Wally of the Week – Stephanie Pratt

Wally of the Week – Stephanie Pratt – Shoplifter Stephanie Pratt fulfils her prattish surname in urging urges cops to shoot shoplifters.

Shoplifter Stephanie Pratt fulfils her prattish surname in urging urges cops to shoot shoplifters

Crazy crackpot Stephanie Pratt happens to be a criminal. This former crystal meth addict is also a loudmouth and now, she’s fulfilled her prattish surname in demanding shoplifters be shot.


Twerp of Twitter, ‘Shady Steph’ – a washed-up wastrel who’ll not be giving Albert Einstein a run for his money any day soon – posted the comment: “Shoot the looters” on Monday, but deleted the remark after being quite correctly reminded she’d been arrested for stealing £1,033 ($1,300) of clothing from Neiman Marcus in May 2006. Whilst in custody this rotten ratbag was also found to be in the possession of drugs.


Reported to Twitter for “inciting violence” and called out a “worthless good for nothing tw*t,” pointless pillock Pratt did not stop there. Further examples of this dumb blonde’s recent social media ‘activity’ follows.


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Poor lamb – Pratt highlighted her first world problems in May. She couldn’t find an airline willing to take her and her pooch.
Shopped out – In April, this alleged-no-longer-a-junkie tried to claim she’d found a new addiction: Amazon. Anyone got a polygraph machine handy?
Music’s not her forte – In March, madam shared news of someone we’ve never heard of writing a song about “the horrible coronavirus.” Her sentiments made sense to just about no one.
We’re sure the Queen was touched – In January, Pratt claimed to be “in complete denial” about Prince Harry and his wife quitting royal duties. The reality car wreck most likely hankers after the dastardly duo becoming her new ‘besties.’
Cleaned out – In November last year, ‘Shady Steph’ shared news that she cleans her house before her cleaner arrives. Anyone surprised? Anyone guessing she might have a lot of white stuff to hoover up?


  1. Condescending cokehead cow; I’ve seen the drunken bitch on the Kings Road smashed off her skull. Get her another line up!

  2. Send her Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll show this Sheila some discipline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over my knee!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet she likes a Castlemaine too — probably washes her lanky locks in the stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • She is quite simply famous for being famous.
      They usually do something outrageous like, make a porn movie and post it online, like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. They contribute nothing positive to society but they get the publicity they crave.
      Usually when people forget about them, they pop out of the woodwork again, and repeat the process.
      Like you, I have never heard of this muppet before, but now I have and I’m taking my valuable time to write about her so she’s got her publicity, dam, sucked in again.
      I will say her sir name is apt.

  3. She plainly needs putting in an asylum. Stephanie Pratt plainly has mental health issues. Typical millennial fool.


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