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Schofield Axed

Fresh from ‘outing’ himself Phillip Schofield finds his new television series ‘How To Spend It Well’ axed

After outing himself and facing allegations of an affair with a young man named Matt McGreevy now faces further woes after his new television series, How To Spend It Well, was scrapped by ITV “over coronavirus fears” according to the Mirror.


Lightweight Schofield, a person widely known for having temper tantrums, planned to tell “the British public [how to] get the most out of their holidays,” but now “bosses pulled it from Thursday’s listings.”


Whilst COVID-19 may have been blamed for this decision, perhaps that was just a distraction. A source told The Steeple Times: “There are set to be further developments in the McGreevy-Schofield saga and ITV will most definitely want to distance themselves from this very angry man.”


Pictured top: Phillip Schofield with Matt McGreevy.


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  • That's great, did his little coming out parade expect to get publicity for the show?? That worked well then.

  • Lock him up. Lock him up. He needs a special jacket too. He should not be near young people.

  • It has not been axed,it was taken off the will be shown during the year itv has nothing to do with phillip coming was to do with the conovo virus. U need to get your facts right.

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