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In the wake of Omid Scobie adding an epilogue to ‘Finding Freedom,’ Nikolay Kalinin calls him out yet again as a childish prat.

In the wake of Omid Scobie adding an epilogue to ‘Finding Freedom,’ Nikolay Kalinin calls him out yet again as a childish prat

In the time since The Steeple Times exposed the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes’ PR peddler Omid Scobie as nothing but a marauding mouthpiece, he surprisingly went rather quiet. Unfortunately, now, this tall tale teller is now back with yet another announcement that honestly no one could actually give two hoots about.


Just a year after launching his blabbering book, Finding Freedom – which the soppy ‘Sussex Squad’ attempted to make popular by mass-writing positive reviews of – Scobie announced that it will now receive a new epilogue that will detail the couple’s “move to California (and) the various philanthropic and business endeavours the Sussexes have been involved with since their move and what’s to come with Archewell Productions.”


In addition to that, the addition will address the impact of the Duke of Edinburgh’s demise on the couple and “the continuous challenges the couple face regarding privacy and the British press.” Hold your noses for yet more self-serving gibberish is most definitely set to follow.


This move contradicts previous claims made by ‘royal expert’ Duncan Larcombe that the updated edition will feature an “extremely telling” chapter about the rift between Prince Harry and the royals that will result in “no chance of a reconciliation ever.”


While most claims from ‘royal experts’ are often decidedly dubious, it is important to mention that it has only been a year since the original version was published. Why is it then that Scobie and his squad of prattlers already feel it necessary to update the book with an epilogue? Couldn’t ‘MeGain’ and ‘Hapless Hazza’ just have had him post a series of simple blog posts, perhaps, instead?


Then again, it’s likely that hardly anyone will buy the book even in its updated form, considering that just five months after the original edition of Finding Freedom went on sale, several of its copies were spotted on sale for 99p – a huge step down from the original price of £20, which was too high already for no good reason.


Once again, I would point out to Scobie that his attempts to silence the likes of ‘Yankee Wally’ are certainly not going going down well with anyone and would add that his latest antics just confirm his very much deserved status as a thoroughly childish prat. It is time that this silly, little boy did one thing: Learnt the art of silence.


Scobie’s latest update to ‘Finding Freedom’ transparently shows him as a desperado hanging onto the coattails of the deservedly disliked deviant duo that is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He does himself n favours with his audacious antics.
Yesterday, Scobie took to Twitter to moan that people were “triggered” by what he described as “inaccurate reports” about the edits to his book.
Bizarrely, in recent days, this pointless pillock has also banged on about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Is there anything this busybody can resist prattling about?
The cringeworthy addition will supposedly document “Meghan’s emotional healing journey from losing a child to the birth of their daughter” and will no doubt allow Scobie to yet again try and portray the wicked wastrels that are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as victims. They are, in fact, anything but.
In a video shared on YouTube this week, it was suggested that “when the novelty wears off, Prince Harry will realise that he is a lost soul… And Meghan will be portrayed as a villain.” That is certainly true and whatever Omid Scobie thinks, he won’t be able to change that.

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  • Of course there has always been the obsessed, affected delicates on the side thinking that they have a vocation to comment adoringly on the Royals but from my day the serious HRH's had at the forefront some really notable and talented journalists doing a serious, balanced and credible job. I think that was manifest because in the main 'the family' was rightly held as making a responsible fist of doing a responsible job. I am not surprised that the character in your article Nikolay heads up the comment of the behavior currently coming from The Colonies.

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