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Potty Lottie

Lowbrow lavatory frisker and all-round irrelevance Lottie Moss yet again makes a fool of herself by desperately selling fake news to ‘The Sun’

“I feel like I’m Hannah Montana” somewhat nuttily announced the motormouth ‘model’ Lottie Moss in a “diary” for Vogue in May 2017.


Having dated a little known Made In Chelsea dimwit named Alex Mytton, this 21-year-old is best known for having been caught getting “frisky” with him in a lavatory in October 2016. The freeloading pair were quite rightly “told off” for their antics and then Mytton subsequently dumped this tawdry little madam.


In recent days, coat-tail rider of her A-list sister Kate Moss – who rarely appears in anything that doesn’t clearly reveal her thrupenny bits on  her Instagram page – has taken to desperately flogging fake stories about James Stunt to The Sun as part of her attempt to remain relevant. She  might have cashed in with her fake ‘news’ this time, but truly the joke’s on her. Potty Lottie needs to grow up and she needs to find something more ladylike to do.


Pictured top: Lottie Moss tackily poses with her tits clearly on display.


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20 comments on “Potty Lottie”

  1. Goodness, gracious me. She appears to have tattoos underneath her right boob. Her parents allowed this? Shame on them. At the time she was in this picture she was just 17 or 18. I am appalled.

  2. Pwoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send her Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She needs a slap and a tickle and a bit of action from my cane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet she likes a Castlemaine or five also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. She might be a looker but she needs to grow up and learn to behave with dignity. Her sister doesn’t like people selling nasty stories and gets all upset about it and that she’s “doing the dirty” is a disgrace.

  4. Did she look in a mirror before putting on this “outfit”? It resembles a bin bag. She’d have done better going to Sainsbury’s and just getting a refuse sack.

  5. She comes from a decent family, so why is she using the lovely James Stunt who has been so mistreated already? I think she owes Mr Stunt a public apology! He can get the likes of her two a penny and she dares to use his actual relevant celebrity to make money via lies. Disgusting from her and the press ! Team Stunt!!!!

  6. Well being named the Bog bird seems quite apt, she looks like a bloody bog brush. These wasters make me sick. Famous for being outrageous and nothing else.

  7. Stunt can do a lot better than This skank it was hysterical and clever of him openly exposing her lies live on his Instagram account! Well done James for again outing liars like her and the press who have no dignity or shame!

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