Will Ghislaine Maxwell Motor On?

Will Ghislaine Maxwell Motor On? As a Twitter poll reveals the public believe Ghislaine Maxwell will ‘suicide herself’ in a similar manner to her former master Jeffrey Epstein, the Cash & Rocket ‘charity’ unbelievably announce they are going ahead with another rally in 2021.

As a poll reveals the public believe Ghislaine Maxwell will ‘suicide herself’ in a similar manner to her former master Jeffrey Epstein, the Cash & Rocket ‘charity’ unbelievably announce they are going ahead with another rally in 2021

Though one thing is for sure and that is that Ghislaine Maxwell will not be returning to her 156 acre “retreat” in Bradford, New Hampshire this weekend, a Twitter poll conducted by The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples has revealed that the public believe she’ll go the same way as Jeffrey Epstein.


In a question posed Thursday, a reasonable (though we’ll admit far from scientific) sample of 73 answers came in response to the question: “Will Robert Maxwell’s daughter and Jeffrey Epstein’s child procurer madam Ghislaine Maxwell last the week in custody?”


Response options and votes were as follows:


  • She’ll get COVID and die – 19.2%.
  • She’ll suicide herself – 34.2%.
  • She’ll be off to Israel – 20.5%.
  • She’ll be out on bail – 26%.


Whilst Mark Seal of Vanity Fair yesterday recounted what he had discovered about where ‘Bouncing Bob’s’ daughter had been for the last year, we again share with readers our picture of the last car that ‘Mucky Madam Maxwell’ was known to have driven when she was in London for her most recent visit to Prince Andrew and for the 2019 Cash & Rocket ‘charity’ rally.


Whilst Ghislaine Maxwell quite deservedly won’t be riding quite so nicely again anytime soon, it seems Cash & Rocket think they can move on regardless on and forget about their links to a facilitator of female abuse. Founder Julie Brangstrup recently announced that her organisation is unbelievably going ahead with another glitzy car tour in 2021.


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53.4% of respondents to our Twitter poll do not believe Ghislaine Maxwell will be alive much longer.
The house to where the paedo procurer will not return – Ghislaine Maxwell bought 338 East Washington Road, Bradford, New Hampshire, NH 03221 for £858,000 ($1.07 million) on 13th December 2019. It had been listed for £ million ($1.195 million) on 12th April that year and was marketed as a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, 4,365 square foot “custom designed timber frame house” with 156 acres by Coldwell Banker Homes. The agents bizarrely lauded the “fabulous barn for square dances and hoedowns,” but it is doubtful that ‘Mucky Madam Maxwell’ had chance to hold any of those during her tenure at the house quaintly known as ‘Tuckedaway.’
Totally Tuckedaway – A video of the house illustrates how secluded the estate truly is and this is plainly why Miss Maxwell chose it.
Amongst those that partied with Ghislaine Maxwell during the last Cash & Rocket rally were Paris Hilton and ‘Queen of #JustSaying’ Caroline Stanbury. ‘The Steeple Times’ snapped the duo at a launch event for that ‘charity’ car tour at Bibendum on London’s Fulham Road on the evening of 6th June 2019.
A 1-minute “trailer” video about Cash & Rocket describes it as being about “women making change.” Founder Julie Brangstrup unsurprisingly decided not to include their 2019 participant and multiple women enslaver Ghislaine Maxwell in this marketing material.


  1. She deserves to be sent to the chair. As should her friends and associates including Randy Andy, racist broke Victoria Hervey, etc.

  2. She is lookng at 35 years in an enjoyable US penitentiary. Orange suit and chains when she leaves her cell.
    She won’t get bail as she may run again and top herself She will plea bargain and admit the 10 year one and for the rest get 5 years. Ouch!
    They won’t let her die in a cell and will watch her closely to spare embarassment.
    Good riddance I say.

  3. Anyone have any idea how they found her? Did someone she know rat on her? They presumably can’t have found her through her purchase of tbe house, which was soooo secretively done.
    Apparently she has at least 15 bank accounts (mind you, Paul Manafort had at least 30 in Cyprus alone). Did they follow the money trail? Am I the only one who wants to know this stuff?

    • I would guess they have been watching her for the past few months at least, and gathering evidence. When they finally knocked on her door, they wanted as many charges as possible to arrest her.
      I hope the evil bitch gets banged up for a very long time. It only pains me to think people in high places like HRH, and other big names, won’t get touched because they are immune.

  4. There are too many big names in her little black book that will have people worried, including HRH. I don’t believe for one second Epstein took his own life he would have cut a deal with the feds to get a lesser sentence, just like she will do, if given the chance. There’s no way she will get bale, as shes too much of a flight risk. They had better give her 24 hour round the clock surveillance if they want to get to trial. She will be looking at 35 to life if convicted, so she will be looking at options.

    • The longest time in one charge is 10 Years matey. The other 5 charges carry 5 years each. Prosecution will want that one and a few of the others. So I reckon banged up for at least 15 on a plea deal. They sound very sure she will be found guilty. Of course they might say “We’ll let you escape with 10 years if you tell us what you know about the other naughty boys”. Here’s hoping

  5. PS
    They should also confiscate her fortune unless she can prove it was obtained by legit means. I wonder why she decided to hide out in the USA? If she had been caught in the UK, she probably would have got bail right away, and if convicted, would have probably got 5 years and out in 3 with good be behavior. The US wouldn’t have been able to extradite her as she holds a British passport, along with a few others. I’m happy she got arrested there as they don’t stuff around with sentencing perverts, unlike the UK. If our pervert Rolf Harris had been sentenced there, he would have received 20 years.


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