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‘MeGain’s’ bestie Omid Scobie deservedly gets slammed by ‘Yankee Wally’ Sadie Quinlan for getting her shut down on Twitter; this childish chap should now just ‘belt up, wrap up and shut up.’

‘MeGain’s’ bestie Omid Scobie deservedly gets slammed by ‘Yankee Wally’ Sadie Quinlan for getting her shut down on Twitter; this childish chap should now just ‘belt up, wrap up and shut up’

Last night, in a video missive uploaded to YouTube – where she once again declared “all my content is found in the public domain,” but for once didn’t add that she “plays by the rules” and instead cautioned: “I follow the fair use and fair dealing guidelines” (whatever they may be) – Sadie Quinlan (better known as ‘Yankee Wally’) shared that she’s had her Twitter account suspended.


“I have got to be very careful that I don’t slip up with anything,” began Quinlan in her 13:19-minute dialogue about how she has been accused of making “a violent and disturbing comment” that Omid Scobie – a pointlessly pathetic peddler of PR for the Duchess of Sussex – reported to the social media giant when “trying to get her account shut down.”


Whilst, frankly, one would imagine the self-professed “bestselling author, royal editor for Harper’s Bazaar USA, ABC and Good Morning America contributor and host for ABC Audio’s podcast #TheHeirPod” Scobie would surely have plenty to keep his gut wrenchingly woke “positive vibes” focused on elsewhere, it seems he has a vendetta against The Steeple Times’ reader favourite, ‘Yankee Wally.’


Condemned by one of ‘Yankee Wally’s’ supporters as a “lying git who twists everyone like his best friend,” Scobie came in for a roasting from Quinlan after he tweeted:


“Context: Seeing as the important details were removed. Around two years ago, I received tweets telling me about a video made by a user with a criminal record and a history of online threats and abuse that contained a disturbing and violent remark and I wanted to report it to YouTube.”


Going further of this revelation, Quinlan announced: “So, that’s Scobie’s justification for reporting me to Twitter and YouTube… Hang on now, I’m now going to expose some of what’s underneath that. And if you find me guilty, you find me guilty,” before offering up a direct message between ‘MeGain’s’ bestie and her source.


In it, the former Meghan Markle’s rent-a-gob asked the unnamed individual:


“Hi – do you know which video Wally said ‘bloody foreigner’? Trying to get her account shut down.”


Responding, Quinlan – who made a point of declaring: “By the way folks, I’m 65 now, my birthday is on the same day as the Queen, she was 95 and I was 65” – justified her words by remarking:


“I’m sorry for laughing and I don’t mean to offend anybody, but I say it all the time. Not just for foreigners, for my cats, for all sorts of things. You know, I say: ‘The bloody Welsh’ if they lose the rugby. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s, it’s flippant to me, but obviously not to Omid, so that’s what Omid is calling ‘violent and worrying,’ whatever he calls it. That’s it.”


“I was talking to somebody in the media today and the reason that Scobie is being mostly ignored is that the majority of reporters don’t like to give him airspace or any time because he loves it, he likes to dine out on it for a week. He likes to make mountains out of molehills and that’s why he’s very much like Meghan, dramatic, a drama queen.”


“The more attention you give him, the more he thrives on it, because he’s so desperate for attention. Him and Meghan don’t only look alike, they are alike.”


Continuing, in response to another user’s remarks, Quinlan then added:


“It looks like the ‘bloody foreigner’ remark, which may have been cheeky, but I’m Welsh. It doesn’t mean a lot to me and if I have offended you, I really am sorry, I wouldn’t offend you for the world, but I wasn’t saying it about you. I was saying it about Scobie and maybe he’s offended because he used to live in Wales.”


“I’ll tell you something for nothing now, he ain’t no Welsh. He hasn’t got what it takes to be a Welsh person. I’ve got a son-in-law whose Persian and I think Scobie’s Persian.”


“I thinks perhaps Scobie might understand me a bit more if only, I am a very tolerant person. ‘Bloody foreigner’ because he behaves like a foreigner and he’s not acting with any respect for the royal family. That’s probably why I said it. He was behaving like somebody that hated the royal family and to me that doesn’t make him a British person because most Brits don’t do that.”


Following on about her personal past, Quinlan observed:


“The thing is, when I first came to Twitter and YouTube, when YouTube first took me down, I had to open another account under my real name, which I changed to ‘Yankee Wally’ then. And that ‘Sussex Squad’ are relentless and they got my real name and did a Google search and found something out about me that was to them a battering ram to batter me with.”


“And batter me, they did. And this was an occurrence that happened 16 years ago, actually almost to the month 16 years ago. And I paid my price, I learnt my lesson and I was very full of remorse to the point where I actually apologised to the bloke.”


“But, you know, it doesn’t really matter now. You should judge me as I judge you. You know, I take you on face value – what I see in your tweets, what I see in your emails. I judge you on that. I don’t want to know if anything rotten, I wouldn’t want to be talking to an axe murderer or Ted Bundy’s wife or anything. I got my standards, but if I don’t know, I don’t know and that’s good enough for me.”


