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Right Wing Hour

David Baddiel announces that the BBC needs to get a ‘Right Wing Hour’


This morning, in the Mail Online, the comedian David Baddiel surprisingly announced that the “lefty BBC” needs to change its ways.


In comments to the Sebastian Shakespeare column, Baddiel announced:


“There is generally a centre-Left, liberal bias to the station’s output. People who go into the media — the people who go into the BBC — are, in general, of that kind of centre-Left stamp. I think it might even be a good thing if the BBC admitted it was a bit centre-Left and had the odd programme [to balance it out]. If, just like it has Woman’s Hour, it had a Right-Wing Hour”.


“It would be interesting if they did that, if they did say: ‘OK, we’re a bit centre-Left so we’re going to deliberately put things on here that aren’t’”.


He is, excuse the pun, right. Bring it on.



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