Moron of the Moment 2021 – Joe Francis

Joe Francis

Joe Francis, a “bestie” of the Kardashians, has yet again shown himself to be reprehensible in spitting over a woman with the aim of giving her Covid-19

Featured in The Sun’s online edition as an “exclusive,” a “bestie” of the Kardashian clan named Joseph R. Francis has been arrested and charged in Mexico after allegedly “grabbing a woman by the neck and spitting in her face to give her Covid.”


Plain-old Joe Francis, as this witless wazzock prefers to be known, is a berk with an extensive rap sheet. Aside from losing a slander case to Steve Wynn for defamation in 2012 and being jailed record keeping offences for 339 days in 2007, this brash braggart was sent down for 270 days in 2013 after having been charged with the false imprisonment and assault of three women.


Elsewhere with guilty pleas on further tax evasion offences, an arrest warrant issued for failing to comply with the terms of his bankruptcy agreement and a plea of no content to child abuse and prostitution, here is an individual with a clear lack of a moral compass.


Joe Francis with a bevy of blondes and Scott Disick, ex of Kourtney Kardashian.

Of his latest incendiary incident, The Sun reported:


“[Joe Francis], 48, was charged with domestic violence and intentional injury after an incident at his Punta Mita home on August 1, 2020.”


“The court papers stated Joe’s victim – whom The Sun has decided not to identify – claimed he tested positive for Covid the day before the altercation.”


“On August 1, he allegedly asked her to inject him with vitamins. When she refused to get too close to him, the situation apparently escalated.”


“The Mexican documents, translated to English, stated: ‘He began to scream at her that she was an ‘evil b***h’ and he hopes she rots, and called her a ‘w***e.’”


“’She hid in the closet and, closed the door. He began to shake the door. She opened it and ran into another bedroom in fear. He told her he was kicking her out.’”


“‘He grabbed her right arm, turned her toward him, grabbed her by the neck, and then spit in her face. He said she doesn’t care about him, and now she’ll care because she’s infected [with Covid] as well.’”


“The woman then attempted to call the security team for the home – called Casa Aramara – when Joe allegedly intercepted.  She claimed Joe ran to her, grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the floor.”


“He then allegedly stepped on her head, and put all of his weight on her body.”


“The documents continued: ‘He then put his hands around her neck and spit on her face again, and then told her to leave the house.  They both got up, and he grabbed her by the hair again. He threw her on the floor and dragged her down the hallway. While he was pulling her, he was shaking her hair and making her head hit the floor.’”


“According to the court papers, she sustained injuries that took over two weeks to heal, and required special medical treatment.”


“The charges were [later] dropped on the condition that Joe attend six months of psychological therapy, which law enforcement claimed he has completed.”


Clearly this charmless chump needs a dose of his own medicine and it won’t be long before he no doubt faces another period in the pokey also.


Pictured top: Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis poses with an unknown half-naked woman.


Pictured with Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian in 2008. On Instagram, he describes himself as an “entrepreneur and lover of life” whilst on his official website, ‘Meet Joe Francis,’ he devotes five pages to his life story. On the first, he begins: “If life is a ride, which it surely is, then mine has got to be the balls-out wildest roller coaster in the park. I don’t mind: I know any life is going to have its ups and downs. Only an idiot would buy a ticket to a roller coaster that didn’t have turns, climbs, loops and dives, and anyone who really wants his money’s worth is going to look for the highest, fastest ride he can find. For me, the same is true of life. And while I’ve never spent much time thinking about the past, there’s been so much written about me that is misleading, untrue or simply a lie that I thought it might be fun to take a look back and finally put this wild story down on paper (or pixels) as it actually happened.”


  1. What an absolute Muppet, why do we give these wasters the publicity they crave? famous for being famous, and nothing else.


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