Rinder vs. Stunt

James Stunt finds support from the aristocracy, receives a suggestion he takes to the stage from actor Steven Berkoff and issues two more YouTube video posts


Update: 07:45am, Thursday 6th July – Three of the four videos by James Stunt have been removed. YouTube have replaced them with a comment: “This content is not available on [sic] this country domain due to a court order.”


Robert Rinder may soon find himself in need of a new job. Reaction to James Stunt’s new passion for sharing his views on YouTube has been surprisingly positive and given his passion to refer to himself as “judge, jury and executioner,” he could well find himself getting a call to take over hosting ITV1’s Judge Rinder court room show.


Mr Stunt – a man currently arguing over an alleged £5.5 billion ($7.1 billion, €6.3 billion or درهم26.1 billion) fortune with his estranged ex-wife Petra (née Ecclestone) – issued two more videos via social media Wednesday and in response to his first appearance on Tuesday, much acclaimed actor, writer and producer Steven Berkoff told The Steeple Times:


“[James Stunt is] a vivid personality. A good Chelsea vocal delivery and some witty verbals. Would make an excellent one act play. Try the Royal Court. It’s right up their street.”


Elsewhere, directly in the comments section beneath the original hotel room YouTube video, Mr Stunt received the support of amongst others Ned Lambton (AKA Edward Lambton, 7th Earl of Durham). He remarked: “This must have been against the lawyers’ advice. How liberating to ignore them!” whilst fellow toff Alexander Tulloch added:


“I’ve known James since I was 15 (now 36). During his time he has not changed. He is one of life’s true characters and the most generous guy I know. I now work for the guy and have been with him every day for the last 3 years. Obviously I am biased – but one thing anyone who knows James will attest: he does not lie – on the contrary he will say what he thinks to a persons face rather than stabbing them in the back – whatever the fall out. * Petra is a lovely girl and their children are angelic – I miss seeing them, so can only imagine how James feels. Family interference is an understatement. The motives of those who are endeavouring to break up a young family should be questioned / criticised above all. I hope they can work it out but I fear that too much meddling and hurtful comments – on both sides – may have stripped three young children of a loving family environment in which to grow up in. Don’t believe the BS the DM / MOS [Daily Mail/Mail On Sunday] feed us and give James – who has had the worst year imaginable – a break.”


James Stunt’s two latest YouTube videos follow at the end of this article. Be prepared for yet more outlandish claims but this time, in footage totaling some 29 minutes, the man best known for his convoy of cars, does seem a little more polished (and this time bothered to get dressed).


Rinder vs. Stunt – James Stunt, Judge Robert Rinder, Steven Berkoff, Ned Durham and Alex Tulloch – James Stunt finds support from aristocrats, receives a suggestion he takes to the stage from Steven Berkoff and issues more YouTube videos as part of his war with the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Geordie Greig, Jonathan Harmsworth, Bernie Ecclestone and estranged wife Petra Ecclestone Stunt.
James Stunt appeared (in clothing on this occasion) on YouTube on Wednesday 5th July 2017 in a room at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower and issued further remarks about his upcoming legal cases with both his estranged wife Petra Stunt and the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday

Rinder vs. Stunt – James Stunt, Judge Robert Rinder, Steven Berkoff, Ned Durham and Alex Tulloch – James Stunt finds support from aristocrats, receives a suggestion he takes to the stage from Steven Berkoff and issues more YouTube videos as part of his war with the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Geordie Greig, Jonathan Harmsworth, Bernie Ecclestone and estranged wife Petra Ecclestone Stunt.
Legendary stage and screen figure Steven Berkoff suggested James Stunt: “Would make an excellent one act play” after The Steeple Times shared his previous YouTube videos on Tuesday 4th July


Aside from issuing a series of inflammatory comments about editor of the Daily Mail Paul Dacre, editor of the Mail on Sunday Geordie Greig and those papers’ owner Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, Mr Stunt also stated:


“I decided to do a second video… Bernie and Slavica – you did not sue me… Every time your mouth moves, Bernie, it’s a lie… Bernie: Money is your God, you don’t love your wife, you don’t love my children.”


“You’ve been a terrible father Bernie… You’ve completely Jim Jones-ed Petra and Tamara… You, little gnome, Bernie… You run around like you are President of the United States… If you call me flash, if you called me a bastard I’d just glare at you and you’d have a heart attack… I believe you’ve driven everyone in your life crazy. You are certifiable. You once told me if you saw a psychiatrist, you would send the psychiatrist mad. I genuinely believe that’s true.”


“You might be a good businessman, Bernie, but you’re not very clever. I don’t think you’ve ever read a book in your life. Apart from the ones that try to investigate you… And then you get to them… And you try to get them to do it your way.”


“I am the only person with a brain… You are terrified if this all goes too far, you are going to lose everything… The only thing you care about is your bank account.”


