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Hugo Portuondo: “What’s on your mantelpiece?”

20 questions with Madrid and London based interior designer Hugo Portuondo


The Steeple Times shares “wit and wisdom”. What’s your guiding force?

Passion and consistency.


“Don’t get even, get medieval” is, in our humble opinion, a great motto. What’s yours?

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”.


Kerry Katona was considered unacceptable in 2007. Who or what is unacceptable in 2013?

I don’t know who Kerry Katona is but the list of what or who is unacceptable in 2013 is way too long.


Tony Blair misses being Prime Minister. What do you miss most in your life?

A three month holiday.


What might you swap all your wealth for?

I am wealthy in a spiritual level so I would not swap it for anything.


Donald Trump was once a case of: “If you owe the bank a thousand, they close you down; but if you owe the bank a billion, you own the bank”. What’s your view on the banking crisis?

I know nothing about the banking crisis however I do know that banks always want to lend you an umbrella when the sun is shining. As soon as there are some rain drops, they take it away. I do wish I owed a bank a billion though.


What phrase or word do you most loathe?

“I can’t”.


In the UK, some people consider charity to “begin at home”. What’s your view and what causes do you personally support?

Completely agree. I personally support Cancer Research.


The judge in Law Abiding Citizen states: “I can pretty much do whatever I want” before being blown up whilst answering her mobile phone. What’s your view on the appropriate use of such devices?

It’s on 24/7 but always on silent mode.


Hugo Portuondo


If you could fill a carriage on The Orient Express, who would be your fellow passengers?

My family and close friends.


If you were unfortunate enough to end up on death row, what would be your last meal and where would you eat it?

My last meal would be on the beach in Formentera. The menu: Jamon de Jabugo (Spanish ham), white truffle pasta and at least one case of Krug to take the edge off.


What time is it acceptable to consume the first drink of the day?

It all depends on the time you get up. For me, usually the earliest is around 1 pm.


A Negroni, a martini or a cup of tea?

Vodka on the rocks with a twist of lemon.


Whose parties do you enjoy the most and why?

My own as there are no annoying guests and the music is good.


Who is the most positive person you know?

My brother.


What’s your most guilty pleasure?

Siesta time.


If a tattoo were to sum you up, what would it be of?

A tattoo is something that I would not consider.


If you were a car, what marque would you be?

I would be an Indian motorcycle.


Cilla Black presented Surprise, Surprise. Tell us the most surprising thing about you.

I have webbed feet… Haha.


What’s currently sitting on your mantelpiece?

Invitations, a pair of candlesticks and an 18th century bronze figure of Venus by Matthew Boulton.


Hugo Portuondo is a Madrid and London based interior designer. He and his brother open a new showroom for their business, Portuondo, in Pimlico Road later this month.



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