A Distraction Disgrace – ‘Christian B’ Cleared

A Distraction Disgrace 2021 – ‘Christian B’ Cleared – As Christian Brueckner is cleared of the abduction of the “German Madeleine McCann,” Inga Gehricke, we again slam the use of the distraction technique.

As Christian Brueckner is cleared of the abduction of the “German Madeleine McCann” Inga Gehricke, we again slam the use of the distraction technique

In September 2020, we reported that Christian Brueckner – the plainly vile German paedophile touted as the abductor of Madeleine McCann in Praia Da Luz, Portugal in May 2007 – was going to be cleared. Now, today, in a throwaway piece buried deep in The Sun’s online pages, it has been revealed that this incarcerated monster has “been ruled out” of the May 2015 kidnapping of Inga Gehricke – a 5-year-old dubbed “the German Maddie.”


When ‘Christian B,’ as some media sources reference the convicted rapist, was first brought to public attention last year, Boris Johnson’s government were struggling to handle the fact that coronavirus chaos was hampering them in the headlines.


The introduction of Brueckner as a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, for some days, helped them as it distracted from their woes. Here, was a clear example of the ‘distraction technique’ at work and now, here, we can see where this ‘investigation’ is going: A complete whitewash.


Speaking to The Sun last night, Brueckner’s lawyer, Friedrich Fulscher, remarked: “The public prosecutor’s office has thoroughly examined connections to the Inga case and determined there isn’t even an initial suspicion against my client.”


Going further of the distraction plainly going on in McCann case, speaking earlier, Fulscher added:


“My client hasn’t been charged with anything. [Christian Brueckner] is under investigation and under suspicion. I have to assume that they do not have any concrete evidence. I think that’s quite typical for us Germans.”


“We think we are something special, at least in Europe, and think we can do things better than other nations. We will see if that is the case, but I don’t think so.”


Meanwhile on Monday, in yet further distraction in The Sun, Gerry and Kate McCann’s unnamed “close pal” cryptically commented of their ongoing legal battle with the former Portuguese police officer Gonaclo Amaral:  


“It drags on and on. They go one step forward then two two back. It’s caused them so much anguish over the years and they just want to draw a line under it.”


Mr Amaral has won against the McCanns in a civil case they brought on three occasions and repeatedly been cleared of any wrongdoing.


Missing Madeleine – Questions STILL without answers – The ultimate case of the distraction technique at work

Many questions about what happened on the evening of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann remain. Some that have been highlighted by the press and discussed online include:


  • Why did Kate McCann refuse to answer 48 questions put to her by the Portuguese police?


  • Why were certain records of phone calls on the evening of the disappearance “whoosh-clunked” from the memories of the phones of Mr and Mrs McCann and the ‘Tapas 7’?


  • Why did a British sniffer dog sense the smell of a corpse in a cupboard in the apartment from which Madeleine McCann disappeared?


  • Why did a sniffer dog also supposedly sense the smell of a corpse in a vehicle hired by the couple a month after the disappearance of their daughter?




A Distraction Disgrace – Christian Brueckner (AKA ‘Christian B’; pictured with his ex-girlfriend, Nakscije Miftari).
A Distraction Disgrace – Goncalo Amaral claimed that he believed that the McCanns “accidentally killed” their daughter, Madeleine, in his 2008 book ‘The Truth of The Lie.’ Amaral has repeatedly won court actions brought against him by them.


  1. We all think Grange should be asking two people a lot more questions, Including the above list. I also believe there has been a multimillion pound fraud.
    Bear in mind the McCann’s, before this affair, had difficulties in paying their mortgage. Kate was so poor that she had to wear her holiday clothes to work when she was going to certify deaths for the GP practice she worked for (the said practice said it didn’t happen). Needless to say she found the work so distressing she had to take her daughters cuddly toy along with her, Naturally if you work with corpses you smell of them.

  2. Still a lot of unanswered questions with this case, I for one never thought for a second Christian Brueckner was the culprit, even though he is a vile piece of work, it was all just too convenient to have a known paedophile in the area when a child went missing.
    The McCanns need to come clean and answer all the questions asked of them, some of them quite basic, such as, Who called the authorities when you discovered her missing? Why were records wiped from your phones, and other guests phones? Why did sniffer dogs sense a corpse in your vehicle?
    It goes on and on, and we have never had proper answers to these and many more questions.
    Sadly I don’t think we will ever know what really happened to Madeline, it will remain one of those unsolved mysteries. Even though I think her death was an accident, and there has been a massive cover up.
    I notice the nut case, Gillian Trott has gone quiet, she was convinced Brueckner was guilty and had him convicted, even though there was no evidence to support it, Just as well she doesn’t sit on a Jury. She has the McCanns completely innocent, even though there are hundreds of unanswered questions by this couple.

  3. Hi. Just a quick FYi.
    The McCanns aren’t up against Goncalo Amaral at the ECHR. Their persecution of him is over and they lost. Their arrogance is such that they are now blaming Portugal,yes that’s right, blaming a country for the fact that they are despicable unfit unworthy parents. Who absolutely cared for no-one but themselves and who are the only people responsible for what happened to poor Madeleine.


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