Friday, October 30, 2020

Stunt About Town

James Stunt admits to failing to snare a lady he describes as “a true thoroughbred”


A man capable of getting just about whatever he wants, billionaire and art connoisseur James Stunt has finally met his match in a glamourous and well-connected woman.


Sharing his news with The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples, Stunt showed a new side to his character and admitted he has for once in his life failed in an endeavour. Well-known for his liking of distinguished ladies, this man about town has finally found someone who has supposedly rejected him.


In Princess Maria Anunciata von Liechtenstein, Stunt found someone on his level but despite spending tens of thousands of pounds on mobile phone bills calling her, he now admits to having got absolutely nowhere with this daughter of the Prince of Lichtenstein. An offer of purchasing a painting to gift to a museum in her honour even wasn’t enough and thus now, through our pages, this gent puts out a plea for “this true thoroughbred “ to get in touch.


“Please,” says Stunt: “Princess Maria Anunciata von Liechtenstein – Answer the telephone.”


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Stunt About Town – James Stunt and Princess Maria Anunciata von Liechtenstein – James Stunt admits to failing to snare a lady he describes as “a true thoroughbred” Stunt About Town – James Stunt and Princess Maria Anunciata von Liechtenstein – James Stunt admits to failing to snare a lady he describes as “a true thoroughbred”


  1. Seems like this could be a THOROUGHLY major union! I would love to see this power couple play out in the tabloids!!! Stunt well known for his press shyness and now we have a hugely secretive beauty of a royal on his radar. For us common folk go darling give him a call he is entertaining if nothing else.

  2. I would date him not just call him!!!! if your not only chasing royalty, just know I would certainly answer your phone calls lol and make them back to you!!!!

  3. Pwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s a hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d have her to if I could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send her Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sense should prevail here. He has flattered her and the course of true love should run smoothly. They could both be very happy together.

  5. I know James, & can vouch that he is absolutely charming, superb company and a true gentleman. What are you waiting for sweetie? Give him a call pronto!

  6. I hear people say romance is dead! Well I love what Stunt has done here. Genuine, funny yet quite refreshing to see a soft side to a man always depicted as falsely brash. Go on princess give him a chance I truly hope you do. I am taking a punt team James Stunt!!!

  7. I love this LOVE story I am sure Stunt used to already date her? In Tramp I recall him often in the company of a similar looking Princess ! I am sure she is his ex? Petra Marie give us your input here please! lol I hope he wins her back it’s about time he got the right woman and she seems to be the one! Upgrade alert!!

  8. I know James he is a good guy I would love to see him happy. Princess give him a chance you two look a very attractive couple. He has been very untypically humble here you must see that? If that’s not true love I don’t know what is. Give the man a call the public have spoken!


  10. James Stunt, seems to me quite the gentleman. Why is he always depicted so very differently in certain biased publications I now wonder? Anyway in an age where sleaze and Tinder are the norm. It’s quite refreshing to see this young man out of everyone behaving in such a gentlemanly old fashioned manner. If love is dead he seems to have resurrected my faith in the old fairy tale. Call him honey it’s clear everyone but you seem’s to want to see this blessed union, Well done to the Steeple Times for playing cupid!

  11. I love this man! and the Princess is hot! I would love to see Petra and that grease ball Sam Palmed off non entity Palmer wipe the smug look of his money grabbing claws. I wrote my media thesis on Stunt’s litigation vs The Mail and he has been mis quoted Mis represented and anyone with an IQ can see he is a moral decent guy. Princess call the man you and he should be the talk of the town not some bimbo and her star struck cabana boy. Daily Mail start printing facts not fiction the people want to hunt with Stunt , not read the stale within The Daily Fail!!!

  12. I think this girl represents a trade-up by Stunt (if he can get her to answer the telephone). If she reads this, I think she should give it a try.

    • What a ravishing beauty! Do pick up dear you are driving the poor man quite mad. A true pending love story of will they won’t they? Keep us updated Matthew!

  13. He deserves all the happiness in the world after the debacle he has been so wrongly subjected to. The Ecclestones and Daily Mail should leave him be.

  14. What a raging beauty she is. A true pending love story of will they, won’t they? Do pick up dear as the man in question will be driven half mad if you make him wait much longer. Updates on this story please!

  15. What a raging beauty! A true pending love story of will they won’t they? Do pick up dear as you are sending the man in question half mad with frustration. Please give us updates of progress on this possible union!

  16. I think she should get in touch. He is handsome RICH as King Midas and very decent. The perfect British Knight is standing up and asking this girl to be his future queen, come on princess give the man a call for Christ’s sake!!!

  17. I think James would make an excellent consort. I hope that the girl’s father-should a betrothal take place- awards him a dukedom….The Duke of Belgravia has a nice ring to it. James Belgravia…..mmmm…nice!

  18. Am very pleased that Maria-Anunciata has caught the eye of such an eligible young man as Lord James Stunt. Lord Stunt is just the sort of son in law that an ancient family such as ours needs. My wife and I will be pleased to visit the young man’s family to discuss dowry arrangements


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