Rotten Reeking Rolf Returns

As Rolf Harris is spotted pounding the pavements in soiled clothing, the public must be reminded that this paedo pest is still nothing but a mucky monster

This morning, the Mirror featured pictures of the disgraced deviant and all-round filth bag Rolf Harris out walking wearing soiled clothing.


Previously snapped clearly breaching the terms of his release pestering children in a playground in February 2019, the now 90-year-old nuisance nonce was seen “hobbling along a walking stick” with his dog according to the paper’s Sara-Aisha Kent. He was charmingly described as having a “screwed up face” and “cut a scruffy figure in clothes covered in marks and stains.”


Harris, it must be remembered, is a monster who has showed no remorse for what he did to his victims – whom called out his actions as having “destroyed their childhood innocence” and left them feeling “grubby, dirty and disgusting.” In 2015, this awful Australian penned a sordid ‘song’ in which he described them as “slimy little woodworms.” Sickly titled Gutter Girls, it went as follows:


Climb up out of the woodwork babe

From forty years ago,

The climate’s great in Britain now

For making loads of dough

You’ve festered down there long enough,

Time’s right to grab your chance

Clap eyes on a rich celebrity

And make the bastard dance



Make him squirm, slimy little woodworm

Make him squirm, squirm, squirm

Sink your claws right in to the hilt, don’t let him go


(Group) NO! NO!


Make him burn, burn, burn

Slimy little woodworm, make him burn

Get your fifty-years-old hooks into his dough


(Group) GO BABY GO


That old bandwagon you crawled out of

(rotten to the core)

Conceals a host of foul accusers,

Twenty maybe more

My guess is they’ll slide after you

All following your stench,

Perhaps you believe you’re pretty still

Some perfumed sultry wench



“Make him squirm”,

I can hear you singing

“Make him squirm, squirm, squirm:

Just imagine all of the money waiting there


(Group) OH YEAH!

Make him burn, burn, burn

Come and join the feeding frenzy girls,

Don’t miss out, come on and join me for your share




Elsewhere, a petition attempting to clear Harris’ name astoundingly remains online in spite of all avenues for such having been exhausted. On it, his loopy daughter – whom bizarrely goes by the name ‘Ava Reeves’ (in spite of previously calling herself Bindi Nicholls) – declares: “He has been tarred by the propaganda out there. He has been swept up in a witch hunt because of his high profile and celebrity! A total travesty at his age.”


Frankly, the best thing for this deluded duo is the funny farm. It’s time for some straitjackets to be sent to Fishery Road, Bray.


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Rotten Rolf’s Riverfront Lair – Highlands, Fishery Road, Bray, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1UP; in August 2017 the ‘Daily Mail’ reported that neighbours were “selling up their homes disgust after [the paedophile Rolf Harris] returned from prison.”
Rotten Rolf’s Dirty Dinners – Prior to his conviction Harris and his weird looking wife used to enjoy consuming curries at Malik’s Tandorri House in Cookham. Whether he’s returned recently with “dear friend” Amanda Plattell, for example, is unknown, but if he did, he’d likely find his local Member of Parliament Theresa – now Lady – May at an adjoining table.
In February 2020, Twitter users reacted angrily to a forcible deportation flight bound for Jamaica by arguing that it was wrong that the convicted paedophile Rolf Harris was not put on such a flight back to Australia after his release from prison in May 2017. Here, we picture the monster with his equally off-the-scale weird chum Sir Cliff Richard.
Rolf Harris was quite deservedly described as a “Jekyll and Hyde character” at his trial in 2014. Here, he is pictured with his wife Alwen Hughes, daughter Bindi Nicholls and another relative.
As with many of their type, paedophile Rolf Harris was friendly with fellow monsters including Sir Jimmy Savile. Here they are seen “sharing a joke” and “grinning creepily at each other” as the Australian ‘artist’ painted the abuser of even corpses.
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Absolutely no remorse at all, as far as I’m concerned, this pervert should have got at least 10 years with no parole. We need to get these scum bags off the streets, and the courts need to start giving out decent sentences. When you think their victims have a life long sentence. Unfortunately when we catch these pervs, it’s usually their age and health that gains them a lesser sentence, it shouldn’t work like that. Also what was he doing out walking without a mask? I would have given him a nice fine plus 3 years prison just for that. You would think he would want to cover up that ugly mug anyway.

