Who is Josh Grimstone?

Josh Grimstone

As painfully pushy PM’s wife Carrie Johnson comes under fire again, we examine the background of another of her ‘court’ members, SpAd Josh Grimstone

‘The Court of Queen Carrie’ dominates Britain in 2021 without a doubt. When pushy ‘Princess Nut Nut’ isn’t rifling through her hubby’s phone or choosing wacky, overpriced wallpaper, she’s said to be sparking diplomatic incidents with Japan.


Backing up this unbridled wine chucking busybody  – whom previously worked for the mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s charity of choice, Oceana – is a team of ‘besties’ that includes not only the “drowning in honey, stingless” Henry Newman – the alleged “chatty rat” featured on these pages previously – but also a “photogenic, waspish protégé of Carrie Symonds” named Josh Grimstone.


Part of the Prime Minister’s latest baby mama’s “in-crowd of top-notch aides,” according to the Evening Standard’s Anne McElvoy, Tiffin School, Kingston-upon-Thames and University of Manchester educated Grimstone – described by the Daily Mail now as “a special advisor to Michael Gove” – is such a “close friend” to the woman formerly known as Carrie Symonds that he was one of just a few guests at her wedding in May.


Recruited first by DEFRA as a SpAd in July 2018, according to Guido Fawkes, “Tory hunk” Grimstone previously worked for the Vote Leave campaign. He is now “beefing up [recently separated from his wife] Gove’s media presence” and for five years prior was head of broadcast for Conservative Campaign Headquarters.


Grimstone used to have an Instagram account where he displayed topless shots of himself, but that has now somewhat bizarrely disappeared. Likely taken down at the behest of ‘Controlling Carrie,’ this 28-year-old is currently paid between £80,000 and £84,999 for his troubles, the Cabinet Office recently shared. Nice work if you can get it!


Elsewhere, Grimstone can be found sharing ‘Boris’ Puppet Mistresses’ tweets with his 1,470 followers on Twitter. What a truly busy bee.


In December 2019, Carrie Symonds shared a photo of Josh Grimstone (right) with Henry Newman, political press advisor to the Conservative Party Sophia True and an unnamed other man. She described them as “four of my favourite people.”
In November 2018, Grimstone was referenced in an article by ‘Guido Fawkes’ that was titled: “Totty watch: DEFRA beef edition… DEFRA beefs up media spin” in which four shirtless pictures of him were shown.



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