The MeGain & Randy Show

It’s time for the ‘MeGain & Randy Show’… As dopey dipstick Diane Abbott MP sticks her gumboots into the fallout of the Duchess of Sussex’s car crash interview, the scandalous Prince Andrew should again be called to answer questions

Bombastic blabbermouth Diane Abbott MP has been unusually quiet for months. Yes, she’s had to deal with the fallout of her beastlike son biting police officers, but since she was turfed off the front benches when her one-time motorbiking sexual partner Jeremy Corbyn fell, we’ve not even heard of any conundrums with calculators or mojito can slurping calamities on a train by her even.


This morning, however, seizing on an opportunity to shove her gibberish filled gumboots back into the fray in the wake of the Duchess of Sussex’s Prince Andrew-esque interview, Abbott decided to chuck a hand grenade into the mix and told the Guardian:


“One of the most upsetting things is when people, meaning well, will say: ‘Oh, but Diane, you’re so strong.’ Nobody is that strong. Nobody can take the sort of abuse that Meghan had to take and that I’ve had to take. And by dismissing it by saying: ‘Oh, black women are strong,’ that’s denying our humanity.”


“For a lot of black and mixed-race women, when they can look at what we’re now hearing, what’s happening to Meghan, they can realise: if this can happen to her and if it could be so crushing and humiliating to her, I can face up to how that sort of thing makes me feel.”


“We shouldn’t internalise the idea that we’re not supposed to feel vulnerable, we’re not supposed to get upset, and we should have people around us that we can confide in, or we can be open with. Otherwise, it’s incredibly corrosive.”


Going further, on Radio 4 later, Abbott added:


“[Palace officials] clearly very soon did not welcome a mixed race woman marrying into the Royal Family… There has got to be very serious reflection. They need to look at some of the people that work at Buckingham Palace.”


“I don’t think they necessarily need to get into a tit for tat publicly but they do need to think hard about some of the attitudes of the courtiers, the aides the advisers who are in Buckingham Palace because it is clear that on that level they didn’t adjust well to having a mixed-race woman marry into the Royal Family.”


“[The media want to] tear down a woman for no apparent reason.”


Whilst the brain of Britain that isn’t Miss Abbott’s influence in this matter will likely not go far, elsewhere in the Guardian this morning, the paper’s Ben Quinn reported that Gloria Allred, a lawyer for some of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, “has suggested that Buckingham Palace’s plans to examine bullying allegations against the Duchess of Sussex are a “calculated decision” to take the focus off Prince Andrew.”


Speaking of alleged bullying by the Duchess of Sussex specifically, Allred told the paper:


“Allegations about him are far worse than the allegations about Meghan Markle. Prince Andrew was a working royal when he became a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, who was a sexual predator… Prince Andrew is accused of much more than bullying or harassment in the workplace.”


“Why does Buckingham Palace not conduct an investigation and make a public statement condemning Prince Andrew for failing to provide what is requested to those who are seeking the whole truth and justice for the victims of crimes against children?”


“Why has Prince Andrew not been stripped of the royal titles that he enjoys, as has been the case for Meghan and Harry? He has certainly not brought dignity and respect to his work as a royal.”


“The investigation into Meghan Markle is a distraction, and it appears hypocritical under the circumstances. I have to wonder if it reflects a calculated decision to take the focus off of Prince Andrew.


“It is long overdue for the palace to change its priorities and announce that it is conducting its own investigation of Prince Andrew. In addition, it should immediately issue a statement condemning Prince Andrew for failing to provide full in-person cooperation in the ongoing criminal investigation by the United States justice department.”


Now, today, we join those calling for ‘Randy Andy’ to finally do the decent thing: Be a good boy and go to America and answer the FBI’s perfectly reasonable questions about your involvement with the mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell and your conveniently croaked ‘bestie’ Jeffrey Epstein.


