Mother of God! Omid Scobie’s Headed Down The Nick

Mother of God! Law firm give notice that the Duchess of Sussex’s pugnacious PR peddler Omid Scobie has been sent a cease and desist letter and reported to the Metropolitan Police regarding “the harassment, threats and stalking of Sadie Quinlan.”

Mother of God! Law firm give notice that the Duchess of Sussex’s pugnacious PR peddler Omid Scobie has been sent a cease and desist letter and reported to the Metropolitan Police regarding “the harassment, threats and stalking of Sadie Quinlan”

Legal action is being taken to attempt to end “the harassment, threats and stalking of Sadie Quinlan [AKA ‘Yankee Wally’]” by the Duchess of Sussex’s pugnacious PR peddler Omid Scobie.


In a very brief 0:31-minute segment shared on Monday by the ‘Montecito Royale’ channel on YouTube, a notice from a firm named GW Law International was shared. It announced:


“We have now taken the first steps to end the harassment, threats and stalking of Sadie Quinlan.”

“An extensive police report to the Metropolitan Police has been filed by our firm on behalf of Sadie Quinlan regarding the malicious actions of Omid William Scobie.”


“This will now be follow-up by a cease and desist letter.”


“We will take legal action if Mr. Scobie does not comply.”


“Best regards, The staff of GW Law International.”        


‘Montecito Royale’ accompanied the segment – which has already been watched over 7,400 times and liked by 1,100 YouTube accounts – with the caption:


“This is an announcement regarding preparations for legal proceedings.”


“I personally advice [sic] Mr. Scobie to take note of this public notice. It is not a good look to be globally known for harassing elderly little ladies… It kind of kills your career. The court of public opinion can be very cruel.”


Going further on Rumble, of Scobie – a mouse-not-a-man who the Daily Mail diarist Richard Eden highlighted earlier this month as not having filed legally required financial information about his company for three consecutive years – the warbling Welsh wonder that is Sadie Quinlan herself added:


“Omid William Scobie has sat there in his little poncy seat like his s**t doesn’t smell. That’s basically how he’s gone about this, but behind the scenes, he’s been the dirtiest, lowlife scumbag ever and he’s been getting orders from Meghan and Harry – what to do about ‘Yankee Wally’ and this is why, everywhere I go now, I’ve been shutdown, I’ve been de-platformed and his goal is to get me off Rumble and then his job is complete.”


“He makes money by removing me, by complaining about me. Empty threats, empty complaints, I beg your pardon, with no substance, but of course the algorithms, so many of them, so many of them pick up these complaints without looking into them to see if it really is a human being complaining.”


“And I get 100 complaints because Scobie is bossing, telling Chris Bouzy what to do, so there’s money in it. There’s money travelling from Harry and Meghan to Omid Scobie to Chris Bouzy and then out to the Sussex Squad.”


“Omid Scobie is the one behind all of this. Christopher Bouzy’s still there, but he’s taking orders from Omid William Scobie and that is why he’s had the cease and desist and the police have had a big report on him.”


“So, let’s see how he behaves tomorrow. Let’s see how Christopher Bouzy behaves tomorrow. Let’s see their reactions when this gets back to them and it will.”


Today we salute Sadie Quinlan and her supporters for standing up to the cowardly Finding Freedom ‘author’ and paraphrasing Superintendent Hastings from the BBC’s hit drama series Line of Duty conclude: “Mother of God! …. Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey, can we just move this thing Scobie along before it drives us all round the bloody bend?”


The ‘Finding Freedom’ author clearly ain’t having the best of months. Exposed first for the fact that he hasn’t been running an exactly ship-shape company, the mendacious minx formerly known as Meghan Markle’s PR peddler now finds himself in decidedly boiling hot water in the legal arena also.
Prone to trying to erase his own past – and wouldn’t anyone want to if they could only boast of having worked at the trash-mag that is ‘Heat’ and hung out with the decidedly lowbrow lush that is Jodie Marsh – Scobie likes to give out the schtick, but he is incapable of taking it back.
Sadie Quinlan is not alone in being targeted by ‘MeGain’s’ “cheerleader.” The ‘Daily Mail’s’ Richard Eden finds himself regularly targeted both by the “anti-monarchist agitator” and his tawdry associates, the extremely tedious twerps that are the ‘Sussex Squaddies.’

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  • What a succinct, truthful article. I have been chased off every social media platform that I join, and I don't even swear! But I believe I know the reason why. You see I've NEVER believed that Meghan Markle gave birth to any baby. Nit Archie nor Lilibet. I speak as a mother myself with a very keen eye. Who on earth can kneel down, knees together at 7 or 8 months? Did you see her wearing black at the New Zealand shooting memorial? She performed an unbelievable bend at the knees, right to the floor in 5 inch heels to place flowers on the floor. Harry stood 10 feet behind her and NOT ONCE did he move forward to assist his "heavily pregnant" wife! She gave birth a short time afterwards with no obstetrician or doctor willing to sign the Palace announcement. The details are so murky and extremely peculiar. My feeling is that the BRF kicked them out shortly afterwards and had very little to do with the miracle birth that was Lilibet.
    And I believe I'm onto the truth. Why does this matter ? Because its all to fo with succession to the British Throne. Unless a child is born "of the body" it cannot be in the line of succession. So! I am Interfering with Meghan's plan. ( and Harry) they plan on fooling the world so as to keep their surrogate birthed children in the line of succession. And as you can imagine due to the strangely named "one drop rule" the entire black community are delighted and continually say horrid things about my beloved royal family. Sussexsquad HATE the Royals! They just want a foot in the Royal door to play victim and take over.
    I read one of their tweets and was astounded when they said;
    King Archie is only one plane crash away from the throne"
    Now perhaps you can understand my passion, my worries and the reason I keep on fighting for TRUTH to be revealed and for my right to speak my mind! #freespeech thank you Matthew for standing up for free speech. Without it, we will be buried by the autocrats despots etc. Sadie Quinlan

    • Hi Wally, it’s Annie in North Wales here. You are absolutely right in what you are doing & we stand with you my lovely. I’m feeling so emotional that there are such good people everywhere speaking up for you. I’ve listened to you since the beginning of all this. No one has the right to silence you. Who the hell do they think they are to try & steal your voice? A voice that so many of us love & take comfort from. Come on everybody who supports Sadie, sign up to Steeple Times Patreon it’s less than £1 a week. We are all in this together fighting for free speech.

