Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples

Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – ‘The Steeple Times’s’ Matthew Steeples to answer questions live during YouTube premiere of his ‘Maxwell, McCann & Menendez’ interview with Shaun Attwood on Saturday 8th May 2021. Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Robert Maxwell, Michael Barrymore, Stuart Lubbock, Terry Lubbock, Marie-Claire von Alvensleben, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Max Clifford, Owen Oyston, Madeleine McCann, Gerry McCann, Kate McCann, Catherine Meyer, Sir Christopher Meyer, Luke Durbin, Martin Allen, Ben Needham, Jeremy Bamber, White House Farm, Lyle Menendez, Erik Menendez, Robert Rand, Hazel Thornton, Gavin Newsom, Mark Alexander, Terry Waite, Corey Feldman.

‘The Steeple Times’s’ Matthew Steeples to answer questions live during 2-hour YouTube premiere of his ‘Maxwell, McCann & Menendez’ interview with Shaun Attwood on Saturday 8th May

Filmed late last month, a 2 hour, 15-minute interview between Shaun Attwood of Shaun Attwood’s True Crime Channel and Matthew Steeples of The Steeple Times will premiere on YouTube tomorrow, Saturday 8th May 2021 at 10am.

Aside from discussing primarily Ghislaine Maxwell’s incarceration and forthcoming trial and recent developments in the case of the 2001 murder of Stuart Lubbock at the Roydon, Essex bungalow belonging to the since deservedly disgraced ‘entertainer’ Michael Barrymore, Steeples and Attwood delve into the conviction of Jeremy Bamber, the 2007 ‘disappearance’ of Madeleine McCann and the ongoing imprisonment of the parental abuse victim Menendez brothers in California.

Touching also on other topics including the paedophile Rolf Harris and the potentially unsafe conviction of Mark Alexander, a man campaigning with the support of Terry Waite CBE to clear his name in connection with the 2010 murder of his decidedly deviant father in Buckinghamshire, Steeples comments of the interview:

“I have followed Shaun Attwood’s honest to its core YouTube channel – which most deservedly already has 669,000 subscribers – for some time. For me, what piqued my interest was when Attwood got someone to answer the door at Ghislaine Maxwell’s Kinnerton Street mews house in September 2019 and in doing so proved that the setting of that infamous photograph with Prince Andrew with his ‘chubby fingers’ around Virginia Roberts remained still in-situ.”

“Attwood’s interviews with abuse victims such as The Lost Boys actor Corey Feldman and crusading author Kirby Sommers have repeatedly allowed viewers to be presented with previously unheard narratives about truly shocking cases. His attention to detail and dedication to presenting facts rather than gossip is impressive and his own experiences in the justice system clearly have clearly guided his ability to understand what lies beyond what is fed to the public by the mainstream media.”

“It was thus an honour and a pleasure to be interviewed by a man whose own past plainly has resulted in a quest for a juster justice system and I hope viewers will gain some insights into angles about cases that remain very much of the moment when watching tomorrow.”

“I will be present in the ‘live chat’ on the YouTube channel on Saturday 8th May 2021 between 10am and 12:15pm and look forward to exploring the thoughts of viewers regarding the cases that Shaun Attwood and I discussed.”

Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – The full podcast will be available to view tomorrow, Saturday 8th May 2021, via YouTube from 10am. A live Q&A with Matthew Steeples will be available during from 10am to 12:15pm.
Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – A trailer for the forthcoming show can be viewed online before then.
Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – “As Terry Lubbock faces certain death from terminal cancer, it is right that finally Essex Police are making progress in the investigation into his son’s rape and murder on 10th March 2001,” observes Matthew Steeples. Pictured: Michael Barrymore rolling around on the floor drunk with convicted racist bigot Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben (left) and Terry Lubbock bed-bound next to a picture of his late son, Stuart, as he begs the others present at Barrymore’s pool party to finally tell the truth about what happened that fateful night.
Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – “Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured left on a throne in Buckingham Palace), if she had half a brain, would now seek a plea bargain,” argues Matthew Steeples. “Instead, because she’s so arrogant, this mendacious minx and all-round mucky madam will likely continue to keep quiet about what really went on with her, her ‘bestie’ Prince Andrew and his ‘Lolita Express club coat’ wearing chum, the now deceased paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.”
Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – “I believe it is correct that the victims of parental abuse Erik and Lyle Menendez were finally able to be brought together again after 22 years of incarceration without a sight of one another in February 2018,” shares Matthew Steeples. “I also believe that the fine work of crusading individuals including the journalist Robert Rand (pictured left with Lyle Menendez) and the juror in one of the cases, Hazel Thornton, will help them on a path to what they deserve given the truth of what they endured at the hands of their plainly wicked parents: Freedom.”
Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – “I will forever continue to question why the case of ‘missing’ Madeleine McCann has been allocated nigh on £13 million in public money,” comments Matthew Steeples. “Why don’t the families of other missing people, such as Martin Allen, Luke Durbin and Ben Needham get that level of state-funded assistance also?” Pictured: Kate McCann with then Home Secretary Theresa May MP at a party in Downing Street, London hosted by the latter for associates of the former in July 2016.
Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – “Rolf Harris (pictured right) may have served his time,” shares Matthew Steeples, “but the legacy of him and the links of this clearly evil ex-public figure to other high profile sexual abusers such as the ex-TV anchor Stuart Hall (pictured left with Prince Edward dressed as a ‘Joker’) deserves to continue to be highlighted.”
Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – “Doubts about so much of the evidence submitted by Essex Police in the case of Jeremy Bamber make me believe that his conviction for the murders at White House Farm deserves at the very least reinvestigation,” shares Matthew Steeples. Speaking of his “fresh hope” for a referral to the Court of Appeal in March 2021, Bamber himself stated: “The lack of disclosure by Essex Police has been at the heart of my case from the outset, and is still a feature today in an attempt by the Essex Police to maintain my wrongful conviction. I feel confident however that the CCRC will do their utmost to achieve disclosure of vital material in order to obtain my justice.”
Maxwell, McCann & Menendez… And Matthew Steeples – “‘Could Mark Alexander have actually been wrongly convicted of the murder of his father Samuel Alexander?’ is a question I think deserves exploring,” shares Matthew Steeples. Speaking of the case, greatly respected humanitarian Terry Waite CBE commented: “I am disturbed by the conviction of Mark as I find it difficult to believe that a complete forensic examination was conducted before the jury found him guilty by a majority verdict. It was pointed out by the judge in his summing-up that the evidence was circumstantial, but even so he was convicted and sentenced. A forensic investigation of the site was conducted by a chartered engineer and chartered geologist in 2017. This examination ought to have been conducted before the trial, but for reasons unknown to me it was not. Given that the site had been excavated by the police when searching for the body and afterwards refilled it was not possible for the expert to be totally certain about the dates when the different levels of concrete were laid. However, his conclusions, which are fully recorded in his report, suggest that the top level of concrete could not have been laid by Mark Alexander as he was not in that location at that time and can prove this. The report raises in my mind a reasonable doubt as to the safety of this conviction.”


    • The brothers are guilty of manslaughter at best. They did shoot their parents, but, for example, Jane Andrews watched her husband-to-be Tommy Cressman die for 4 hours and then got only 12 years. She also escaped prison and never admitted her guilt. The Menendez brothers, on the other hand, were sexually abused by both their father and mother. An aunt and cousins have come forward and stated such, so their incarceration for so long is just wrong. They have suffered enough and deserve freedom and I urge you to consult the works of Robert Rand and Hazel Thornton – two individuals present at their trials.

  1. Matthew Steeples is so articulate, smart, and knowledgeable. I learned so much and it was educational to hear this interview. Thanks

  2. There are several video’s on youtube uploaded under the name ” Bambergate”. They are one man’s version of what he did to discover the truth about this case. He spent several years contacting people who were at the scene of the crime and who told him what happened.
    There were two rifles used ( possibly three ). Initially Sheila Caffell had one wound to her neck, witnessed by six ( or more ) police officers and the pathologist. The police when they first entered the house found one male body and one female body in the kitchen. The police failed to check whether the female was dead and that is what this case is all about i.e the police covering up their fubar! The two wounds to the neck were of different sizes! One police officer at the scene reported a man leaving the farmhouse at 3.45 am, yet nothing was done about it!
    Nevill Bamber ( the father ) had stated several weeks before the killing that he had grave doubts about living much longer. And on that subject he was in the RAF during the 2nd WW and several members of his squadron and their families are reputed to have ended up the same as the Bambers! something about Palestine, apparently.
    Jeremy Bamber has his own site which reveals a lot of truths about this case based on evidence that the police refused to disclose, but became available after the 30 yr period!


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