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Mimimum Maxwell – Ghislaine Maxwell Laughably Wants 4 Years

Minimum Maxwell – Ghislaine Maxwell Wants Just 4 Years

As Ghislaine Maxwell faces 30 years in prison, her lawyers have ludicrously countered suggesting she should serve just a minimum 4 years; her few “remaining friends” and family laughably blub about the mucky madam being a “fundamentally good and decent person” who “still has much to contribute to the world if she is given a meaningful opportunity to do so”

“Remaining friends (most having cut ties due to fear of association and the lure of ‘cancel culture’) attest to Ghislaine [Maxwell]’s character; each offers a first-person narrative of some aspect of her life in sharp contrast to her characterisation as a villain, rich heiress, and vapid socialite” is a telling paragraph in Bobbi C. Sternhein, Christian R. Everdell and Jeffrey S. Pagliuca’s latest submission to the United States District Court Southern District of New York about their convicted sex offender client.


In a 77-page document accompanied by another of 29 pages, the word “victim” is very tellingly only referenced 4 times and not one of those mentions expresses any regret on behalf of the mucky madam Maxwell about what she has been deservedly convicted of doing to young women. They go as far to claim: “Probation essentially makes the sweeping assertion that a harsh sentence for Ms. Maxwell is necessary to deter rich people from exploiting poor people,” but ludicrously seek to blame “main offender” Jeffrey Epstein alone for this instead.


“Nor should she be sentenced as if she were Harvey Weinstein” is another laughable point made by the attorneys – Maxwell and the disgraced film mogul ironically partied together at the birthday party for Prince Andrew’s daughter on 15th July 2006 – in an attempt to bring down the “correct sentencing range” to a minimum of 51 months or 4.25 years “not the 292-365 month [30.5 years] range calculated by the U.S. Probation Office.”


A “whirlwind of emotional turmoil caused by the relentless demands of her father” and an absent mother who ignored her are also cited as factors in Jeffrey Epstein’s co-collaborator’s downfall and whilst he isn’t actually named, her estranged husband Scott Borgerson is referenced. Of him, the attorneys remark:


“In 2013, Ms. Maxwell began a new relationship with the man she would later marry. She was with her husband for over seven years and became a devoted stepmother to her husband’s two youngsters, who were ages three and four and a half at the start of the relationship. Sadly, the marriage could not survive the negative impact of this case nor a husband’s association with his dishonoured wife.”


Lauded as “warm hearted, generous, kind, funny, thoughtful and loving” by friends and relatives, here is a portrayal of someone quite at contrast with what a court found of her in December. This wicked wench might think she can pull the wool over the courts with this barrage of bilge, but we simply conclude: “Now, go and pull the other one; it is time for this wholeheartedly evil conniving ratbag to rot and to deservedly rot in hell.”


Ghislaine Maxwell will be sentenced on 28th June in New York. She deserves far more than the minimum asked for; in fact, she deserves to live out of the rest of her days in the clink to prevent her assisting in the abuse of a single further person.


The attorneys of the mucky madam seek to pin blame on the former socialite’s late parents Robert and Betty as an explanation for her antics in their 77-page submission. Of Ghislaine Maxwell’s mother, they remark: “At age three, she stood in front of her mother and said simply, ‘Mummy, I exist.’ On doctor’s orders exactly a year after Michael’s accident, her mother went on a long tour of India and Australia, leaving infant Ghislaine and her siblings not already in boarding school at home in the care of a nanny.” Of her as deviant as her father, they add: “Mr. Maxwell employed corporal punishment on his children. Ghislaine vividly recalls a time when, at age 13, she tacked a poster of a pony on the newly painted wall of her bedroom. Rather than mar the paint with tape, she carefully hammered a thin tack to mount the poster. This outraged her father, who took the hammer and banged on Ghislaine’s dominant hand, leaving it severely bruised and painful for weeks to come.”
Of what came after the death of her father “under suspicious and unresolved circumstances and under a cloud of business impropriety,” the lawyers add, ‘The Bouncing Czech’s’ clear favourite child was “left to fend for herself.” They remark: “It was around this time that Ms. Maxwell met Jeffrey Epstein for the first time. As Ms. Maxwell plans to appeal her conviction, we will not comment on the events during this time period that were the subject of the trial” and thus avoid delving into what she and her evil co-collaborator did to the victims they sex trafficked and sexually abused. Effectively, the excuse is one monstrous man replaced another man.
Since exposed as criminal sex abusers and predators including Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell attended Princess Beatrice’s 1888 themed 18th birthday party at Windsor Castle on 15th July 2006. The event cost a reported £400,000 – whether the Duke of York and his live-in ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York contributed financially or instead got their rich friends to cough-up is, however, unknown – and other guests numbered more innocent sorts including Sir David Frost, Pixie Geldoff, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Kelly Osbourne. Curiously the convicted daughter of the Mirror pension pot plunderer is now seeking to distance herself from the former film mogul she was happy to be pictured with and does not want to be compared to someone convicted of what her lawyers term “forcible rape.”
“Her work was a far cry from the ‘flippity-jibit socialite’ label that the media has decided to cast on her every time they reference her” claim sisters Christine Malina Maxwell and Isabel Maxwell in a letter that is included in the 77-page document. Such a comment fails in that here was a woman who spent her life hobnobbing with the likes of Calvin Klein and Aby Rosen (pictured) and others including Bernie Ecclestone, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew and Naomi Campbell.
For many years a “secret husband,” Scott Borgerson has given up on his wicked wife and taken up with a yoga enthusiast with “an ass that could crack open a walnut” named Kris McGinn Straub. The house he bought with Maxwell in June 2016 in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts was placed for sale in February 2022 for £5.368 million ($7.295 million, €6.443 million or درهم26.791 million). Whether it has sold is unknown.
In other news yesterday, the ‘Miami Herald’ referenced that “ Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein “operated, using offshore companies to build, disguise and conceal their wealth” whilst other publications claimed that the mucky madam would be “naming names” – an allegation examined in the ‘Globe’ on 18th April 2022. At the time, they claimed “the disgraced British socialite is spilling her guts… in return for a get out of jail free card.”
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