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Class v. Brass

Whilst the Chelsea Arts Club is right to put on a bit of Moulin Rouge this season, Petra Ecclestone’s show next door is nothing but gaudy


In their final outing of the year, the Chelsea Arts Club have decorated their façade with a theme based upon Moulin Rouge. It stands out but it has been done in a classy style. Next door, however, Petra Ecclestone – now dating a dodgy electrician whose father is a convicted criminal – decided to do something different and put up a whole array of decorations.


Supposedly not even in the house but instead in LA, this rich woman’s tacky set of lights glares out into the night sky and no doubt proceeds a carbon footprint that could match a power station.


One neighbour, who prefer not to be named, commented: “The woman is not even in the building yet likes to leave all those lights on. It’s ridiculous. She’s got more money than sense and is considered the Hyacinth Bucket of the locality.”


Meanwhile elsewhere, Miss Ecclestone’s ex, James Stunt, has taken up residence in a most civilised abode in Belgravia. He read about it in The Steeple Times before proceeding to purchase.


Pictures by legendary ‘photographer to the stars’ John Stoddart.


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21 comments on “Class v. Brass”

  1. I am impressed with your subscribers. Maybe you can market my racehorses too Matthew! I will put you on commission. They cost nowhere near £11 million….

  2. I’m surprised Petra didn’t spell out her new arm candy’s tattoo in lights. I hear it reads: TODAY IS ALL I HAVE. Tacky or what?

  3. James Stunt is well rid of this wasteful woman. As a pensioner, I am appalled at how much the display must have cost. The former Mrs Stunt should donate the equivalent sum to a charity for the aged.

  4. Stupid b***h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send her Down Under and I’ll sort her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Idiocy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. All at the Chelsea Arts Club are bored of the continual nuisance caused by this woman I hear. Who’d want a son of a criminal next door? Not me!

  6. Rich girls dating/marrying someone whose father is a convicted criminal is all the rage these days. Think Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump. Petra is in illustrious company.

  7. I hear Mrs Ecclestone wasted even more money decorating her house in Los Angeles. She even spent $26k on snow. Idiotic behaviour by an idiotic woman.

  8. 2018 will be the year when James Stunt becomes popular. Well done Steeple Times for highlighting how stupid his ex truly is.

    1. Well Beth, it sounds to me like you’re a bit jealous yourself. If anybody needs to go and get an STD test it definitely would be Miss Ecclestone. I would hazard a wild guess, shes not shy with putting it out there, judging by the latest cretin shes dating. Like Karen mentioned, I expect Daddy is very proud of his little darling, and the latest company she is shagging.

  9. This tacky, gaudy and cheap display of lights reflects the home owner and her cheap tattooed boyfriend (whose father is a convicted criminal). I do not respect a woman who promises her husband in her marriage vows “in sickness and in health”, has a lavish, beautiful wedding, and then has three beautiful children – then tosses it all away. Spoilt and Shallow to say the least. James Stunt is a Gem. He was worth hanging onto. Catherine Sacco.

  10. A gaudy, tacky and cheap display of lights. This reflects the home owner and her tattooed boyfriend, whose father is a convicted criminal. I have no respect for a woman who stated in her wedding vows ” in sickness and in health, till death do us part”, has a beautiful lavish Italian wedding, three beautiful children – then tosses it all away. Every marriage/partnership has challenges, but you do not discard this like rubbish. You make things work, when three children are involved. You do not just move another man into your home. This is totally wrong and confusing for the children. Petra Eccelstone is immature, selfish, spoilt and shallow. James Stunt is a fine upstanding, private, loving and caring family man. What more could one ask for. He was suffering the loss of his beloved brother. He needed kindness and patience. We can see the hurt on his face. He was also battling a series of Iies in The Daily Mail/Fail. I would never have divorced James Stunt – a Gem of a Real Man. Catherine Sacco

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