Stoddart Stateside

Stoddart Stateside – Photographer to the Stars John Stoddart exhibition at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills – Opening reception 3rd May 2017

A preview of John Stoddart’s exhibition at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills


Tonight, in California, an exhibition of the works of photographer to the stars John Stoddart will be opened with a reception at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.


John Stoddart and Claire Rubinstein at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills yesterday


A whole array of guests are expected at the event and amongst them will be a bevvy of Brits including Lady Victoria Hervey and occasional contributor to The Steeple Times, Claire Rubinstein. Liverpool born Stoddart, no doubt dressed to the nines and surrounded by American beauties, will showcase the finest of his images of Hollywood greats and amongst those on display will be Daniel Craig, Anthony Hopkins, Martin Scorsese, Tilda Swinton and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


The exhibition will remain on display at the hotel for several months and part of the proceeds from all works sold will be donated to the Caterina’s Club charity.




  1. Phwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet there’ll be some classy birds at this bash up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why wasn’t I invited?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!


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