the double page feature – thankfully consigned to pages 22 to 23 of the paper – Mrs Young claimed that her bankrupted and sadly now deceased ex-husband – whom died after jumping from a window at his Marylebone apartment in December 2014 – left her “in penury” and that she now “blames the ineffective courts” for his death. Funny that: Prior to his suicide, Michelle Young – a woman who once claimed she “needed” £27,500 per month just to “survive” – hounded Scot Young over a long ago disappeared fortune and continually sought out columnists with a willing ear. She told anyone who would listen her pathetic story and in effect sent the sanity of her long-suffering ex-husband south.


Continuing, Mrs Young distastefully told the newspaper that she “[does] not believe Scot Young committed suicide” and demanded that “the case should be reopened”. Instead of allowing for closure for the couple’s children over their father’s tragic end, this money obsessed woman – who is described as having displayed Gucci and Louis Vuitton books on her coffee table during her interview with the Standard’s Susannah Butter – then tackily claimed “friends want to introduce me to people in Hollywood”.


Michelle “I’m not a victim. I want to come across as powerful” Young might think she’s the next Sharon Stone. She’s not. This bombastic woman isn’t destined for “La-La land” but is in fact simply nothing but “Ga-Ga”. It is time that her empty cash point closed.



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    • For my money; Scot Young was the front man for receiving bent funds rather than a massive property wheel....this woman was complicit and so probably were her lawyers

      An appalling episode is a ' lesson to be learned ' as Lou Reed once said

      • Martin ....I think you are right....she still refuses to pay the hedge fund who backed her stupid claim

    • Yet again The Steeple Times disgraces itself. Michelle Young is a victim (though she claims not to be) and you mock her for trying to get justice for her beloved daughters in the same way you mock dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to secure the return of their beloved daughter Madeleine McCann. If you had a heart Steeples you would support Find Madeleine. Find Madeleine - Find her now.

      • Where exactly do you think Madeleine is Gillian? Do you realise 10's of thousands of children go missing from the UK care system every year? Can you please try and see the big picture and it might refocus you on what is really happening to our children today. Should we not be trying to find out where all these children are going, finding the source of their disappearance? Children are children and are all equal so one who is with her parents as opposed to those in State care should all have the same level of investigation when they go missing. It is sad and very depressing to know the statistics of missing children in the UK.

      • Gillian is another out of touch, desperate to seek attention through controversially defending the defenceless Michelle Young. How about giving these two ladies instructions on how to get to their nearest mental asylum. God help their families and neighbours.

    • I know this woman Michelle she fed me full of lies about her husband Scott my name is Dennis Gill she told me he **** her and her ***** there dog around she begged me to follow him day and night she said I promise you when I get sorted by the courts I will look after you so well that you will never have to ever work again in your life, she said he left me penny less that's she had to go to churches and friends for handouts , she also said she was living in one room in Pimlico and the sleeping on a sofa, all this bullshit she fed me into my mind, she said o know you had the most beautiful German shepherd Dennis and you loved him very much, I did to she said till Scott beat him to death in front of our two children and please believe me on that, she told me how broke she was bout she managed to by me a coffee with a credit card, days later I saw her going into the Dorchester hotel all dressed up looking nice dripping with beautiful jewlery around her neck and s few rings on her finger she took a much younger guy out and paid for his dinner and this I was told from inside the place, this guy was at least in his early 30s much younger than her, then I would see her going into the box with the same guy manytimes, then I saw her going into the exclusive arts club with the same guy and then was shocked to see her going into five Hartford Street Londons most exclusive and expensive venue with a different young man and I seen her in there many times, I have seen her at the Dorchester hotel twice and once at The famous Chiltern firehouse, she loved to go where all the rich and famous go all the time,for a woman whom is broke she can afford to go to all these super rich places in london.... He offered £25 milion but she refused it she she admired that to me saying why should I take that when he is worth over two billion, I thought what a greedy cow she was Scot never lied about the money her offered her, as she admitted to me he did offer it, this woman's evil greed put this guy in his grace dragging him through the courts, she as no shame at all for what she put him through and this paper is right about her looking for fame, she would call papers up in front of me giving her story but she would give them my photo of Scott without asking for my permission to have it to them, I have never met such a lying attention seeking **** in my life as this woman she would call everyone including to channels as well and speak to there news department, this woman will go to hell for what she out this man through with her lies she can never say she never went to these venues as I have photos to prove it as I followed her for a while and she was often shopping at harrods. I am so sorry Scott Young passed away she one day his daughters will realise what they're evil mother is like. RIP Scott Young I am
      Sorry I gave you such a hard time but then I realised she was very greedy and lied about everything about you


    • The slightest mention of 'la la land' and out trots our favourite local loony Gillian. She's modified her script a tad I see. Can't you persuade her to go the whole hog and go away and pen a few Mills & Boon novelettes. She's no stranger to fiction.

    • I am delighted by your article, she still cannot correlate her hounding of her late husband may have contributed to his suicide (obviously his copious use of Cocaine did not help) but the fact she feels still 'hard done by' and it is all Scott's fault does not take her daughters love for their father, regardless of her provable statements of total fabrication, no doubt they will hold her to account one day by refusing to have anything to do with her.She will end up in a pub boring everyone rigid with her drunken ramblings of" thirty years ago my husband etc,etc" till she passes out from cadged drink, the sad lonely pathetic figure she has become.

    • an interesting quote from Judge Moor in his final judgement of Young Vs Young
      "I regret to say, however, that I do not consider her evidence to be reliable."

    • What I do find monotonous is the predictability of men behaving badly, rather than Michelle Young. Sadly, birds of a feather clearly do stick together and we know whose pay roll Dennis Gill now exists on - those yet to be brought to justice and set for future life in orange suits or striped pyjamas as the final chapter of Young v Young unfolds. It ain't over until the fat lady sings and perhaps only then will these cruel internet trolls eat their words. Scot Young lived the life of Riley to the bitter end, having his wife and two teenage children evicted three times and placed on to the streets to exist on benefits. Not content with that abject cruelty, he then delivered another blow to the family, ensuring his eldest daughter was kicked out of school in her final year while he happily quaffed champagne with the rich and famous, travelled first class and lived in five star luxury. Oh, and in case you didn't read the fine print, the lady has cancer. Nice one boys.

      • You feel sorry for a ridiculous woman who claims she "needs £27,500 per month" to survive. You've certainly got a warped view of the world.

        If you had an ounce of decency, you'd feel sorry for the genuinely homeless people of Britain.

        Michelle Young deserved a fair settlement but instead she showed her greed and drove her husband's sanity south.

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