“Stop meddling in my affairs. I told you I did not want to be in the press… You, being the babbling moron that you are, took this as me, maybe, trying to blackmail you. No, I wasn’t. I am a straight shooter. Just leave me alone… I am an emotional person, wears my heart and my sleeve… My wife knows this is true.”


“You boasted that the saying ‘giving a million pounds’… A bribe is called ‘doing a Bernie’… If I gave a bribe, it’d be ‘a Stunt’ but it needs to be more than a million because that really not that much… It’s probably much to normal people, but if you are going to go around being a bigshot, don’t give a million.”


“Bernie: Why have I not been sued you? I’m judge, jury and executioner… The word ‘sociopath’ is used against me… I’m a very shy individual.”


“Honest old Bernie, sticking his fake hooter in. Oh and Bernie, what about the plastic surgery you had several months ago? I don’t care if I am ugly. Look, look… I don’t care but look at you going to a plastic surgeon at the age of 86. I mean, does that make you look more appealing to anyone?”


“Bernie: Please belt up, shut up. I’ve had enough of your lies and, erm, Petra: Try and de-programme yourself, because, honestly, is this the life you want to run around with your mother and father? People you know to be wicked… I really didn’t want to do this but you people have put out so many lies about me. I’m sick and tired of it. So you didn’t sue me. So, again I’m judge, jury and executioner… I’ll pay your lawyers to sue me… Stop going to the press, stop influencing my wife… Soon certain bodies will be able to come down on you like not a tonne but pretty much a whole city of bricks.”


“I really, really would like this to all end… It’s becoming boring now… I’m talking very calmly… The public must be outraged. What have I done not see my kids?”


“I want a polygraph test… Please. Don’t make me call an independent polygraph test live on the Internet and make me beat all these questions.”


“Petra: Let me see our children… Why don’t we go and see a religious therapist or any type of therapist? Let’s get rid of this toxic waste… Come home, I’m your husband… A judge’s piece of paper will never make you not my husband… So, please, enough now.”


In his final words, in Wednesday’s second YouTube clip, Stunt concluded:


“I am trying to be as calm as possible and finish this interview. I want someone to stop [Viscount Rothermere’s] publication. You are not printing want I am saying… Your publication is pathetic… I am judge, jury and executioner on Dacre, Rothermere. Thank you very much and goodbye.”


Judge Rinder: It looks like it could be time to hang up your hat.





  1. I haven’t been here in a while and wonder why you are focusing on this rich man who has done nothing for dear beloved Madeleine McCann and her parents Gerry and Kate? What is wrong with you and why are Petra Stunt and James Stunt not supporting FIND MADELEINE! Shame on you and shame on them! FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW!

    • Do us all a favour Pam and trott off. I doubt if Petra or James have a spade so they can get off digging around P d L, because for sure as the dogs have revealed, Madeleine is dead. The parents need to explain how body fluids and the smell of corpse was found in the boot of their hired car a few weeks after Madeleine vanished. It would help if the 48 questions put to Kate had an answer and the police reconstruction took place. What are the parents hiding?

  2. Trust Trott to bring this back up! Go away woman.

    I am actually quite liking to like Stunt. He seems quite real and raw and that is refreshing. Berkoff is right. Put him on the stage. He’s a mix between Liberace and Elton John – and a bit of a diva too!

  3. James Stuunt is LARGE!!!!!!!!! He goes BIG and he has a GREAT CONVOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should join Teresa May and MAKE GREAT BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN as f**K you guys need it!!!!!!!!!!! He would make a great EMPEROR to sit beside Teresa!!!!!!!!!!!! They would be like Maggie T and Ronnie Reagan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a shame James had to take down 3/4 of the videos. They were very good viewing and though he said very hurtful things about his estranged family, as a property professional I can see why he’d simply had enough of the Ecclestone clan. I know of agents who dealt with the dynasty and Bernie is not as cuddly as some elements of the media make out. I’ll leave it at that and let you imagine the rest.

    • Oh God….she’s at it again with her mad, ” as a property professional”.
      Go away, you are a idiotic as Ethel

  5. The gift that keeps on giving. I hope James makes new videos today. He should not be silenced by bully boy Bernie.

    • Delighted to be able to say I agree with most of your contributors today (Not Gillian Trott – obviously!).

      I mean, for the avoidance of doubt, the pro-James gang. It looks like this story has some way to go and I am eagerly awaiting further chapters.

  6. It’s no secret that Bernie wants both husbands out of the picture before he dies. Jay Rutland will be next. The daughters have their babies and will soon have Bernie’s billions. He wants to leave the world knowing that the money will go to his grandkids and not James and Jay.

  7. We have a lot of issues in this country that have not gotten any media attention, the media should focus on those issue.


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