Moron of the Moment 2021 – Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson Gary Glitter

As Jim Davidson’s decision to come out in support of the paedophile nonce Gary Glitter is declared a step too far (even for him), we share 10 of this buffoon’s very worst moments

Jim Davidson – of whom fellow comedian Benny Hill once declared: “Went to a showbiz party. Met Jim Davidson, a fine comedian and a gentleman. Talked to all three of them” – has put his feet firmly in the proverbial yet again. No surprises there, but on this occasion this washed-up wazzock’s gone further than before and come out in support of one of the most reviled paedophiles on the planet.


This week, in comments shared first by the Dorset Echo and then the Mirror, former supermarket shelf stacker Davidson – a 5×3 due to his having had 5 kids by 3 of his 5 wives – came out as a supporter of the one-time glam rock singer Gary Glitter (real name: Paul Gadd) and commented: “I spoke to Paul when I visited The Verne [prison] two years. He’s remorseful and he looked ready to start a new life.”


‘Dimwitted Davidson,’ curiously however, showed no empathy for the victims of this perverted paedophile nonce in his comments. “Public hate figure” Glitter has been convicted on numerous occasions in Britain and Vietnam and aside from having downloaded more than 4,000 child pornography images, is convicted of drink driving on multiple occasions, indecent assault, having sex with a girl under the age of 13, obscene acts with minors and the attempted rape of minors amongst other things.


Though this monster will remain on the UK’s Sex Offenders Register for life and was last sentenced to 16 years in prison in February 2015, he has declared that he will return to the music scene as soon as he can. In 2008, he remarked: “I have an incomplete album that I want to finish. I have been thinking about the plan during my days in jail. I have sung rock ‘n’ roll for 40 years. After jail, I will continue to rock ‘n’ roll.”


Elsewhere yesterday on Twitter, Davidson attempted to portray himself as political aware to his 180,000 followers with a 2:18-minute video missive on Twitter during which he repeatedly praised Boris Johnson and mocked the Prince of Wales. He ended: “Don’t listen with mother.”


Jim Davidson OBE’s 10 worst moments…

On Great Yarmouth:

“Full of fat children of all colours.”


On London and the UK:

“I am never coming to London again… I may as well go to Dubai and be an ethnic minority there than wait five years till I become one here.”


On former UKIP leader Nigel Farage:

“The Jim Davidson of the political world.”


On beating up one of his 4 ex-wives:

“We’re like a couple of boxers. On the first occasion, I poked her in the eye by accident. I actually went for the mouth… The second time I gave her a shiner. I threw a bunch of keys which whacked her in the eye. Just for a giggle she kept blackening it up to make it look worse.”


“I took the wife out last night; one punch!”


On supposedly giving up on making jokes about black people:

“I can’t do impressions of Frank Bruno or Ian Wright? That’s racist, is it? But I can do Sven-Göran Eriksson?”


“I’m not going to get on my knee, and I’m not going to go ever black person I see, ‘hail you.’ I’m not going to apologise for the past; the past was the past.”


On Black Lives Matter protestors:

“Pondlife… F**king stupid.”


On Piers Morgan (after he was paid to appear on his Life Stories programme):

“You don’t deserve to listen to anyone’s life story because you don’t f**king listen.”


Proving himself the ultimate ‘Brain of Britain’:

“People who do stupid things with hazardous materials often die.”


After being declared bankrupt:

“My problem is money.”


On himself:

“I’m a homophobic arsehole.”


Reactions to Jim Davidson’s offensive remarks on Twitter:

In October 2019, ‘The Steeple Times’ joined those condemning Warner Brothers for deciding to use a song by the incarcerated paedophile Gary Glitter (also known as Paul Raven, G.G., The Leader, Rubber Bucket, Paul Monday and Paul Russell) in their film, ‘Joker.’


  1. My God, I love his comment, “I spoke to Paul when I visited The Verne [prison] He’s remorseful and he looked ready to start a new life.”
    What a bloody joke, the only thing that fat scumbag Gadd is sorry for, is being caught. He is a prolific child abuser, and will never be rehabilitated, he should be doing life. Remember, the crimes he was convicted of were only the tip of the iceberg. He was thrown in jail in Asia for some crimes that were reported, but there were also others he wasn’t prosecuted for, they obviously just wanted rid of him. It’s a shame he didn’t get a decent sentence there, instead of the luxury of a British prison. There has never been a case that I have heard of, where a convicted Paedophile has ever been fully rehabilitated, they just convince the parole board that they are now cured to secure their release. The only time they stop their perverted ways, is when they get too old or die.
    Can you imagine Gadd reviving his music career, and on stage singing, Do you wanna touch me there??

  2. Jeeeezus! It gets worse!…what the f**k is Davidson thinking!??
    A Nonce is a Nonce and will always be a disgusting Nonce!…There is no rehabilitating these vile monsters!
    Nonces should be painfully castrated, or put in the middle of a school playground when all the Mums are waiting for pickups…and let them at him!
    And as “Dodge” has said above, Glitter is only sorry he got caught! And should have definitely been banged up in a Thai Prison!

  3. I remember the first time Glitter was released from prison, after his conviction for downloading child abuse material. He held a public press conference where he gave an Oscar-worthy acting performance. In between crocodile tears, he stated he deeply regretted his actions and wanted to move on with his life.

    Needless to say, that all turned out to be utter rubbish – considering how he then headed off to South-East Asia, the child-abuse hub of the world, ruining a number of young lives in the process.

    I wouldn’t trust the man as far as I could throw him. To me, the big tragedy is that Vietnam allowed him to buy his way into a lesser sentence and didn’t hand him over to the firing squad. And Jim Davidson is beneath contempt for supporting him.

  4. Just when you thought you couldn’t hold Davidson in any more contempt he surprises you.
    Makes you wonder why he’s sympathetic to a nonce doesn’t it?


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