Shame On Schofield – Plonk Flogging Plonker Causes Outrage By Queue Jumping With No Respect To The Queen

Boxed plonk selling plonker Philip Schofield outrages brilliantly bonkers ‘British Battleaxe’ Christine Hamilton by skipping the queue to pay respects to Her Majesty The Queen.

Boxed plonk selling plonker Philip Schofield outrages brilliantly bonkers ‘British Battleaxe’ Christine Hamilton by skipping the queue to pay respects to Her Majesty The Queen

“What in God’s name is he doing? #QueueJumping Who the hell does he think he is?” stormed the brilliantly bonkers ‘British Battleaxe’ Christine Hamilton of the prized plonker TV presenter and seller of definitely-not-so-prized plonk Phillip Schofield yesterday on Twitter.


Spectacularly right in her analysis of Schofield skipping the queue to pay respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II prior to her funeral on Monday, Hamilton was far from her alone in her anger at this warbling wazzock sticking two fingers up to members of the public who are now queuing for upto 24 hours to pass our wonderful former monarch for a moment whilst he just waltzed in.


Sanctimonious self-server Schofield, of course, has form. Condemned previously by Jonathan Dimbleby as “cretinous,” here is an overpaid television twerp who was laughed at as ludicrous in October 2020 for “making bizarre claims to have been murdered in a past life because of a debt” whilst promoting his “self-indulgent” ‘memoir’ Life’s What You Make Of It in an article in the Mirror.


At that time whilst desperately seeking any kind of publicity possible, the petulant and pompous This Morning presenter whined that he believed “he and an (imaginary) ‘family’ he’d plainly invented were murdered in a ‘past life’ over a debt.”


Showing himself as an utter crackpot, the definitely deranged flogger of wine condemned as “only fit for the bin” and “no more palatable than fizzy Ribena” declared:


“I opened the door to silence and felt horror wash over me. Three steps in, and I saw them – two murdered bodies on the floor.”


“I knew they were my wife and small child. Horror turned to fury. I knew why they were dead. I owed money to two brothers who worked at the end of the street in a sawmill.”


“The brother [then] found me, dragged me outside, punched me to the ground and, as my head hit the mud, he repeatedly stamped on it until I was dead!”


Behaving with dignity after a death is clearly something that this cretinous creep clearly hasn’t learnt. Shame on this ultimate television twerp; it is now time for Philip Schofield to offer an apology to the hundreds of thousands of people he pushed by without a shred of real respect.


Pictured top – Phillip Schofield looking angry whilst being noticed skipping the queue to pay respects to Her Majesty The Queen yesterday (left) and looking angry on the telly box on a previous occasion (right).


Telly box legend Christine Hamilton showed her outrage for Phillip Schofield yesterday when she highlighted how footballer David Beckham queued with the public whilst the ‘This Morning’ host “queue jumped.” She highlighted the lack of “special treatment” for the ex-England footballer with the ITV presenter’s arrogance and concluded: “Has he endured the privations of the queue? Has he hell. What in God’s name is he doing? Who the hell does he think he is?”
In 2012, fellow television presenter Jonathan Dimbleby called out the ‘This Morning’ presenter as “cretinous” over his decision to present the then Prime Minister David Cameron with a list of names of alleged paedophiles during a live television segment. Mr Dimbleby concluded: “Grow up.”
Instead of skipping queues and upsetting the nation in the process, the all-round-angry man and ‘This Morning’ host and ex-sidekick of Gordon the Gopher should focus on improving his deservedly slammed boxed wines. He thought his red “perfect with olives” whilst the public thought it “better poured down the plughole.”
Phillip Schofield was photographed Matthew McGreevy on a number of occasions. In 2020, various publications reported about the links between the two during the latter’s youth.
The temper tantrum prone television presenter with his ‘friend’ Mr McGreevy at a later date when they worked together. Whether they are still in contact or friends still even is unknown.

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  • @Matthew Steeples:

    Congratulations Sir for that piece of awesome alliterations.
    You are indeed a master of your craft and wonderfully write witty, worthy and wise words. xx

  • Might be interesting looking at the UK/NZ gay media rat run that has existed for yonks. I noticed it years ago but I’ve never seen it mentioned.

  • Let's not forget his cohort Holly Willoughby also jumped the queue. Let's wait and see how they guffaw their way out of this.

  • Their pals came up with something to get them cleared of wrongdoing supposed to be doing something for TV. I wonder why Holly decided to wear a mask I never saw anyone of the thousands waiting with a mask on. I think she was hiding ...... my opinion

  • Yes she was probably hiding a sickly smirk under that mask ,mouthing the word “losers”to everyone who couldn’t dust off a short-cut lanyard that any daytime tv host could have used as an excuse to pretend to be a journalist,being so kind to us poor folk who couldn’t attend ,filmingan apparent few minute segment as evidence ,well folly erm holly it was on the real news channels all day filmed by professionals,narrated by soft spoken journalist who did a fine job thank you ,don’t give up your day job ,only do

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