Stung by Stilton, Done By Detail

Liverpool drug dealer Carl Stewart sent down after sharing an image of a block of Marks & Spencer mature blue Stilton in the palm of his hand is a reminder of the curious case of Max Clifford and his “short penis.”

Liverpool drug dealer Carl Stewart sent down after sharing an image of a block of Marks & Spencer mature blue Stilton in the palm of his hand is a reminder of the curious case of Max Clifford and his “short penis”

Whilst the pernicious PR peddler Max Clifford’s “short penis” – identified by a number of victims who’d never met one another – was undoubtedly that serial sex offender’s undoing, a Liverpudlian drug dealer was sent down for 13 years and 6 months last Friday because of his stupidity with a block of M&S mature blue Stilton cheese.


39-year-old Carl Stewart of Gem Street, Vauxhall, Liverpool used the handle ‘Toffeeforce’ on the EncroChat encryption service to supply large amounts of class A and B drugs including cocaine, heroin, ketamine and MDMA to his customers. He was also, however, stupid enough to share an image of himself holding a block of cheese in the palm of his hand there also.


“After the encryption device was busted by law enforcement agencies, Stewart was identified,” according to the Liverpool Echo, as this snap allowed for “his fingerprints to be analysed.”


Of the cheesy conviction, Detective Inspector Lee Wilkinson of Merseyside Police remarked:


“Carl Stewart was involved in supplying large amounts of class A and B drugs, but was caught out by his love of Stilton cheese, after sharing a picture of a block of it in his hand through EncroChat.”


“His palm and fingerprints were analysed from this picture and it was established they belonged to Stewart.”


“Stewart was handed a substantial sentence of 13 years and six months, and this should serve as a stark warning to anyone involved in this criminality that there are serious consequences.”


“As part of Operation Venetic, Merseyside Police has so far arrested more than 60 people, many of whom have been charged with serious drug trafficking or firearms offences. This year will see a number of these people continuing to appear before the courts, and we welcome each and every one.”


“Merseyside Police, along with law enforcement agencies across the world, will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of those people who think they are above the law, and we will continue to target anyone involved in serious organised crime to keep this positive momentum going.”


Carl Stewart’s criminal career crumbled after he was unwise enough to share his love of cheese on the European communications network EncroChat (shared image pictured) – which at one point was used by 60,000 subscribers. Police infiltrated the network between March and June 2020 during a Europe-wide investigation and the company ceased operations because of the police operation in June that year.
The YouTube channel ‘Gangster Times’ shared the story of Carl Stewart’s conviction with its 45,700 subscribers on Saturday 22nd May 2020. Of his sentence, the channel’s spokesperson observed: “Absolute madness, the cops don’t leave no stone unturned, who’d have thought of that?”
In October 2015, ‘The Steeple Times’ featured the story of the ‘The Dine and Dashers’ Frederick Gross and George Hammond. This pair of “galloping gourmets” racked up bills at The Berkeley Hotel, the London Hilton, The Mandarin Oriental and The Dorchester totaling £765 and before a bill could be presented, ran for the hills. They were caught on the basis of CCTV evidence and DNA left on a pair of glasses.
This mural of the thankfully now “brown bread” Max Clifford with his pants down appeared on a wall in Battersea in March 2014. It thankfully did not show the megalomaniac monster’s small penis, but the image of this menace not a man was captioned: “I can make you famous!” The lesson in both his case and that of Carl Stewart is: “It’s the small details that get you in the end.”

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