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Mr Childish

As son of convicted criminal Sam Palmer is branded ‘Mr Obnoxious’ in the ‘Mail on Sunday,’ we suggest he’s actually ‘Mr Childish’ also

Yesterday in the Mail on Sunday, Charlotte Griffiths quite rightly branded a moronic ex-used car salesman turned hanger-on to the coattails of the very wealthy daughter of another former used car salesman ‘Mr Obnoxious.’


In her feature, Griffiths termed polar opposite of a gentleman Sam Palmer “classy” for his aggressive threat to “smash in” the face of his fiancée Petra Ecclestone’s ex-husband James Stunt.


Going further, we’d add that this son of Michael Palmer, a convicted fraudster from Essex, and the brother-in-law of a convicted drug dealer according to the Express Digest, is actually nothing but childish. Here, indeed, is anything but an example of a good role model and here is someone who actually needs help with his mental health and anger issues.


Sam Palmer is, in fact, also a sockless wonder and it’s jolly well about time that this brainless himbo grew up.


Pictured top: Sam Palmer (left) complete with a tattoo that nobody seems to know the origin on the meaning of. It most curiously reads: “Today is all I have.” How terribly intuitive.


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Mr Childish – Son of criminal Sam Palmer is nothing but childish – As son of convicted criminal Sam Palmer is branded ‘Mr Obnoxious’ in the ‘Mail on Sunday,’ we suggest he’s actually ‘Mr Childish’ also.
Charlotte Griffiths termed both Sam Palmer and Petra Ecclestone “classy” in the aftermath of the ex-used car salesman’s puerile outburst.


4 comments on “Mr Childish”

  1. Do NOT send this wazzock Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has been before I see but we do NOT want him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He might pester our Sheilas yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s blatantly obvious that Sam Palmer is an opportunist. Failed electrician cum staff recruitment officer cum luxury used car salesman cum art curator cum household staffing business owner – putting himself in the most strategic position for someone with no brains to be in the best position to meet wealthy clientele. Palmer doesn’t hold a candle to James Stunt who could and has obliterated him with a few choice sentences. Palmer has to resort to his pocket dictionary and threats of violence instead. James Stunt can tie Palmer’s tongue in knots without laying a hand on him. Who is the real thug in this scenario?

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