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Deviant Durst Deservedly Denied

Deviant Durst Deservedly Denied 2021 – Robert Durst trial continues – Real estate royalty, bigamist and body dismemberer Robert Durst is deservedly denied an indefinite halt to his trial as his lawyer attacks the reputation of one of this suspected serial killer’s likely victims.

Real estate royal, bigamist and body dismemberer Robert Durst is deservedly denied an indefinite halt to his trial as his lawyer attacks the reputation of one of this suspected serial killer’s likely victims

Defended only by Donald Trump – whom once remarked of him on Twitter: “Personally, I think Douglas Durst’s brother got screwed by Douglas – no wonder he’s angry” – cross dressing real estate scion Robert Durst, a man accused of murdering his one-time best friend Susan Berman in 2000 unsurprisingly didn’t manage to get his latest trial halted indefinitely this week.


Clearly deviant beyond belief and a man whom drank Jack Daniels and smoked pot before hacking apart the body of his then neighbour, Morris Black, and chucking his body in Galveston Bay in 2001, this definite deviant also remains a suspect in the 1982 disappearance of his wife, Kathie. Here, indeed, is someone with a plainly warped beyond weird moral compass and here is a 78-year-old with no concept of right and wrong.


Speaking of him in court in Los Angeles yesterday, Durst’s own attorney, Dick DeGuerin remarked on the “awful, awful dismemberment” as a “sickly… Durst blinked occasionally but [showed] no outward sign of emotion,” according to ABC News’ Brian Melley. DeGuerin then continued: “He doesn’t make good decisions… [but he] did not kill Susan Berman and he doesn’t know who did… [He] had no motive to gain by the death of Susan Berman.”


Turning to the slayed victim, DeGuerin condescendingly continued: “She was a fabulist. She made up stories. She told lies day in and day out.”


DeGuerin and others thus far have neglected to mention another of his client’s decidedly dodgy traits: In March 2020, this evil looking man’s “secret second wife,” Debrah Lee Charatan, was damned as a “bigamist” by a lawyer for the sister of Kathie Durst. Speaking to the New York Post, Robert Abrams remarked: “Plain and simple, she violated the law, she is a bigamist.”


Going further of Charatan having had another husband “until his death in 2019,” Abrams added: “There is no question that while married to Mr Durst, Mrs Charatan purported to contract a marriage with Steven Holm.”


After being forced to cut ties to his family empire in 2006, Robert Durst was bunged £46 million ($65 million, €53 million or درهم239 million) as part of a likely since unfulfilled hope that he’d disappear and shut his almighty gob. He handed £14 million ($20 million, €16 million or درهم73 million) of that to Debrah Lee Charatan. She continues to plug her trade online at


Murder victim journalist Susan Berman (1945 – 2000) pictured with her one-time ‘bestie’ turned alleged killer. Mobster’s daughter Berman was found dead on Christmas Eve 2000 at her home in Benedict Canyon, California. Her body was found in an “execution style” setting, but it was not until March 2015 that Durst was arrested and charged in New Orleans with her first degree murder.
Debrah Lee Charatan pictured with her late “husband” Steven Holm.
A ‘lounging’ Debrah Lee Charatan (left) and pictured with another of her husbands, Robert Durst (right).
Robert Durst pictured with his “disappeared” first wife, Kathie. This week Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah announced her office is reopening the investigation into the 1982 disappearance. Of this, Rocah remarked: “At the time that this alleged homicide occurred… We did not have the same understanding of domestic violence, and how that kind of abuse could play into relationships and how it could frankly color law enforcement – and by that I mean police and prosecutors’ perspectives. So we will investigate this… It is challenging to do it after so long and we want to do it right. This has been around, and the family obviously wants and needs closure, I think, a whole community wants and needs closure.”
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