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Morons of the Moment 2023 – Sex Fiend Stephen Bear & Grubby Girlfriend Jessica Smith

Sex Fiend Stephen Bear & Grubby Girlfriend Jessica Smith

As shameless sex fiend Stephen Bear is deservedly jailed, it is shameful that his grubby girlfriend Jessica Smith continues to pile misery on his victim; here is a pair of gruesome grifters far worse than even the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Homophobic horror Stephen Bear might find himself having a fair few problems in the prison showers. A man prone to exposing his privates and talking about his ‘todger’ in a similar way to Prince Harry, this filthy piece of toerag, however, won’t have the luxury of the aid of Elizabeth Arden cream anytime soon.


Jailed quite deservedly for 21 months on Friday for voyeurism, disclosing private, sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress, and harassment without violence, the Walthamstow born 33-year-old showed utterly no remorse as he arrived at Chelmsford Crown Court for sentencing for what he did to his ex-girlfriend and fellow reality television ‘personality’ Georgia Harrison on 2nd August 2020.


On arrival, Bear – who has also been required to sign the sex offender register and given a restraining order not to contact his victim for five years and also required to keep police updated with his address and whereabouts for ten years – filmed a segment subsequently shared on Twitter by his current squeeze, the self-declared “I’m Jess, your new favourite horny blonde” Jessica Smith.


In a 1:43-minute clip filmed by dimwitted dolly bird Smith and shared with her 117,600 followers, brain dead berk Bear delusionally declared:


“You see in this country, I think the saying is: ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ and unfortunately, through this whole turn of events, through the adverse media which has been printed and written about me, all they see me as this monster. So, how can you possibly give a fair trial just to adverse media?”


Adding a completely currently unproven as either true or false allegation, Bear continued:


“Secondly, at the very beginning, before the jury was picked, they were asked a series of questions and one person should be accountable for contempt of court. Hopefully, I can speak to the police about this and give them all the evidence.”


“You see, if you’ve got one bad apple, the whole jury should be slung out in my opinion.”


Attempting to very predictably play the Prince Harry “mental health issues” excuse, the convicted sex offender blubbed:


“And, do you know what, the only good thing that’s come from this whole situation is that I got a psychiatric report written about me and they’ve told me that I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, depression and anxiety. So, hopefully I can get some treatment and some help, maybe some talking therapy. I just need some help really because going through mental health, I live through this every single day.”


Ending in a Spare-esque whinge, Bear concluded:


“I just hope I can speak to the news or something about what’s happened… I just hope I can give, just my side of the story. An honest, just my side of the story and hopefully it just comes out and it gives just a different opinion on me and hopefully we can spin the narrative… I can see everyone has already made their minds up about the narrative.”


Approached then by members of the press, in videos filmed by others including news presenter Dan Walker, Bear was seen to tell Smith “just keep recording babe” as he was asked by a journalist: “Do you wish to apologise to Georgia Harrison?”


Ignoring questions from her and others, the noxious nitwit continued:


“There’s no point me even answering any questions. As you can see everyone, this is it. Fingers crossed it goes well today and maybe I get some sort of justice from this whole situation. Thank you so much.”


Outrageously, then, after noticing a clearly very young female ‘fan’ standing amongst the press pack, Bear summoned her over by asking: “Do you want a picture? Do you want a selfie? Come then, come over. I’m a man of the people” just as another journalist stated: “You’ve been called a self-obsessed show-off. You’ll do anything to be front page. Do you have any response to that?”


He then gave the V-sign and proceeded to ask another female journalist dressed in a red coat: “What made you dress in red today?” before bizarrely singing: “Lady in red is talking to me, cheek to cheek, I wanna know why she’s by my side, my lady in red, lady in red, she’s talking to me, cheek to cheek. I wanna know why she’s by my side.”


Subsequently, after her boyfriend was most deservedly sent down Jessica Smith – who shares that she’s “fetish friendly,” into “toys” and “masturbation” and “24/7 horny” on – posted a series of tweets. They read:


“I love you [Stephen Bear]. I’ll always be by your side, stay strong babe. The truth will come out… You never had a fair trial.”


“Through thick and thin my love. I’ll see you soon.”


In a weepy whine of Meghan Markle-esque qualities, she then concluded last night:


“What event the point anymore? I’ve lost half of my heart. I feel empty.”


Here is an example of a most contemptible pair of grifters, a pair of grifters far worse even than ‘MeGain’ and her drip. Here is a couple incapable of realising the error of their ways. Shame on Stephen Bear and shame on Jessica Smith; long may this cretinous convicted criminal rot.


Editor’s Note – Unlike as is the case in many publications, this article was NOT sponsored or supported by a third-party.