“I will just judge you as you judge me on face value. You’re lucky in a way that you’ve got more of me than I’ve got to judge me on because I think somebody’s voice and the way they speak is indicative of their personality, you know.”


“And I’m blessed like that because I’ve got a very open voice and because I am an open person, but I’m not going to stand here, sit here, and have everybody bash me for something I did 16 years ago. Which, nobody died, nobody was robbed, nobody lost anything, nothing was stolen, nothing, nothing. It was a nothing offence. But anyway, I paid for it.”


“I’ve never hidden it because I can’t. I would never have mentioned it in my life, ever, but when the ‘Sussex Squad’ started plastering it all over Twitter and making me sound like a demon and an absolute Satan, I think I hid away because I didn’t know what else I could do.”


“You can’t always make people believe you or like you, you know, and I wouldn’t even try to because that’s false and so, I just thought, and I’ve said to people: ‘Well, you know, if you’ve seen the things you see, I’m not saying this is a lie, but it’s not quite as it seems. You know, it’s hard, it’s very hard.”


“Scobie, mind, he’s not very nice in his heart… Now, my past, after 7 years, you are entitled to have it kept secret or hidden or not spoken about, I think. I did make moves to get that done with Google search, but by that time, the cat, you know, the cat was out of the bag.”


“But, I haven’t got a history, I’ve never threatened anybody and I’ve never abused anybody. And that violent and disturbing remark, those ‘bloody foreigners,’ is why he wanted to take my YouTube channel down.”


“We don’t want to talk about this again. Well, not my past, because I don’t want to, but if you need to know anything just email me… And thanks for listening, cheerio!”


Our advice to “triggered” Omid Scobie – an individual with a hint of Gerry and Kate McCann ‘groupie’ Martin Brunt about him – follows: Follow the late, great Michael Winner’s advice, “calm down, dear” and allow ‘Yankee Wally’ her audience. She’s not doing you an ounce of harm and her thoughts on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are entirely in track with the majority of the British public. Go back to your pointlessly pathetic arse-licking antics and leave this amusing and audacious lady be.


Join the 2,700 people who’ve signed a petition against Omid Scobie’s actions by clicking here.


Evidence shared by Sadie Quinlan (AKA ‘Yankee Wally’) illustrating how determined her pointlessly pathetic adversary is in getting her “cancel cultured.”
In the end, the “triggered” Scobie did, indeed, get what he wanted and now the @yankeewally2 account is suspended from Twitter for having “violated the Twitter rules.”
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with Michael Winner. Omid Scobie would do well to heed this late, great sage’s often uttered advice.

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  • Megs needs to be thrashed but I won't be the one doing it!!!!!!!!!! She's a disgrace and as for Scobie Don't, he needs putting in the Tower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nominate the Sheila Wally to do the administrative beatings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scobie is boring and knows nothing. He should be working for a local paper in Wales. That's all he's fit for.

  • Omid is a lovely man and this bullying of him by Sadie Quinlan/Yankee Wally must be stopped.

    • You have got to be kidding. I am always amazed by how people pick and choose certain things to have a cause instead of looking at the whole picture. SMH

    • Are you on mind altering drugs? You should consider changing your prescription because they apparently are not working. So much bloody ignorance out there. So let me ask you this, how would you like your reputation trashed on line? You probably would not like it at all. You are entitled to your dumb ass and ignorant opinions as are we ALL. Here's a news flash for the likes of you. NO ONE on this channel gives a damn so go post on omid scabies site I'm sure he will be easily impressed with your ignorance.

    • Karma is a bitch, and he deserves every bit that is thrown at him. He loves dishing it out to everyone, but the old man can't take it when its given back. Boo hoo. I'm sure 'ol Megsy can comfort him.

  • Sadie Quinlan is being ghosted. Scobie should be ashamed of himself. He is not a journalist, he is a creep.

  • Sadie Quinlan talks too much and Omid Scobie talks too. Why don't they hook up? They are very similar.

  • I don't know anything about Yankee Wally, but I have seen Omid Scobie on the telly. He is actually very boring and doesn't say anything useful.

    • What kind of professional author and so called royal reporter takes down a 65 yr old women down n silence her just because she doesn’t agree with Harry and Meghan behavior and actions. It’s truly pathetic. Scooby Doo is a bully just like Meghan. I really hope Twitter does the right thing and reinstate Yankee Wally account. She did nothing wrong to justify taking her account down. Shame on Scooby Doo and shame on Twitter

  • For Omid to present himself as a Royal reporter (who is well educated), he certainly either missed Biology class or is telling a lie when he says he is bi-racial. There are 3 species of humans: Mongoloid (or Asian) Caucasian or Negroid. He is Scots/Persian, which makes him CAUCASIAN. He is the product of dual nationalities, but both are Caucasian. Sorry, Omid. Don't believe you, and after that disaster of a biography you put your name to, don't trust you to say anything truthful.

  • I wouldn't last five minutes with my own channel on yt with the amount of bashing I've been doing to these people in defence of our queen and country, same with twitter. Freedom of speech and democracy is a pure myth in this current society.

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