Friday, October 30, 2020

Stunt Speaks Out

EXCLUSIVE – James Stunt responds to inaccurate press coverage of his forthcoming interview with ‘Tatler’ magazine


Today, in response to various press reports, James Stunt contacted The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples to issue a response to inaccurate press coverage of a forthcoming interview that will be published in the April edition of Tatler magazine.


Of today’s coverage and of his former wife, Petra Ecclestone, and her sister, Tamara, Mr Stunt stated:


“Both Petra and Tamara are tremendous mothers and I want nothing but good for them both in general and for my former wife, in particular.”


“The quote in some newspapers that suggest I referenced Petra as being ‘a C-list celebrity’s daughter’ has been taken completely out of context from what I actually said when interviewed by Tatler. I did not mean such in a derogatory way and actually remarked that I, myself, am nothing but a ‘Z-lister’ in order to mock the supposed fame that certain news outlets have ridiculously decided I have.”


“I have spoken with Petra and Tamara today and there is no feud and there are no secrets between us. I am glad to take this opportunity to make this clear in the public domain and I truly wish the very best for the Ecclestone family.”


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  1. Pwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those two sisters!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I don’t know what this is all about but I think all involved should just down a few Castlemaines and then all will be better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to Rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Another instance where rational James Stunt speaks sense and others jump to the wrong conclusions. I did not expect to find myself seeing his side of things but as ever with The Steeple Times (as you also did for me with Menendez), you highlight the other side of so many stories.

  3. James Stunt has been through the mill and back. It is time he was allowed to get on doing what private citizens everywhere should be allowed to do – it is time he is allowed to live a normal life. P.S. I wish I had all those cars. When I go shopping, I never have enough boot space for all my bags (much to the delight of my husband of course)

  4. I did not expect The Steeple Times to publish positive stories about any of these people and though I don’t know any of them I’m simply thinking one thing and that is that the Mail needs to get some better things to write about.

  5. The tenacity of Bernie Ecclestone is outrageous! I could actually puke! I am astounded that this poundland Scrooge is still alive even given how stingy he seems to be! I bet this miser hasn’t even turned on the heating in his house despite the fact that it is snowing! As for his former wife — she looks like she has an icicle for a heart! James Stunt is well bloody rid!!!

  6. BODY IN A BAG is spot on. I used to see Bernie and his little breakfast chum and they looked like the kind of people who’d reuse teabags fifty times.

  7. Firstly I would like to say this fellow James Stunt, isn’t one to hide and he defends himself well against the media who seem hell bent on making his life a misery, especially the Daily Mail who aren’t really a newspaper of any status these days.

    I am sure he is hurting inside regarding his break up of marriage and most importantly missing his children, good luck for the future James and keep strong I am sure you are a winner and nice chap.

  8. I cannot believe the drama that surrounds these daughters of Little Bernie E. James is also going through a rough time I would imagine and whilst Petra and Tamara seem to revel in media attention, this young businessman just wants to get on with his life, he doesn’t want a pseudo TV show or be filmed shopping. James good luck for the future.

    Lady Julie Noble

    • Sorry, Milady, but do you really feel the need to come over all lady like here. You are as stupid and common as that other Welsh idiot, The Hon Richard Evans.

  9. Lucky the Swag & Tails is long gone in Knightsbridge as Bernie would spread his ‘charm offensive in there over his daily lunch’ miserable old sod. ‘table for one’

  10. It would just be better if the Ecclestones followed the Greens and relocated to a private yacht. They’re not exactly up there with your favourite Lady Docker though are they Matthew? Keep up the good work and though I’ve never met him, tell James Stunt I wish him all the best in his new found freedom.

  11. James Stunt has shown his love and goodwill over Ecclestone family but some media houses is hell bent in feeding the public with wrong stories.

  12. The media should stop adding there own make up stories. They should write what they were told, in accordance with what they hear not making up the stories on there own.

  13. James Stunt has been a good husband and devoted father . He is much maligned and misunderstood by spiteful people who cast aspersions on his character. If they knew him they would know he is good natured , generous and kind .

  14. I would like to add my penny. Have never met James personally, but I have it on the strongest recommendation that he is very decent bloke and strait up in all his dealings. You hear a lot about Bernie, most of it not very good. Seems simple to me.

  15. I have said this before and I will say it again; We have only one problem in this country and that is media. They are bunch of selected unprofessional journalists.

  16. The Press has no right to publish inaccurate or misleading information of any kind to the public; Something must be done about this.

  17. Janet Street-Porter really! are the mail running a comedy page now, what is the mail’s issue with this guy. Met him last year at an art exhibition and very nice guy full of knowledge, educated and polite. DM you are boring.

  18. The very rich will always ‘come up trumps’
    Those girls can get themselves out of ANYTHING for that reason .


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