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Guttered Anthea

Anthea Turner’s “berserk” convicted offender fiancé spotted “trawling roads” doing community service after biting a policeman

This morning, The Sun shared photographs of ‘Princess Tippy Toes’ Anthea Turner’s fiancé, “socialite” Mark Armstrong, “dawdling” and picking up litter from gutters whilst wearing a fluorescent orange jacket emblazoned with the words ‘Community Payback.’


Sentenced to 240 hours community service an given a suspended sentence after biting a cop on New Year’s Eve whilst high as a kite on illegal magic mushrooms, Armstrong supposedly now has to ‘work’ 7.5 hours per week collecting rubbish.


According to the paper, Armstrong has “brought shame” on himself and Turner through his “appalling crime,” but one has to ask: Did ‘Anth’ swing into action and put a Cadbury’s flake in his lunchbox to lift his spirits?


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  • Anthea looks desperately in need of a shag!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he looks incapable of getting it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send the bird Down Under and I'll sort her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Had a experience with Lizzy Cundy or Cunt off as others say. She is high millage slag who needs to be thrown in the scrap yard. On the other hand Armstrong must be really desperate if he wants to shag Anthea Turner. IS HE BLIND!!!!!!!!??????

  • Please, Anthea, take yourself off to Spain or anywhere else and just retire. We all want you gone. For good.

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