The MeGain & Randy Show – For months now, people have been asking of Diane Abbott: “Have you seen this woman?” Well, this morning she predictably resurfaced and stuck her gumboots into the fallout of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s disastrous interview with Oprah Winfrey.
The MeGain & Randy Show – The “publicity shy” Duchess of Sussex (or Meghan Markle as she then was) used to be happy to hang around with publicity loving Lizzie Cundy. Whether she actually “ghosted” her former ‘friend’ and Piers Morgan is also debatable.

The confusion of the woman formerly known as Meghan Markle

Whilst the Duchess of Sussex’s outlandish claims have been widely drilled into this morning by the international media, here are a few other questions she and her ‘drip’ of a husband could do with addressing:



  • Given ‘MeGain’ banged on about her friendship with Prince Andrew’s daughters prior to meeting Prince Harry in the Oprah interview, is there really any truth to her having never Googled the royal family or researched them with a view to seeking them out?


  • Did the then Meghan Markle really “ghost” her supposed chums Lizzie Cundy and Piers Morgan or are they both just getting rather carried away with their own attention seeking agendas?


  • Prior to marrying into the royal family and since, has ‘MeGain’ “organised pap shots” of herself?


  • Why did the Duchess of Sussex lie and claim she hadn’t met her half-sister in over 20 years when photographic evidence shows quite to the contrary 13 years ago?


  • Why didn’t the Duchess of Sussex simply show herself to be a bigger person and make amends with her own father instead of going to war on him? If she had simply behaved with dignity and made one less enemy, wouldn’t she have been perceived as a far better person?


  • Why is the Duchess of Sussex claiming that the royal family “silenced” her at the same time as repeatedly giving interviews to the international media and taking the dime of the hardly quiet Netflix and Spotify?


  • Why are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex now suggesting they were “cut of financially” by the royal family when they previously stated they “wanted to be financially independent”?


  • Why do ‘MeGain’ and her drip husband think they should be entitled to have the public pay for their security when they turned their backs on public duty for first “privacy” and then personal profit?


  • If ‘MeGain’ wanted such a “simple life,” why did she seek out a career first in acting and then get herself into a relationship with a member of the royal family?


  • Why, subsequently, did this woman with a desire for “ordinariness” then return to Los Angeles and sign deals with the likes of Disney, Netflix and Spotify?


  • Has ‘MeGain’ ever used body doubles of herself and her son, Archie?


  • Did the Duchess of Sussex make up that she had already been married to Prince Harry for three days when she walked down the aisle on 19th May 2018?


  • How many times has ‘MeGain’ actually been married? Twice or three times?


The MeGain & Randy Show – The Duchess of Sussex’s claim that she hadn’t seen her half-sister Samantha Markle in 20 years has been proven to be a lie by fact of this photograph.
The MeGain & Randy Show – The Duchess of Sussex also stands accused of organising paparazzi to take photographs of her, yet hypocritically still moans and bangs on about press intrusion.
The MeGain & Randy Show – Ever since she came to public prominence, social media has been awash with rumours about the Duchess of Sussex and her use of body doubles and some go further even and remarkably suggest she faked her pregnancy even.
The MeGain & Randy Show – Elsehwere on social media, this image of graffiti that read “Prince Andew is still a nonce” trended. Contrary to what many suggest, however, it is quite possible to actually dislike the behaviour of both the Duchess of Sussex and Duke of York as the two are not mutually connected.
The MeGain & Randy Show – Those “in the know” continue to question when Meghan Markle first met Prince Andrew and what went on between them prior to her marriage to the alleged sexual abuser’s nephew.
Matthew Steeples
A graduate of the London School of Economics, Matthew Steeples is a writer and marketing consultant. He conceived The Steeple Times as a media arena to fill the void between the Mail Online, The Huffington Post and such organs as the New York Social Diary in 2012.


  1. Do NOT send Meg Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want her over my knee and I definitely don’t operatics from Oprah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harry can keep the wench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor twat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Prince Harry needs to be locked up. He clearly has serious mental health problems.

    Meghan never thought about suicide I’m certain. She’s too busy planning on becoming the 47th or 48th POTUS.

