The Hypocrite Cliff

The Hypocrite Cliff – Christian crooner Cliff Richard rightly accused of “hypocrisy” after launching his pretentiously titled new album ‘Rise Up’ on the BBC.

Christian crooner Cliff Richard rightly accused of “hypocrisy” after launching his pretentiously titled new album ‘Rise Up’ on the BBC


Cliff Richard likes to have his cake and eat it. He extraordinarily received £210,000 damages against the BBC over the supposed invasion of his privacy but now he’s back on the Corporation’s channels plugging his appalling new album, Rise Up.


Branded a “hypocrite” by many, this “rebirth” album was slated on Twitter and elsewhere. Of it, one user, Packman, remarked: “What a hypocrite! The BBC was the devil until there was a record to sell. #itsallaboutme”


Another, Thomas Shackleton, added: “So Cliff Richard sues the BBC and wins because they muddied his name yet guess who is live on BBC Radio 2 promoting his new album? #hypocrite #whataknob #allaboutmoney”


Jim Waterson, media editor at the Guardian, took a more moralistic analysis of the album and observed:


“I am listening to the new Cliff Richard single in search of hidden messages about reforms to media law. There are no hidden messages about reforms to media law.”


Cliff Richard moralises on Rise Up about “being a dreamer” and “never [learning] to quit.” Tellingly to those in the know, he arrogantly announces: “They’re never going to take me down,” but it is time for this Christian crooner to instead take a very long summer holiday. If he did, our ears would all be extremely thankful.


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  1. Cliff has powerful friends as he clearly knows lots of things that they want to keep secret , rather like his buddy Saville.

    I wonder if there are any songs about sustainable housing on his new album? He’s a great fan of barns I understand. Especially Houses made of Elm.

  2. No sympathy at all for this guy, what a hypocrite, I just can’t believe he can’t see the hypocrisy himself, does he just think he is above everybody else, and special?
    I’m just waiting for the day somebody has the balls to really investigate this guy, and some of his low life associates, probably be too late then, just like Saville.
    Bog off Cliff and take a long summer holiday, and take Kitty with you..

  3. What a lot of sad pathetic people with nothing better to do than badmouth Cliff Richard. Sounds like they have something to hide! And no I’m not cliffs special friend!

  4. So you call this wit and wisdom. Let’s choose to mock someone who’s too square for you. Then select the choice words, “hypocrite”, “Christian”, “pretentious” and “moralises” because it tickles some ears of some to confirm their mislead mind. It doesn’t matter that every point is completely ignorant of reality and the source for quotes and attitude is the uninformed and ignorant internet haters. How does it feel to win the award for the most witless article? As Cliff would say, “Congratulations!”


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