Ghastly Gas Guzzling Grabbers

Arrogant gas guzzling grabber Prince Andrew and his wack job live-in ex-wife commit further acts of arrogance; they simply will never learn.

Arrogant gas guzzling grabber Prince Andrew and his wack job live-in ex-wife commit further acts of arrogance; they simply will never learn

This week, yet again, ‘Randy Andy’ and his feckless wastrel wife ‘Fergie’ have gone and put their cloven hooves into the proverbial.

Firstly, on Monday, the Daily Express shared that the Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden had condemned the Duke of York taking a convoy consisting of a Land Rover Range Rover, a Defender and a Discovery on his trip to Balmoral.

The paper reported:

“Speaking to Mail+ Palace Confidential, Richard Eden said: ‘We’ve heard a lot from his brother Prince Charles recently about the environment, as we know he’s a very, very strong campaigner against climate change.”

“Prince Andrew, for his visit with Fergie to Balmoral, he took not one, not two, but three SUVs, and obviously we wonder. The Palace wouldn’t comment at all but why does he need all these gas guzzling vehicles?”

“They wouldn’t say but the suggestion is still for his royal protection, but these are not police cars, these are with his personalised number plates, Prince Andrew’s cars.

“The fact he’s still getting tax-payer funded police protection when he hasn’t carried out any royal duties for almost two years and there doesn’t seem to be any real prospect he will be in the future, I’m afraid it’s outrageous.”

Going further, The Mail on Sunday’s diary editor Charlotte Griffiths quite rightly added: “He seems to want to do it on purpose to provoke his brother, we do know that Prince Andrew loves to provoke his brother. I mean, you almost think is this a wind up, it’s so bonkers.”

Continuing, yesterday, the Daily Express turned to an even more contentious alleged piece of news about the Duke of York’s wife, Sarah Ferguson.

For the paper, Isabella Marsans claimed: “The Duchess of York, 61, may be handed a portion of the Sussexes patronages, according to sources. Harry, 36, and Meghan, 40, stepped away from being working members of the Royal Family last year and moved to California.”

Given this deviant duo’s connections to the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his currently incarcerated mucky madam sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell, both pieces of news yet again prove something about this caustic couple – they will never learn the art of humblese. Shame on them.

Why did Prince Andrew and his feckless wife need to take a convoy of three cars to Balmoral? Has this man no sense of responsibility towards environmental considerations alongside has inability to have ended his friendship with a paedophile without going to stay at his New York mansion?
Elsewhere, last month, illustrating her sheer shamelessness, Sarah, Duchess of York posed for ‘Town & Country’ magazine in a series of photos. Each was accompanied by descriptions of the items she was sporting – and each item was outrageously accompanied by its pricing. For the live-in royal ex-wife to be so overtly commercial is simply tacky and tawdry.
Yesterday also, ‘The Sun’ ludicrously suggested Sarah, Duchess of York is on the road to becoming “a TV mega mogul with the launch of her novel – amid hopes it could become the next Bridgerton.” A source told the paper: “An LA insider said: ‘Sarah believes that this book should be taken to the screen. She feels that the characters and plotlines are very strong, and that audiences at this time are lapping up this type of content. When her book deal came up, she secured the rights to co-produce a TV series and has been working with production houses in the pitching phrase. There have been discussions with networks and streamers with the premise that this series has a Bridgerton feel, and that Sarah plans more novels with these characters. There is huge optimism about this project. The book has gotten positive US feedback and she is well liked there.”
Prince Andrew is consistent in one regard: He repeatedly makes all situations he finds himself far worse. His 2019 interview with Emily Maitlis for the BBC was undoubtedly his lowest point to date, but that he continues to behave with arrogance just shows that he is completely out of touch with the need to behave appropriately and with dignity.

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  • I think Range Rovers are so often the weapon of choice aren't they. I lent him mine actually when he visited the island on which I then lived (not VI)!! I must say he was very nice to everyone and his crew and driver were a smashing bunch of chaps. When I got the car back I had never seen it so clean and sparkling. All the wheels had been blacked and there was a quarter inch of polish on the thing. It was better at picking an awkward moment to boil over than Elton John but all went OK.

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