  3. Sordid people. All three of them. The interview was diabolical and Winfrey just proved herself to be a toady windbag.

  4. I am surprised Fergie didn’t bomb into try and get a plug for ‘Fergie & Friends’ given nobody hardly anybody watches her childish antics. She must be angry she only got thanked over a lesson over curtsying.

  5. Leave Meghan alone. She is a victim. It is shocking that you are being so cruel and frankly we should all be focused instead on dear Gerry and Kate McCann’s efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. Steeple Times is a disgrace for not focusing on this and also not calling for Christian B to be charged and justice to be done. You pick the wrong topics always and it is a disgrace. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW!!!!!

    • You Really are a Nut Case Trott.
      I notice when the last post was put up regarding Christian B, proving he couldn’t have abducted Madeleine, there was a deafening silence from you, But you post here on an article that has nothing to do with that case. I would seek some help urgently.

    • Are you still mad? You need treatment. Would you really want to find the rotting stinking corpse of MM, such as was detected in the back of the hire car the gruesome duo were driving?

  6. Stop picking on Meghan. She’s stood up to the evil racist royal family. Prince Philip’s family were Nazis and he is a lizard.

  7. Viva la Republique waste of space Royalty time to get rid of it permanently become a federal Republic with a written constitution where everyone is guaranteed equality

  8. This is one clever woman working her way to the top, off the back of being a part time princess.
    It seems strange that Winfrey was invited to their second wedding, when Megan had only met her briefly once before?? I think the whole interview had been planned quite a while ago.
    As for them both crying how much they want their privacy, then they pull, arguably the biggest publicity stunt ever, give me a break.
    As for Winfrey, well what can you say, just releasing tiny titbits of, More to come, Thank god for Hollywood.

    • I’m with you, Dodge. Biggest pair of ass holes ever seen. Wo is me. Get off your lazy asses and work for a living you pair of publicity seeking leeches.

  9. A withering, devastating interview with Harry & Meghan via Oprah. The Kingdom which first brought slaves here 🇺🇸400 years ago had their current Royal racism outed in all its glorious brutality last night — just how black will her kids be? The Palace refused to provide security for her baby or her husband. Meghan, crushed, depressed, asked to seek help. The Palace — “The Firm” — blocked her from getting mental health services. Meghan, in despair, considered suicide. Harry frightfully saw the deja of this — it was the treatment of his dead mother all over again. So it was time to get out. His father wouldn’t return his calls. This airs today in the UK on Commonwealth Day – yes, that British Commonwealth, in which 40% to 60% of its inhabitants are people of color. None of this comes as a surprise those of color in the Commonwealth. The British press, when referring to Meghan, uses words like monkey, demon seed, straight outta Compton. It’s good to see where our original White Supremacy came from and how the Mother country embraces it to this day.
    Nobody told us that Oprah was going to air a special on White Supremacy yesterday on the anniversary of the Selma March. Powerful. And the mental health/suicide discussion was so intense and so helpful, I’m certain it will save lives.
    Meghan — observing your wedding in 2018, I remember thinking, oh god, she’ll pay for this. You and Harry conducted what racists saw as a “Black” wedding — complete with an incredible Black American firery preacher giving the sermon and a black gospel choir rockin’ it out. The Royals and the rich sat there stone-faced in the church through it all. I thought, she’s cooked. The press immediately went after you. I’m so sorry. Thank you for the good works you continue to do. Welcome home. It ain’t perfect here. Today the murder trial of the cop who killed George Floyd begins in Minneapolis. There is much for us all to do. You left family made the right choice to come home where you will be valued.
    And on this International Women’s Day, congrats on the new baby girl you’ll soon be bringing into this crazy world. Michael Moore

  10. Well Miss Markle, all you have achieved with your pathetic Oprah interview is? A total backlash and hatred from the British people, and no doubt the world. Silly Harry for going along with your narcissistic
    Views. Sad pair of scroungers.


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