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Down With Dumb Diane

After retreating to the backbenches, can life get better for the thickest politician in history, Diane Abbott? She’s got the sentencing of her criminal son to look forward to for starters… And a few paid gigs at the Beeb no doubt too

Life is not so rosy for Diane Abbott right now. She had to “resign” from her Shadow Cabinet post (well, she’d never have accepted being inevitably “pushed” if she hadn’t gone willingly) and on Wednesday, she’ll see her degenerate son, James Abbott-Thompson, sentenced for biting a policeman and spitting at another.


Remembered in Tuesday’s Telegraph as having an “infelicity with words and numbers that made John Prescott look like JFK,” Abbott pathetically told Sky News in February: “I was a backbencher for a few years and there is an awful lot to do on the backbenches” (take that to mean: “I’ll keep causing trouble and making a berk of myself and dipping my grubby mitts in the till via gigs at the BBC and elsewhere”).


Calculator-less, “most abused of any Labour MP ever” Abbott – whom also claims she’s going to be singlehandedly able to stop Labour going into a “dead end” with a “swerve to the right on migration policy” – however, did find time to once again block The Steeple Times on Twitter. She also get one positive call out in the little-read Independent where the self-declared “fangirl of Naomi Campbell” and “she/her/I” Lola Oriowo accused anyone having a go at Jeremy Corbyn’s ex-sexual partner of being “institutional racists.”


A selection of the opinions of Twitter users about Miss Abbott’s departure follows below. This double left footer will certainly not be missed by many.


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Diane Abbott has busied herself by once again blocking ‘The Steeple Times’ since being demoted. Plainly she hasn’t got much else to do.

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  • Worst appointment to the shadow cabinet by anyone ever. A national embarrassment. She should stand down as an MP if her son gets jailed and focus on her child's future. How can she lectures others when she produces such vile spawn?

  • The son is a natural byproduct of her appalling parenting. She sent it to a private school yet told others they shouldn't send their kids to them. Shame on her. Thick cow.

  • Is she really as thick as what she seems. How on earth did she get the job she had. Oh I forgot, you sleep with has been boss. She should be sued by the tax payer for taking money under false pretenses, bloody dunce.

  • Like or loathe her, you can’t knock her comedic value, 12 Dec when she wore two mismatched left shoes was so hilarious I’m still laughing now! ?

  • Good riddance, Dianne “Frankie” Abbot - lives in a world of its own...odious little turd.
    Please sir, can we have some more of the same!

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