No. 2 - Randy Andy’s Last Stamp

As the Queen stops selling postcards featuring Prince Andrew, an online card printer has started selling ones of the late Jeffrey Epstein’s friend ‘Randy Andy’ with a rather controversial caption

Yesterday, The Sun reported that staff at a gift shop at Balmoral has “stopped selling postcards featuring Prince Andrew to tourists” on the orders of the Queen.


Of the decision, a tourist told the paper:


“Previously Andrew postcards have been on sale. But while there are postcards of Charles, Anne and Edward – and even the Queen’s grandchildren, Beatrice and Eugenie – there is not one of the Duke of York.”


“When I asked if it was possible to buy one of Andrew, a sales assistant said ‘No, we’ve taken them away. And they won’t be making any more of them.’”


“Another said ‘I’m afraid he (Andrew) is very much on the naughty step.’”


Meanwhile, elsewhere online a website named Redbubble is now selling digitally printed greeting cards featuring ‘Randy Andy.’ Priced at £2.38 each for one or £1.55 each if you buy fifty or more, the image is accompanied by the caption: “NONCE.” One or two have no doubt already been sent to Ghislaine Maxwell.


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As an alternative, ‘The Sun’ suggested a new postcard featuring ‘Randy Andy’ alongside an image of Pizza Express, Woking.
Redbubble’s greetings card features the reduced royal and the word: “NONCE.”


  1. I agree with Ethel, why on earth would anybody want a postcard of that sweaty Nonce?
    Come to think of it, why would anybody want any memorabilia of the Royal family, their relics from the past. We’ve all seen the mockery the Hollywood wannabe and her weak as piss husband have made of the whole system. And with miss piggy, the duchess, don’t get me started.
    I just hope the prosecutors have the balls to follow through with their investigations, and show the world, nobody is above the law, no matter who you are.


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