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Cash, Rockets & Mucky Madams 2022

Cash, Rockets & Mucky Madams 2022

As Ghislaine Maxwell’s former business partner Jemma Kidd takes part in a car rally that raises money for victims of sex trafficking, we again call out the ridiculous vanity project of rich-not-robust women that is Cash & Rocket

Cash & Rocket is a ‘charitable organisation’ that claims to seek to bring about the “empowerment of women,” but it is actually ironically best known for having counted the since convicted sex trafficker of women Ghislaine Maxwell as amongst its participants in 2019.


Now, with news, post coronavirus lockdowns, that the car rally is again on the road, The Steeple Times contacted Cash & Rocket’s founder and CEO, Julie Brangstrup, for comment as to her view on the forthcoming sentencing of Robert Maxwell’s mucky madam daughter. We have yet to receive a reply.


With news from the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden this morning that Jemma Kidd (AKA the Countess of Mornington) – who counted the croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s onetime lover as a director of her now dissolved since January 2020 Jemma Kidd Makeup Limited company – is participating in this year’s event, we again question the clearly odd associations of Cash & Rocket.


Happening this year between 9th to the 12th June and involving 80 women driving between Barcelona and Florence via Provence and Milan, the website for the ‘teams’ participating is very much more vague than in 2019. It does not, most tellingly, include the surnames of any participants and though it is claimed £291,460 has been raised thus far, we again today remind Julie Brangstrup that she still has questions to answer.


In March 2021, we observed:


“Whilst all mention of Ghislaine Maxwell from Cash & Rocket’s website and social media, the stench of the involvement of this incarcerated alleged sexual abuser of women is something that still needs to be explained. We today call upon Julie Brangstrup to ‘woman up’ and explain how the ‘Bouncing Czech’s’ deviant daughter was allowed to join the event on 13th June 2019 given alleged victim Maria Farmer had already filed a sworn affidavit against Maxwell on 16th April that year.”


The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples will be interviewed by leading true crime podcaster and author Shaun Attwood about Ghislaine Maxwell and her likely fate tomorrow, 12th June, at CrimeCon 2022 in London between 11am and 12 noon. To purchase tickets to attend, click here and use the code ATTWOOD to get 10% off the price of tickets.


Pictured top – The Alfa Romeo that Ghislaine Maxwell was the co-driver in in the 2019 rally with Annette ‘Nettie’ Mason, wife of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.


Of her involvement in the 2022 rally, the ‘Daily Mail’s’ Richard Eden this morning quoted Lady Mornington as “gushing”: “Can we just have an appreciation of how bloody spectacular this car is… It’s a 3-litre V6 hybrid from Ferrari and it goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.9 seconds. It’s blown my little socks off.”
An image of the 2019 participants in Cash & Rocket’s rally at the Wellington Arch launch event on 13th June 2020. Miss Maxwell was presumably hiding ‘Where’s Wally?’ like somewhere within this shot.
In another image, shared a little more widely previously, the mucky madam posed next to the Alfa Romeo she co-drove with Nettie Mason with Paris Hilton and Caroline Stanbury behind her.
The ‘charitable organisation’ featured Miss Maxwell on their website during the 2019 event but have since removed all reference to her. The profile for the drivers of ‘Car 28,’ at the time, bizarrely suggested they’d raised “£0” and thus proved their fundraising abilities to be “as much use as a chocolate teapot.”
Shaun Attwood with co-host Jennifer Hopkins will discuss “two of the biggest stories in true crime” on 12th June 2022 between 11am and 12 noon at the UK’s number one gathering of those interested in true crime in Britain and beyond.
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