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Stunted by Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter – Petra Stunt – backs her husband and his excessive ways


Chelsea residents now yawn when they see a convoy of cars transporting James Stunt and his wife Petra (formerly Ecclestone). Mrs Stunt – as she rightly now likes to be called – though, took umbrage when she came across a feature we published in April yesterday.


Mr and Mrs James Stunt
Mr and Mrs James Stunt

After reading our feature about an interview from the Daily Mail, in which Bernie Ecclestone referred to his son-in-law as an “idiot”, Mrs Stunt commented:


“My father likes my husband JAMES STUNT very much the article was done by James and my father to the journalist in question who is free lance and was making up lies and allegations I state on the record that Paul Scott recorded without my fathers knowledge! the whole conversation and edited to his agenda to make it seem as though my father despised my husband, and to bulster his tiny career like he had an exclusive. My husband is an intensely private person and my families views are irrelevant and simply not true . i’m sure the press will photograph my fathers up coming birthday where he and James will be together like they were half of yesterday alone as family even I was not with them. For the record this is the truth Scott’s intrusion should have been realised by him as my father called him after his intrusion into my husband not an editor or an official journalist for associated news papers. My telling is not my husbands doing it’s my own as no one would write such non sense about him if he was not my husband even though my legal name is now Stunt they still use me as Ecclestone to carry every headline! If he was so famous and news worthy which he is not they would not need my maiden name in every headline on every article they write! as he had all the cars and bodyguards before i even met him. His private life is his own and owning cars and being married to me does not make him a public figure. PETRA STUNT

p.s This blog is a disgrace”.


This rambling commentary speaks volumes. Mrs Stunt has a right to stick up for her husband but why is it that no one saw the convoy of cars before she married him and why is it that Bernie Ecclestone decided to say what he did? We offer Petra Stunt a right to reply.


Prior to publication we contacted representatives of Mr and Mrs Stunt, Bernie Ecclestone, the owner of the domain PetraStunt.com and the public relations consultants of Tamara Ecclestone. No comment was supplied by our deadline of 5pm, Monday 4th August 2014.



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  1. Chelsea residents are sensible and right to ignore these ostentatious braggarts. Bernie must have been pissed out of his mind when he made the statement, the old geeser is under a lot of pressure from the courts. The Ecclestones appears from the surface to be a very mixed up and disorganised family unit, they are becoming more like the “Flintstones” a nuisance, but in a funny way, they entertain me.

  2. I am STUNNED by such lamentable command of the English language by Mrs STUNT a native English person.. she should go back to school before writing another sentence..

  3. Ask any nightclub TRAMP Movida Annabells they all saw the cars and bodyguards the daily mail just weren’t stalking him! First date he had it all so get your facts straight Aspinals also know and every neighbour in chelsea harbour.My father called to help James but he was recorded without his knowledge and taken out of context. Contact my lawyer Niri Shan not Scott. On the record my husband had 11 cars at 23 and bodyguards every club goer has seen this for over 15 years. People should be bored but u keep writing about his entourage its always been there. Ask my father he never back ground checked my husband and though Scott is freelance and records everything my father was not made aware and is happy to tell the world what a manipulation this is.Again my words not my husband’s I will never write on this rag of a blog again u will be sued next if the daily mail were not harassing my husband no one still apart from dear friends and night clubs and the clubs patrons would know he even existed. Petra Stunt

    P.S I will only respond through my lawyer never this rag say what u want u should get your own lives we have a lovely marriage and a beautiful baby. You people hide my husband does not please tell him to his face.

  4. Leave the woman and her Family alone! Why are you all so judgmental ? I’m sure her lawyer does have a good grasp of grammar and punctuation ,why are you so bothered. Live your life Petra as you want not as others think you should or maybe wish they could!

      • There are many opinions on the difference between jealousy and envy.

        When I strayed upon Martin Steeples’ hilariously chippy blog it made me wonder who he was. He sounded like one of those grumpy old self-righteous Chelsea residents whose houses are worth more than most people will ever earn in their working lives.

        But I was wrong. He actually looks like an estate agent – check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhQZ0BZJIY4.

        This leads me to conclude that his assault on Mr Stunt is the product of envy (within my definitions of jealousy and envy).

        Jealousy is pretty benign, it’s “he has it and I wish I had it too”; envy is green-eyed and nasty, it’s “he’s got it and I don’t have it and so I don’t want him to have it either.”

        To me, Mr Steeples sounds like a man who used to drive a bottom of the range Porsche (second hand, of course).

        • Thank you for your comments from your plainly made up email address (whataloadofbalderdash@**************.com). Do you work in PR by any chance?

          My name isn’t Martin, I’ve never owned a Porsche (new or used) and I have no envy of the Stunt convoy of cars.

          As for being compared to an estate agent, I have no idea why you make such a reference. I have several very good friends who are in that business and I respect them greatly.

          Thank you.

  5. I just commented on the original post too. I really think Bernie is merely a father who is protective of his daughter. From what I’ve read, Stunt’s collections are worth millions on their own. Pretty sure he’s a billionaire. Nobody saw his convoy of cars before because he wasn’t a celebrity before. Being rich and being a celebrity are very different things. There are a lot of people who are rich who don’t get stalked by paparazzi, you know?

  6. If we can steer off the grammar bit and read what she said, I see a human very frustrated by her and her family being constantly misrepresented in the media. That would piss me off rightfully as well. Yes, they’re rich and a spectacle because they can buy things I couldn’t afford in my wildest of dreams, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have human emotions, get frustrated, and want to set the record straight. James Stunt was rich before Petra, rich with Petra, rich, rich, rich. He’s had gaming and mining interests for years, and nobody in the media gave two shits about him before he married Petra, so now he’s a media target as well. People will always find negative things to say about those in the public eye.

  7. I do appreciate the points you make Tamara, but the fact is that there are many super wealthy individuals out there who act with more respect for ordinary people by not acting so ostentatiously. No one needs to drive around in a motorcade and flaunt their wealth in such a insensitive and highly immature manner. I know people who could probably buy Stunt out several times over but who choose to keep a low profile and conduct themselves with discretion,charm and decorum. They command the respect of everyone they meet, rich or poor, precisely because they don’t push their wealth in everyone’s faces.

    I don’t wish Stunt any ill will at all.I actually feel quite sorry for anyone who feels compelled to act like this, because ironically,far from impressing anyone,such behaviour is usually (rightly or wrongly) interpreted by the very people he would most like to impress as indicative of deeply seated self-esteem and insecurity issues.

  8. I’ve only just seen Scorpion’s comment trying to put the crosswires on ‘Scoop’ Steeples: “He sounded like one of those grumpy old self-righteous Chelsea residents whose houses are worth more than most people will ever earn in their working lives.” I wonder what Mr Peter Wayde, of this parish, thinks of that 🙂


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