Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Prince & The Paedos

EXCLUSIVE – As his spin doctor “steps down,” Prince Andrew’s “buried” links to paedophiles other than Jeffrey Epstein is again highlighted

Late last week on Twitter, crusading author, sex abuse survivor and advocate Kirby Sommers reminded her 14,800 followers that Prince Andrews associations with padeophiles is nothing new.


Linking to a “long buried” 2017 article by Michael Friscolanti for Maclean’s, Sommers – whose shocking revelation about the name of the 9-year-old pictured on Jeffrey Epstein’s lap on his plane we recently featured also – remarked:


How many paedophile friends does Prince Andrew have to have before he addresses this issue?


Jimmy Savile

Jeffrey Epstein

Alleged child rapist Ghislaine Maxwell

Peter Nygard


And this long buried story about Andrew’s beloved teacher, the priest Keith Gleed?


The aforementioned article, which describes “how a royal gift exposed sexual abuse at an elite Canadian school,” references an institution attended by the Duke of York as a teenage exchange student for six months in 1977, Lakefield College School, just north of Peterborough, Ontario.


During the time the royal and later ‘bestie’ of Jeffrey Epstein spent there, ‘Randy Andy’ became close to the private school’s Anglican chaplain from 1974 to 1980, Father Keith Gleed. Of this, Friscolanti remarked:


“After meeting at Lakefield, Andrew and Gleed remained such good friends that the prince invited the reverend both to his 21st birthday party and to his wedding to Sarah Ferguson. Shortly before Gleed died of cancer in 2001, Andrew even travelled to his hospital bedside to say goodbye – ‘surely a testament of true friendship,’ according to Gleed’s obituary in the school newsletter.”


Later, in May 2008, the royal returned to the school to present a baptismal font hand-carved from stone from Balmoral in memory of Father Gleed. Afterwards in disgust, at least five former students were triggered to come forward “to report they were sexually abused by the one-time chaplain.”


Responding, Lakefield “removed from the property in 2014” the font whilst an independent investigation concluded in 2015 that the paedophile violated “the trust and authority” of his position and “afflicted harm on innocent students by engaging in sexual misconduct.”


Prince Andrew served as honorary chairman of the LCS Foundation until his “juggernaut crash” BBC interview in November 2019 brought his world crashing down. Keith Gleed’s victims, meanwhile, continue to seek justice and compensation.


Elsewhere last night, the Duke of York’s woes continued with the Mail on Sunday sharing news that “Prince Andrew’s spin doctor has stepped down after palace officials expressed their fury at a botched attempt to discredit the royal’s sex abuse accuser,” Virginia Giuffre.


Mark Gallagher, hired last year to “repair Prince Andrew’s reputation,” along with the Duchess of York’s personal assistant, Antonia Marshall, allegedly “approached” an online troll named Molly Skye Brown to seek to “prove a famous picture of the Prince with [Giuffre] was doctored.” In a “dramatic twist,” Skye Brown “reported their approach to the FBI.”


Pictured top: A seriously shifty looking Prince Andrew and the late, not great very creepy Father Keith Gleed.


The Prince & The Paedos – Prince Andrew and paedo priest Father Keith Gleed – EXCLUSIVE – As his spin doctor “steps down,” Prince Andrew’s “buried” links to paedophiles other than Jeffrey Epstein is again highlighted.
The Prince & The Paedos – Kirby Sommers tweet referencing Prince Andrew’s the ‘Maclean’s’ article about his “true friendship” with Father Keith Gleed.
The Prince & The Paedos – Prince Andrew and paedo priest Father Keith Gleed – EXCLUSIVE – As his spin doctor “steps down,” Prince Andrew’s “buried” links to paedophiles other than Jeffrey Epstein is again highlighted.
The Prince & The Paedos – Prince Andrew chatting with pupils at Lakefield College in 1992.
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. We will never know the real truth unless people like Maxwell and co start spilling the beans, and even if they do, pervs like HRH are just too powerful. He’s been advised to lay low, and keep out of the public eye, and eventually it will all blow over, They must think we are all stupid.
    Just a simple thing like HRH not taking part in anything at all, let alone Royal duties spells, GUILT, surely they can see that, otherwise give us a plausible explanation why you have gone into hibernation, while your dopey live in ex wife does her fart stories on her Utube channel.
    Think of the victims and come clean, you won’t though, because as soon as you do, Maxwell and others will do the same.

  2. Andrew is another reason why the outdated monarchy system has no place in the modern world and Why We Britons should abandon it and become a modern outward federal republic with a written constitution


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