The contrasting couple

Season for rich Arabs to parade in London has begun


The time has arrived; the annual invasion has begun. The streets of Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Mayfair have been taken over by Arabs and each year they come earlier and earlier.


The contrasting couple

These wealthy visitors spend like money’s water and their excess knows no bounds. They happily pay £35 for a club sandwich at Ladurée at Harrods and sit there on the terrace caked in the most pungent perfumes. A visit to the Lamborghini dealership in South Kensington is a must and the lobby of the Jumeirah Carlton Tower becomes “the office”.


Yesterday, an example of the differences between the men and women of this tribe was illustrated to my friends and I in a Walton Street restaurant. Sat at the next table to us was a muscled Arabic man in a T-shirt. His wife sat opposite in traditional garb. Neither spoke during their entire meal.



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    1. Money knows no prejudice. My late father’s advice to me was the following; let them call you whatever they want, providing they pay the prices you charge in the shop, if they are not customers and there is no chance of a sale, by all means beat the shit out of them. The same philosophy applies here. I ended up tolerating anti Semitism towards me, for many years.

    2. We were in a small adorable Chelsea restaurant last evening and on the next table was a couple of young, male, educated Saudis. We engaged in conversation and they were charming, funny and interesting. As they drank their Provence Rose we reminisced about the good old days when I used to serve the late King his whisky in the casino at 2 a.m. from a teapot! I was then working at the Playboy club in the early ’70’s. Nothing has changed really, just still good old hypocrisy??

    3. Enough is enough. There is a certain code of conduct that must be respected and noise as if we were at the 24 hour Le Mans race is not acceptable in London and should not be tolerated. Any ideas? We should demand the police enforces the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006.

      • Tony Blair once used the phrase “spend, spend, spend” even the law and local council will turn a blind eye, providing the visitors continue to spend, spend, spend. It is a philosophy, I have already explained in my comment above.

    4. Rex Leyland sums up the Saudi mentality….the young are usually quite charming, ‘liberal’ and seemingly well educated when away from their backward and barbaric country, yet when they return effortlessly revert to their gay, women and Christian persecuting ways. Not long ago they beheaded some poor idiotic woman for being a witch….very sophisticated. We did that centuries ago!
      The situation Rex experienced sums them up. They are pure hypocrites. They use their vast wealth to propagate their medieval and brutal interpretation of Islam and spinning out of that are the very terrorists who attack our Western liberal values.
      How deep we are in their pockets is demonstrated by the obsequious way our politicians and Royal Family suck up to them.
      The embarrassing image of Prince Charles dressed up in one of their ludicrous costumes, sword dancing, shows how low we have fallen.
      We gave the tribal peasant Saud family their power and wealth and they return the favour by inflicting global terrorism. And at the same time they pretend that they are on our side.

      • It proves the point that actors and actresses don’t have a brain between them, if they have no script to read from, they become completely lost and out of their depth. They are desperately dependant on good writers. Bless them.


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