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A Knightsbridge house for rent for nearly £1 million per year comes with the option of its very own Jeeves


Despite P. G. Woodehouse’s Jeeves being “a valet, not a butler”, Bertie Wooster noted: “If the call comes, he can buttle with the best of them”. At a house in London’s Knightsbridge, a future tenant need not worry as they have not only the option of a Buckingham Palace trained butler but also a live-in housekeeper with her own quarters included in the rent.


This Egerton Crescent house will set back whoever rents it nearly £1 million per year
The eventual tenant will effectively be paying £6,167 per bedroom per week for the three bedroom property


As was reported by GQ’s David Katz earlier this year, demand for butlers has soared in Britain and abroad as a result of “Downton Abbey syndrome”. The “.001 percent” are celebrating what he calls the ‘New Gilded Age’ by employing more and more staff and though there were just a few hundred butlers left in Britain thirty-five years ago, there are supposedly roughly 10,000 today.


A butler is expected to “see everything, but say nothing” and to keep their cool when dealing with “lunatic requests”. They generally change three times each day, are “either gay or divorced” and do not consider their role subservient. Katz concludes his article by stating:


“At this moment, a happy butler is harder to find than a needy billionaire. Which bestows the butler with something you’d never expect: power”.


Stephen Fry as Jeeves and Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster
The house includes a traditionally furnished first floor drawing room
Other reception spaces include a sitting room and dining room
There is a courtyard garden to the rear


Aside from considering that very point, the person who decides to rent the 3,428 square foot 3 bedroom, 3 reception room Egerton Crescent house will need very deep pockets: Agents Harrods Estates seek £18,500 per week, £80,167 per month or an especially astounding £962,004 per year.



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    1. It is a perfect solution, should any illegal activity happen, it can be blamed on the butler or bell boy. It has the makings of a Peter Falk (Detective Columbo) flair to it. I love these Steeple Times articles. Keep them coming.


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