Pictured Top – Profiteering from personal appearances and sick sex tapes will have to pause for Stephen Bear for 21 months now he’s hit the clink; he even mocked such by dressing up in an orange jump suit.


On Twitter this afternoon, Matthew Steeples asked: “Which of these grubby money grabbing grifters is the worst of the lot?” He gave the options of Stephen Bear, Jessica Smith, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex and accompanied this with the hashtags: #StephenBear #JessicaSmith #DumbPrince #DukeOfSussex #MeghanMarkle #DuchessOfSussex #Meghan #greed #realitytv #TV #television #BigBrother #Netflix #Spare #scum #vile #grifter #grifters.
Victim Georgia Harrison, speaking outside the court, stated: “I am happy and relieved that this matter is finally over. Today’s sentence is a vindication of what I’ve been put through and sends a clear message that the police and the courts take this matter very seriously. I want to let all other victims of this crime know that I stand in solidarity with them and I have absolutely no regrets on waiving my anonymity. I hope that this puts anyone off committing this sort of crime and I hope for anyone else who has been a victim of it [that] it gives them some sort of justice.” Hannah von Dadelszen, the deputy chief crown prosecutor for CPS East of England, added: “I want to commend Georgia Harrison for the bravery and determination she has shown throughout this case. By contrast, Stephen Bear showed a complete lack of remorse by never accepting responsibility for his abusive behaviour, even going so far as to place the blame on Ms Harrison. Although she lives a public life, Georgia Harrison has the right to privacy. But that was taken away by Bear to make money in the most egregious way.”
In the past, Bear has been called out as a conman after running fake competitions. He’s also been accused of animal abuse and after he was sent down on Friday, he turned and waved from the dock and dimwittedly declared: “Have a good evening. Enjoy the weekend everyone.”
On Friday, television presenter Dan Walker shared a tweet with his 792,200 followers on Twitter. It read: “When you consider how Stephen Bear is acting outside court and the crime he committed… It is hard to get your head around the person who is delighted to get a selfie with him.”

Wastrel wazzock Stephen Bear’s NOT so ‘finest’ quotes…

On why he thought he shouldn’t have had to pay attention to lockdown rules:


“I am God. Rules do not apply to me. I have super human powers and I am part of the Illuminati.”


“Everyone else should stay at home and not go M&S and buy some food. They should sit at home and starve.”


About those he “claimed” owed him money:


“Yeah, so this one’s called the Monday rant. I’m owed a lot of money from three different people. First one is Rustlers, where’s my £3,000 you owe me? It’s been five months.”


“Second one, Good For Nothing, you owe me 16 grand, my contract isn’t finished until April, you owe me £16,000. Where is it?”


“And the third one is for you Charlotte, listen, reply back to the emails. I haven’t received 1p from the business which I started with my money. Okay?”


“Tell your dad to reply to the f**king emails, do you understand? Make sure he gets back to him because what’s going on at the minute is b******s and it’s embarrassing.


“Do you understand? Because I’ve had enough now. That’s the Monday rant over, I want all my f**king money from all three of you, do you understand?”


To a group of females on Celebs Go Dating:


“I’m here to find someone new… Are all your minges shaved? I’m just saying, clean nails, clean minges.”


On being arrested for “on suspicion of disclosing private sexual photographs or films without consent with intent to cause distress, harassment, and obstructing a police officer”:


“Where do I f**king start? I’m back from Dubai and I’ve actually got a criminal case of my head.”


“While I was in the police cell they have gone into my house, smashed open the door. I’ve had to get everything fixed – they’ve busted my front gate too.”


“Obstructing a police officer. What do you reckon I did? Do you reckon I got in his way? I think voyeurism because I’ve been to Dubai and I’ve gone on a voyage.”


In January 2021, ‘The Steeple Times’ made “tattooed twerp” Stephen Bear its ‘Moron of the Moment’ after we decided the “shameless scumbag sex pest and dog abuser” had shown himself as “the finest example of all that is wrong in once Great Britain.” With his jailing last week, he has now sunk to an even lower level.
Naked audacity – Mr Bear – who used to be a roofer and probably should have just stuck to playing with tiles – is clearly beyond vain and self-obsessed. His naked photos and videos of both himself and with others, however, illustrate him as nothing other than a revolting scumbag and total waste of space.
The days of Rolls-Royces (borrowed, not actually his, please note) for this grifter are now over; the equally vacuous Jessica Smith might do best to simply now walk away. Being as pathetic and pointless as her “lost half of her heart,” that does, however, seem unlikely. Shame on her in the same way that the feckless fool Ferne McCann (also from Essex and also involved in ‘reality television’) continued to pile misery on the victims of her acid chucking baby dada Arthur Collins.
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