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Moron of the Moment – Bigmouthed berk Olivia Utley on Brexit – Rent-a-gob stand-in for Rod Liddle at ‘The Sun’ Olivia Utley shows herself to be nothing but a big-mouthed berk in banging on about Brexit; she should eff off!

Rent-a-gob stand-in for Rod Liddle at ‘The Sun’ Olivia Utley shows herself to be nothing but a big-mouthed berk in brainlessly banging on about Brexit; she should eff off!

“Chuffed to be filling in for Rod Liddle today,” 27-year-old Olivia Utley is exactly the kind of person you’d expect to big herself up and this week was no exception for this motormouthed maniac.


Utley, a somewhat tepid try-hard attempt at being Katie Hopkins yet a fan of David Cameron strangely also, on Friday, was given space to spout her views in The Sun. In a column that’d make even Karren Brady look rational titled: “It’ll do our spoiled young Remainers good to remain in Britain for the summer holidays,” this “gleefully” childlike upstart not only attacked the lovely Fiona Bruce but also suggested “it would have been easier to have come out as a paedophile than a Brexiteer.” She’d plainly been drinking vinegar as she penned this particularly puerile drivel.


Here, in ramblings rooted in ridiculousness, Tom Utley of the Daily Mail’s “rent-a-reactionary” niece mocked other millenials and stupidly suggested they believed “the Lake District was a fictional place.” She attempted to justify proclaiming there being a “darker side” to young people “knowing nothing about Britain” and that now their “ignorance could finally be shattered.”


Concluding on the subject of how she believes young people will forget Europe in favour of their country of birth, Utley patronisingly argued: “Reconnected to their roots at last, they might just begin to feel the first stirrings of patriotism running through their British veins.” We’d suggest otherwise: They’re more likely to just tell this moron to eff off!


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On Thursday, Olivia Utley was given a “guest column” in ‘The Sun’ in place of Rod Liddle. She was delighted to brag about it on Twitter.
What a hypocrite – In 2019, so-called journalist Olivia Utley bragged about going on holiday to France; in 2020, she mocked others for wanting a holiday abroad. Shame on her.


  1. If you pay toffee, you get monkeys comes to mind. Newspaper owners no longer have any money as they have no revenue so they stop paying for real journalists and hire the likes of this thick bimbo.

    • Two small problems with this cretinous comment: monkeys don’t eat toffee, and The Sun, as the best selling paper in Britain, makes good money and pays its journalists well.

  2. Love the way the left always resort to personal insults. There’s a reason more people have walked on the moon than been Labour Prime minister. No wit and no wisdom. In equal measures!

  3. No wonder your lot don’t win elections. This insulting and mendacious piece will only attract the approval of other venomous marxists like you.

    • Hear, hear, comrade! There’s clearly no venom in you. But there’s no need to be so afraid. Mendacity wins elections, and your lot have it in spades.

  4. Only heard of The Steeple Times just now. Not Impressed. At no point did I ever find out what is so awful about her (who I have also never heard of until 5 minutes ago – I saw her on TV and thought she may be my erstwhile teacher’s daughter – she isn’t).
    The the ‘article’ as a ‘burn’ because she thinks that people may find a silver lining in being forced to holiday i UK, and the youngsters may learn something about where they live, yet has been abroad for holidays herself. Wow… what a hypocrite. I hope she feels as burned as I did the other day when I told all my firnds that they would benefit from a trip to Burger King, even though – oh the shame – I regularly eat at The Ritz.


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