The Devil’s Advocate is Back

‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Giovanni Di Stefano’s life is set to be made into a film following his forthcoming release from jail (and deportation from Britain).

‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Giovanni Di Stefano’s life is set to be made into a film following his forthcoming release from jail (and deportation from Britain)

In March 2014, the incarcerated conman Giovanni Di Stefano tweeted The Steeple Times to claim he had cheated “no one” before adding: “Who did I kill?” In spite of the fact that this po-faced prattler and all-round prick had been convicted and jailed for 14 years for “tricking people into thinking he was a bona fide legal professional” when he was anything but in 2013, he’s shortly about to get out of jail and after deportation from Britain will be participating in a film about his life and lies.

For plainly extremely intelligent but completely lacking in any kind of moral compass Di Stefano’s victims – whom include Tricia Walsh-Smith, a lady best known for making a video that went viral after it was published on YouTube during her especially acrimonious divorce from the then president of The Shubert Organization – this film will pile yet more misery on their already substantial losses. The film, which is to be made by six Academy Award nominated director Jim Sheridan, is based on a biography written by this “one of life’s great swindler’s” plainly anything but impartial son, Michael Di Stefano.

Currently titled The Devil’s Advocate – How to Win Fiends and Influence Despots in a plain nod to Dale Carnegie and Toby Young also, Sheridan commented of it: “It’s very easy to see this as a dramatic feature, but I think for now – the documentary form will suit the story better. This is an intriguing story and truly unique. The lead character is simply unbelievable, and we are delighted to have the exclusive co-operation of Giovanni, his family, his long-term assistant and his personal lawyer to tell the story.”

Going further, executive producer Jezz Vernon of Port Royal Media added: “The subject material is jaw dropping, we’re excited to bring Jim’s vision of the story to the screen. It’s a huge coup that Giovanni and his family have chosen to work exclusively with us.”

Summing rotten ratbag “defender of the indefensibles” Di Stefano – whose supposed clients in spite of him having no legal qualifications whatsoever up allegedly numbered ‘Moors Murderer’ Ian Brady, paedo pop singer Gary Glitter, slum lord Nicholas van Hoogstraten, deranged dictator Saddam Hussein, warped war criminal Slobodan Milošević and pensioner slayer Dr Harold Shipman – up in March 2013 before sending him down, Judge Alistair McCreath, the Recorder of Westminster, stated:

“Your victims in this case were all desperate people and people who, because of their desperation, were vulnerable… It is also about something different and great – it is about the real distress you caused to so many people… You had no regard for them nor for their anguish… Your only concern was to line your own pockets.”

Any film that suggests anything to the contrary will be nothing but claptrap.

On 11th May, Michael Di Stefano tweeted complaing his father’s prison sentence to be “arbitrary and unlawful.”
In spite of being incarcerated, in April, Giovanni Di Stefano was able to tweet his views on MI5 whilst his son claimed the “UK breaks the rules to hold him.”
Also in April, Di Stefano tweeted his sorrow about the death of the Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff and claimed he’d written to President Trump to ask him to put him “on his pardon list.”
In February, this prisoner was able to post nonsense on his blog about predictions also.
In January, Di Stefano tweeted about his sadness on the passing of the murderer Phil Spector.

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  • The Irish Perspective Reads:
    Jim Sheridan must be scraping the barrel at this stage for new ideas

  • Very interesting story, I'm gob smacked how this con merchant could act as a defence lawyer without any legal qualifications, particularly for such high profile scum suckers like Glitter, Brady etc. Maybe that's why they got decent sentences.
    Now that he's done his time, he should be deported immediately and given a bill for what he's cost the British tax payer in board and lodgings for the past 7 years.

  • Disgusting article. Delete it immediately. Giovanni Di Stefano is a good kind man and his only mistake was Jeremy Bamber. He was wrong about that homosexual serial killer and other than that he is mostly right. Dr Harold Shipman was framed and Saddam Hussein was killed by the evil spirits that control America. ~REPENT and take this article down now. Rich people are taking advantage everywhere and evil triumphs because you do not do anything but support the insane people and the likes of James Stunt, Jeremy Bamber and Mark Alexander. Twisted evil. Sick. Wrong. Rolf Harris is innocent too so apologise and to Cliff Richard as well. You must REPENET.

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