Moron of the Moment 2021 – Stephen Bear

Shameless scumbag sex pest and dog abuser Stephen Bear yet again proves himself to be the finest example of all that is wrong in once Great Britain.

Shameless scumbag sex pest and dog abuser Stephen Bear yet again proves himself to be the finest example of all that is wrong in once Great Britain

Tattooed twerp Stephen Bear personifies all that is wrong about once Great Britain.


Aside from unsurprisingly being mocked for his “grotesque” inkings – with one that ridiculously reads: “Be The Best” and another “on his hand that he can put over his or another person’s face so it looks like they are half flesh, half skull” – this nasty nitwit got double coverage in The Sun today with features titled “Bear Don’t Care” and  “Stephen Bear is the poster boy for elevating reality TV scumbags to apparent stardom.”


Currently facing charges after being arrested for disgustingly covertly recording himself having sex with Love Island’s Georgia Harrison, this “small-fry star” and “clear wrong-un” (whose “official calendar” was nearly as unpopular as Sir Cliff Richard’s) was pictured breaking quarantine rules after claiming “rules don’t apply to me” in an article by Stephanie Soteriou.


Prone to wearing garments that feature nasty notes such as: “Bitch better have my money,” brain dead Bear – a maskless man plainly “prepared for warmer climates as he donned a pair of sunglasses” as he paid for petrol at a Morrisons – tediously told the paper: “I am God… I have super human powers and I am part of the Illuminati.”


Bear, unsurprisingly, is a moron and he’s got previous. In March 2018, burger brand Rustlers issued a statement describing why they’d chosen to end their ‘relationship’ with him. It read:


“Last month we chose to cancel a campaign featuring Stephen Bear after several unsuitable images of Stephen feeding tigers at a temple in Thailand appeared on social media last month. He has been paid appropriately under the terms of our cancelled agreement with him, and no other payment is due.”


In May 2018, Bear was also slammed after allegedly causing the death of a puppy by causing it to become infected by taking it around without injections. Of this incident, an Instagram user named Asher Lloyd remarked:


“You are a f**king disgrace and I hope you are never, ever, EVER allowed another animal in your company. You did not deserve a dog, you were using him as a prop for Instagram from the moment you got him… And you think having his name tattooed on your neck makes you owner of the year?”


Wastrel wazzock Stephen Bear’s ‘finest’ quotes:


On why he shouldn’t have to pay attention to lockdown rules:


“I am God. Rules do not apply to me. I have super human powers and I am part of the Illuminati.”


“Everyone else should stay at home and not go M&S and buy some food. They should sit at home and starve.”


About those he “claimed” owed him money:


“Yeah, so this one’s called the Monday rant. I’m owed a lot of money from three different people. First one is Rustlers, where’s my £3,000 you owe me? It’s been five months.”


“Second one, Good For Nothing, you owe me 16 grand, my contract isn’t finished until April, you owe me £16,000. Where is it?”


“And the third one is for you Charlotte, listen, reply back to the emails. I haven’t received 1p from the business which I started with my money. Okay?”


“Tell your dad to reply to the f**king emails, do you understand? Make sure he gets back to him because what’s going on at the minute is b******s and it’s embarrassing.


“Do you understand? Because I’ve had enough now. That’s the Monday rant over, I want all my f**king money from all three of you, do you understand?”


To a group of females on Celebs Go Dating:


“I’m here to find someone new… Are all your minges shaved? I’m just saying, clean nails, clean minges.”


On being arrested for “on suspicion of disclosing private sexual photographs or films without consent with intent to cause distress, harassment, and obstructing a police officer”:


“Where do I f**king start? I’m back from Dubai and I’ve actually got a criminal case of my head.”


“While I was in the police cell they have gone into my house, smashed open the door. I’ve had to get everything fixed – they’ve busted my front gate too.”


“Obstructing a police officer. What do you reckon I did? Do you reckon I got in his way? I think voyeurism because I’ve been to Dubai and I’ve gone on a voyage.”


Moron of the Moment 2021 – Stephen Bear – This vacuous and vain prat should be sent to social media Siberia. In fact, Siberia is probably too good for this drip.
Moron of the Moment 2021 – Stephen Bear – Here is someone plainly desperate for attention. Any kind of attention will, in fact, do. Next!

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  • He sounds like a male version of that awful deadmtit flasher Caroline Flack.

    The public should realise that these attention seekers are nothing but scum.

    It's time people stopped going on about these trashy people and focused on good people and supported them.

    Stephen Bear is scum and should be given the electric chair!

  • Just another stupid wannabe Twat that craves publicity to get by in the world.
    Don't give these dick heads air time.

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