Mucky Maxwell & Meddling Madeley

Mucky Maxwell & Meddling Madeley – Ghislaine Maxwell apologist Richard Madeley exposed – EXCLUSIVE – Richard Madeley is an apologist for Ghislaine Maxwell suggests ‘The Steeple Times’ and his wife, of course, was an apologist for another sexual abuser, footballer Ched Evans.

EXCLUSIVE – Meddling Richard Madeley is an apologist for Ghislaine Maxwell suggests ‘The Steeple Times’ whilst his wife, of course, was criticised for her views on sexual abusers in 2014

After we revealed on Saturday that the one-time classmate of ‘Spreadsheet Phil,’ the former Tory chancellor Philip Hammond, and alleged shoplifter with a penchant for memory lapses that is Richard Madeley to be one of just 36 people mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s team were following on Twitter, we decided to delve deeper.


Now, this morning, we can exclusively share that meddling menace Richard Madeley has twice defended Miss Maxwell in columns for one of her pugnacious PR peddler Brian Basham’s plainly tame titles, the little-to-nowhere read rag that is the Daily Express.


On the 25th July 2020, the ‘Modern Day Dorian Gray’ that is Madeley – under the banner ‘By Richard & Judy’ – penned a piece that remarked of Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest:


“The sharks are circling; they smell blood in the water… Cynics would say the [FBI] agency is playing a long game, seeking to sway the minds of jurors in advance of Maxwell’s trial next year… Innocent until proven guilty? That honourable credo is in shreds.”


Going further and proving himself anything but impartial about the alleged sex crimes commited by the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ deviant daughter on 4th January 2021, Madeley – also under the banner ‘By Richard & Judy’ – creepily added:


“Firstly, consider the conditions under which Ms Maxwell is being held. They are truly grim… It would take a heart of stone not to feel empathy for another human being suffering what amounts to mental torture. To coin a phrase: you wouldn’t treat a dog like that.”


“But it’s not sadism, or premature punishment ahead of a verdict. No; there’s calculated purpose behind this pitiless regime. But, here’s another prediction… it will. They’re trying to break her.”


Separately, it must be remembered that Madeley’s booze loving sidekick and wife Judy Finnigan herself has form for leaping to the defence of an at-the-time convicted sexual abuser. In October 2014, she discussed the then convicted rapist Ched Evans’s return to football on the especially grubby ITV1 show Loose Women and suggested he should be allowed back to his club because the alleged attack “wasn’t violent and the victim was drunk.”


Going further, this saggy bra flashing old soak shockingly added of a man who was sent to a jail for what he was accused of doing to a 19-year-old girl: “He’s served his time… He didn’t cause any bodily harm to the person… He has already been punished.” Though Mr Evans was subsequently found not guilty at a retrial in October 2016, Finnigan’s truly shocking views on the subject of rape victims in general have quite rightly continued to be criticised.


Elsewhere, responding to our previous article and commenting about the connection between Ghislaine Maxwell and Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, one reader quite correctly observed:


“There are so many things in the universe we are yet to discover, but the gravitational attraction of truly distasteful people to one another should be made a new law of physics.”


Mucky Ghislaine Maxwell, Meddling Richard Madeley and Frightful Judy Finnigan – Amongst the few papers disgracefully giving Ghislaine Maxwell favourable coverage are the ‘Daily Express’ and ‘Daily Telegraph.’ Plainly these are amongst the only titles where Jeffrey Epstein’s head honcho of recruiting underage girls’ PR peddler Brian Basham (pictured left) has influence.
Mucky Ghislaine Maxwell, Meddling Richard Madeley and Frightful Judy Finnigan – Judy Finnigan’s decision to defend footballer Ched Evans – jailed for 5 years in 2012 for allegedly raping a 19-year-old – on ‘Loose Women’ in October 2014 shocked the nation. Responding at the time, Katie Russell, of Rape Crisis England and Wales remarked: “Judy Finnegan’s comments are really unfortunate and could potentially cause some hurt and distress to the many survivors of sexual violence who will inevitably have been watching ‘Loose Women’ and who will read and hear her views reported.”

Meddling menace Richard Madeley’s (other) not so ‘finest’ moments

In conversation with President Clinton

“I know what it’s like to be wronged by the press. I was once accused of shoplifting. Unlike you though, I knew I was innocent.”


Of women

“I’ve never met a single woman who’s happy with the way she looks, except Jordan, although I’ve never met her.”


On elephants

“So, are you telling me elephants are not born evil?”


On the coronavirus pandemic

“A great reckoning is coming.”


To a man crying after paramedics saved his life

“Stop crying! This is supposed to make you happy! Anyway, after the break, the biggest dog in the UK. And he really is big. Don’t miss it!”


Of old women skipping

“There’s not many better things than seeing an older woman skipping.”


Of wanting to be black

“I hope when I’m reincarnated I come back black because you age better.”


To Keira Knightley

“Can we get some make up please, get Keira looking like a crack whore, she’d make a good crack whore.”


Of an autistic teenager

“The thing with Daniel [Wakeford, a ‘star’ on Channel 4’s Undateables] is, he has autism but is very intelligent and as we can see extremely talented. Has Daniel always been autistic?”


To a caller

“I understand you have a little lad of 12. Is it a boy or a girl?”


Mucky Ghislaine Maxwell, Meddling Richard Madeley and Frightful Judy Finnigan – Judy Finnigan is, of course, best known for exposing her bra at an awards ceremony. Her meddling husband is renowned as an alleged shoplifter and for spreading fake news about coronavirus.
Mucky Ghislaine Maxwell, Meddling Richard Madeley and Frightful Judy Finnigan – Meddling menace Richard Madeley is nothing but a national embarrassment and now exposed as an apologist for Ghislaine Maxwell, he’s nothing but an international disgrace.


  1. Ched Evans was cleared after his conviction. Wiki-
    On 22 March 2016, the case was heard by the Court of Appeal.[68] On 21 April 2016, the appeal was allowed, the conviction quashed and a retrial ordered.[69] The Court of Appeal imposed a ban on reporting details of the legal argument.[68] The retrial began on 4 October 2016 and on 14 October Evans was found not guilty.[4][70] After the retrial, it could then be reported that the legal argument used in the appeal had related to the complainant’s sexual history.[71] On 11 April 2019 Evans accepted an £800,000 settlement from the legal firm which represented him in his first trial.[72]

  2. If the footballer who served his time for rape can’t be employed as a footballer any more then he is being denied the opportunity to use his talents to make a living , at least in the
    U. K.
    Where’s the justice in that?

  3. Judy Finnigan never fails to say the wrong thing. Richard Madeley, meanwhile, never fails to do anything but then make things worse.

  4. Finnigan’s remarks, at the time, were quite rightly called out. It is irrelevant that Ched Evans was cleared because at the time she was talking about a man who was at that time a convicted rapist. It shows her thought process is completely addled by the wine she slurps. The woman is a menace to society and should be banished from our screens permanently. As for Richard, he probably fancies a ride on Ghislaine Maxwell. Sick puppies, both of them.


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