1. What a sick evil F%&ing witch of a bitch, I can’t believe nutters like this are allowed guns ffs,
    and a Trump supporter, say’s it all really doesn’t it.

  2. The Giraffe was so old it wasn’t expected to live another year. Killing it gave the local people some meat and money for animal conservation. Or would you rather the Giraffe just die from being old and sick? Maybe killed by a predator animal because he was too weak to fight them off? The arguments against trophy hunting is 100% emotional and zero % substantive.

  3. Die ist böse krank im Kopf und in der Seele, wenn sie überhaupt eine hat. Mit ihr, ihrem Mann und ihren Gehilfen sollte man das Gleiche machen was sie mit den Tieren gemacht hat oder noch machen wird. Und dass wäre noch nicht mal Strafe genug.

  4. So ‘experts’ on here are calling Merelize a sociopath. Have some of the people posting such not seen the hatred they are espousing. Hatred, killing her, taking a bullet. Why is this sort of hatred from animal lovers allowed to fester as comment. Why all the attempts to ban people from enjoying natural pursuits and enjoying themselves. The giraffe was so old it was not expected to live much longer. Shooting it gave the local population some meat and money towards further conservation. It was great Merelize took the opportunity to make the shooting a Valentine Day gift. It is pleasing to see her celebrating her achievements. All the arguments against trophy hunting are 100% psychobabble and emotional nonsense. 0% fact. At least such hunting contributes to the local economy, environment, animal husbandry and conservation.

  5. You should apologise to Merelize immediately. She is doing great things for conservation by spending money that helps conserve and the wider economy also. Apologise and take this rubbish down.

    Right now she’s enjoying the attention. She’s arrogant, stupid, and evil. But maybe instead of feeding her ego with hate mail and petitions to Facebook, who don’t give a damn, we should start a movement to hit her and her husband in the pocket. Track their produce and refuse to buy from anyone who trades with them.

  7. Boycott fruit from her citrus farm. Refuse to buy from any company that deals with them. Hit the evil cow where it hurts most.


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