      In the words of the brilliant WELSH band The Manic Street Preachers “And if you tolerate this, then your children will be next”

      Love you Wally, Love you Matthew, Love you Montecito Royale on You Tube, Love you GW Law.

    • Hi Sadie....i was on your tube channel. I remember you being there then gone!!!! I am so happy to see that you are getting justice. It's about time they learn that they can't complain about people while breaking the law themselves. Total hypocrites. Love you Wally....the Karama train 🚂 has just arrived. A friend in VA USA

    • Sadie, Lot's of Americans just don't understand the line of succession issues and why the law requires birth by the body. If royal family don't plan to follow that law, why don't they change it? I suspect the issue of there being a donor egg other than Markles may be a big issue here. That could be anybody's egg including Jessica Mulroney's . Also Nobody has ever explained why Kensington Palace scrubbed that tweet?

    • I'm a 72 year old American woman. Pardon me if I'm not so eloquent. I do follow youtubers. I'm a huge fan of Yankee Wally..Yankee ie Sadie,you are truly loved in America. I pray for you every day. I miss you SO very much!! You are so very inspirational to so many of us elderly women all around the world.

      Lottie from Oklahoma USA

    • Sadie,
      You were banned from YT and Twitter because you repeatedly violated their rules and policies. Stop blaming others and take accountability for your behavior. You have the audacity to judge MM when you exploited vulnerable girls for profit. Most madams begin their careers in the business so who are you to call MM a tart? You pointed a gun at someone over a parking space. Absolutely nuts. Your daughter has called you a "liar." Your "passion" is hate for profit. Your recent request for small "donations" is a con game. YT took away your ability to sell hate for profit. Karma!

      • Really? Yankee has never hid her past, which is more than can be said of the H&M.squad. Here's a news flash sweetie.. Having a different opinion is NOT hate speech. You all have put Wally through hell.. This elderly American Lady didn't just fall off the potato.wagon..I've seen how you all have harassed yankee for quite sometime. Shame on you!!

      • Freedom of speech is every human beings right! Even yours, Susan.
        Yet you waste this privilege by posting comments with no knowledge of the larger picture. I cannot enter into arguments with uneducated people like you.

  • Yankee Wally is our Welsh Queen here In Wales & she heads a growing number of thousands, who are absolutely sick & tired of being silenced for speaking the truth.
    IF the Royal Family do not want the public to fight for only legal people to be in the line of succession, then they need to change their rules on surrogacy, as it stands right now, it appears, allegedly, that Archie & Lilibet should not be in that line. Lady Bradford says she did not deliver Archie according to her husband. No public birth certificate for either child. I’m just stating facts here. Love Yankee Wally, love her heart, love her passion. So do thousands of us & her spunky reputation is spreading globally. Long live Yankee Wally & thank you sincerely GW LAW.

  • I have never believed 'their truth' about Archie and definitely not about Lilibet. I keep posting on various sites there are no public birth records in California for the birth of Lilibet. And the whole secrecy around Archie is gob smacking.

  • I want to thank you for doing something I have suggested ---every time there is a story about this freak, post a photo of what he USED to look like before his worrying attempts to totally erase his natural facial features and skin tone. People need to see with their own eyes just what they are dealing with.

  • Ha what goes around comes around , love Yankee Wally, the truth will prevail ❤️🇬🇧

  • Thank you everyone especially Annie quoting my favourite Welsh rock band (The Manics) do you know they recorded that maybe 20 years ago? I believe in freedom. I believe in the freedom to say whatever you want. That's true freedom. "You won't know what you've lost til it's gone" ( Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi) we take freespeech for granted. You! You reading this probably say whatever you want and it gets tweeted or you won't understand until it happens to you. I have been chased all over the Internet! I always use the same name ( yankee wally) because that's how my subscribers, followers etc., find me. But the minute my name is discovered, there is a flurry of activity.....1000s of complaints en masses, which result in my channel, my account whatever, being removed. Its frustrating, annoying and extremely unfair, unlawful, undemocratic. But what can I do? I'm now on a little app called Rumble. But my videos are taking 20 hours to upload and are often rejected after the 20 hour wait. I've been told that Rumble have been monitoring me. Rumble is the last wheel on my wagon and I've nowhere left to go. Why is this happening to me? See my previous comment. All I can say is I must be speaking the truth? Please help. Kind regards

    • "Rumble have been monitoring me." That speaks volumes. A platform that tolerates anything about to cancel your con games for cash.Your entire life has been spent exploiting vulnerable people for money. You're not a victim of banned free speech. You're not on "your last wheel and nowhere left to go." Time to go back to where it all started: selling sex for a living. Sad! Back on your knees in your sixties.

  • Thank you steeple times poor lady has been threatened and stalked for so long im glad someone's finally helping her ,

  • Great news - Thanks for highlighting this again Matthew - Sadie has endured so much and Omid Sccobie should hang his head in shame
    I also believe like many others that the children were not born of the body and would like to see this matter investigated and reported on
    Sadie speaks for many of us

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