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Tempestuous Teenage Swarm Savages SW3

Tempestuous Teenage Swarm Savages SW3 – Harrods raid by mob – Mob of tempestuous teenagers descend on Brompton Road, SW3 and end up in a maskless face-off with 200 police officers.

Swarm of tempestuous teenagers descend on Brompton Road, SW3 and end up in a maskless face-off with 200 police officers

In August 2018, a swarm of Arabs descended on Brompton Road. Though many residents objected to their noisy cars, some were polite and apologetic about blocking the pavements, but yesterday came another mass gathering that was even more ridiculous.


The immediate area around Harrods, but also including the section of Brompton Road adjacent to kiddie favourite McDonald’s, on a soppy Saturday in December would normally attract families Christmas shopping and parents headed to Pizza Express, Beauchamp Place on “nanny’s day off.”


Tempestuous Teenage Swarm Savages SW3 – The mob of youngsters gathered outside Harrods late Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday, however, in spite of COVID-19, instead, the district was invaded by a mob of strangely dressed teenagers, some of them covered in glitter and all of them avoiding social distancing guidelines. These potty mouthed pillocks not only – as the likes of The Sun reported – tried to “force their way into [Harrods]” but also went on the rampage in local stores such as Waitrose, Brompton Road. Eventually, police descended and formed “a protective ring around the posh store.”


Of what occurred in Waitrose, which eventually was forced to close its doors to prevent the lunatics that were running amok doing damage, a well-known local grande dame pointedly told The Steeple Times:


“I simply came here to buy some avocados and I’m faced with this [pointing at an unmasked Kappa clad kiddie]. I’m not a snob, but this is Waitrose Knightsbridge; the customers are normally Sloanes not slops and slobs!”


Pictured top: Police formed a ‘ring of steel’ to prevent the teenage mob gain entry to Harrods; three makeup caked youngsters whom were evicted from Waitrose, Brompton Road for screaming expletives at the staff.


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One Twitter user announced: “Harrods is under attack, I repeat, Harrods is under attack!”
Many made suggestions about the origins of the participants, whilst another wanted water cannons sent in.
Of the “craziness,” this tweet suggested: “Covid spike inbound!”
“Your parents must be so proud” declared one Paul Smith of the “hundreds of intellectually challenged teenagers.”
“A whole load of baddies” concluded this Twitter user of the “riot police everywhere” scene.
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