  2. This latest smear against an innocent pensioner who was pursued by money hungry grubbers is disgusting on all kinds of levels. Rolf Harris is INNOCENT and you know it. He was cleared over the 8 year old lie and should have been cleared on all other charges. You should apologise to him and Alwen and publish the headline ROLF HARRIS IS INNOCENT as recompense!!!!

      • Do you have any evidence that Rolf Harris is guilty? This was trial by media – and one of the convictions has already been overturned – it seems to be a case of having to prove your innocence these days as all complainants are to be believed.

        • Rolf Harris was convicted. He failed to overturn the majority of his convictions. He has no further line of appeal. Accept the fact – He was as guilty as sin.

          • is the fact that he was convicted evidence enough for you ? … or are you aware of actual evidence? Just curious.

          • Why do you want to give convicted child rapists excuses to claim they didn’t do it?

            Far better to end the outrageously overpaid damages for anyone who claims someone touched them below the belt half a century ago, while real victims like old ladies beaten by burglars within an inch of their lives last week barely get a remote fraction of those obscene amounts.

            The CPS no longer needs to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt: all it needs to do is assemble accusers with a million reasons to lie and corroborate each other’s stories.

            And everyone already knows about the big bucks that fund legalised child porn for the enjoyment of millions of hypocrites in the form of trial by media.

            The cat has been out of that bag ever since a real pervert was called out for perverting the course of justice by falsely accusing Leon Brittan and Harvey Procter.

            Half the legal profession has expressed grave concern about these disturbing dangerous developments.

            Anyone who wants to nail real monsters like the grooming gangs would want criminal convictions to be honest, genuine and reliable, not fabricated by a system of corruption, show trials and populist mob rule supplanting the rule of law.

            Convinced Rolf is a rapist? Prove it properly.

    • You are as disgusting as him. These are not money grubbers, these are the poor tortured victims of his abuse.
      Just like Epsetein had Maxwell as a helper, are you Rolf Harris’s procurer. You seem to be equally involved, and play the deny game.

  3. I rarely look at this fake news website these days but your picking on Rolf Harris must stop and a full apology issued. Rolf Harris is innocent like mentioned above and I think you should concentrate your efforts and reach on helping dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. We need to find Madeleine and find her now. And you must stop telling lies about an innocent man Rolf Harris and innocent parents Gerry and Kate. Find Madeleine, find her now!!!!!

      • We go by the evidence that was produced at his trial, and the statements from his victims. Do you honestly think all his victims are just making this up to have a go at Mr Harris? How would you feel if you had been molested by this pervert, and nobody believed you?
        Yes, one of his charges was overturned on a technicality, but the other charges, he was found GUILTY as charged your honor. If he had been a man, he would have admitted his guilt to save his victims the shame of going to court. But because Harris can afford the best lawyers in the land, he decided to drag the whole thing out. He looked pathetic walking into court every day, pretending he could hardly walk, and needed the support of his wife and daughter, but it fooled nobody except blind idiots like you, Rolf is Innocent and that other nut case Trott. GET OVER IT HE WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AS A NONCE..

  4. Just seen this. “Yes, one of his charges was overturned on A technicality”, you said. This is genuinely such a funny statement – I profoundly disagree with this. Your technicality involves taking a lawyer 3 years to find that 1) not a single shred of evidence that Rolf had ever visited Leigh Park community center (after the police trawled newspaper archives – he was a famous celebrity at the time so there would have been at least some mention 2) 2 retired police officers who were at Leigh park community centre at the time of the alleged offence both testifying they could not remember Rolf ever visiting the place. 3) the girl’s father saying she did 4) door-door calls to see if they could find anybody lived in the area during the 60s-70s who remembered Rolf Harris visiting the area – nobody did. So this is why you use of the phrase ‘a technicality’ is so far removed from reality. Not a technicality – overwhelming evidence that he was never f***ing there.


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