Friday, January 22, 2021

Thanks Tamara!

Matthew Steeples thanks Tamara Ecclestone for giving him so much attention (at a time when her dear little daddy is trying to bury his bad news of having to pay £1 billion in back taxes he owed to the British public)

In her own words: “I’m like an old lady with a cup of tea” Tamara Ecclestone Rutland – a larger than life oddity with a tattoo on her ankle that includes the caption “sometimes good things fall apart” – has morphed into the modern day Leona Helmsley.


With her diminutive dwarf of a father, Bernie (AKA ‘The Grinch’ and ‘The Coffin Dodger’), finally following the ‘Queen of Mean’ hotelier turned tax evader’s mantra of “only the little people pay taxes” (and stumping up the £1 billion in back taxes he’d disgracefully owed to the British public for the last twenty years), we recently reported on how Mr. Ecclestone had spent the days since “burying bad news Jo Moore style” in the time since.


A daily drip of trivialities about the former Formula One Group chief’s precocious daughters has followed in the pages of the Mail and The Sun – the Ecclestones’ only real allies in the media – and with them has come an outpouring of gibberish and nonsense. There have been stories how this “anything but normal” family has suffered “heartbreaking abuse” (from amongst other The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples) and totally irrelevant snippets about how the 35-year old titty feeding advocate had dressed up as a witch and hung out in a cryotherapy chamber.


Thanks Tamara! – Matthew Steeples says thank you to Tamara Ecclestone – Matthew Steeples thanks Tamara Ecclestone for giving him so much attention (at a time when her dear little daddy is trying to bury his bad news of having to pay £1 billion in back taxes he owed to the British public).
Tamara Ecclestone “at work” – Who said money can’t buy class?

Aside from the fact that serious titles such as the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian decided to ignore a financial story with the feel of John Maynard Keynes’ “owe your banker £1,000 and you are at his mercy; owe him £1 million and the position is reversed,” that the Ecclestones have been given a free ride to use the ‘distraction technique’ to have a go at others including James Stunt is indicative only of their desperation to hide their nefarious ways.


Once branded as someone “who lives in a different world” by the equally unctuous bully Coleen Nolan – to which this publicity obsessive arrogantly answered: “What people say about me, it goes in one ear and out the other” – Tamara Ecclestone’s decision to share photographs of me with her 433,000 followers on Instagram was, I must say, quite charming. Today, I simply respond by saying: “Thank you, Tamara.”


On ITV1’s tawdry chat show Loose Women in 2016, the wife of he who likes to go around “teaching manners” Jay Rutland oddly remarked: “I can see things from different sides.” Perhaps, soon, she and her family might start realising the shoe’s about to be on the other foot as 2020 will most likely be going down as the Ecclestone clan’s annus horribilis.


Pictured top: ‘Vicky Pollard-esque’ Tamara Ecclestone clad in gym gear in Pavilion Road, Chelsea with her entourage recently and not-so glamorously falling out of Annabel’s in times past.


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  1. If I did not pay my tax, they’d come and take my house. How did Bernard Ecclestone get away with this for so long? And why is no one other than The Steeple Times pointing this out?

  2. Her mother must be very proud of her. Flat out in the gutter and pissed off her face. Bernie must wonder what he wasted the money he should have given to the tax man before on.

  3. I am disgusted that this family got away with avoiding paying what they owed for so long. Their assets should be nationalised.

  4. If Tamara had an ounce of decency, she would not be wasting money putting up ridiculously expensive Christmas trees at a house where she won’t even be spending Christmas. Instead, she’d put on a pair of Marigolds and go and help homeless people.

  5. I have seen some vile things on the streets off our wonderful capital. But this one will take some beating.
    A lady with high class.
    How is it that all of a sudden the Eccelstones are patreons of anti bullying campaigns? When they have been bullying and keeping a great man James Stunt from living his life over the years.

    When the shoe is on the other foot they shout victim.

    Rats flee a sinking ship, shameless vermin.

  6. It’s no wonder her ex ran off with a transvestite. The way she describes her parents revealing it to her via bringing in journalists sums up how WERID this family truly are. Sick, in fact. That poor chap Omar had a lucky escape!

  7. The Stray Cat is spot on — Tamara Ecclestone is herself married to a BULLY in the form of Jay Rutland. That he threatens people online — and I’ve seen his remarks — is outrageous and she should thus shut her nasty trap!

  8. Dreadful people. I’d crack the whip and confiscate all their assets. Where did they actually really come from in the first place?

  9. Tamara Ecclestone thinks she’s special. Her husband – remember this – got robbed in a garage known for gay cruising. Seems she does attract them… What happened to that gay friend of hers who named himself Harvey Nichols? She is a freak and Jay Rutland has funny eyes.

  10. Tamara Ecclestone is the worst kind of bully. This hypocritical bitch needs to grow up and stop using her child as a publicity appendage. Shame on this wench.

  11. Tamara has made a prat of herself once again. If anyone is a bully, it is her and if anyone else is, it is that evil bog eyed husband of hers.

  12. I like Tamara. These pictures are unkind as they do not reflect her kindness and the fact that she is a left at home alone wife with a husband who plainly doesn’t care very much about her.

  13. Tamara Ecclestone is definitely mentally unwell. She married a creature with funny eyes and lives in a house that resembles a Lego set. All the money in the world, but not an ounce of sense or taste. Silly slag.


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