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Boy George scratched

Viewers left asking how Boy George acquired facial bruising and scratches


On Sunday, wayward felon Boy George appeared on the BBC’s The Voice with five deep scratches and a corker of a bruise on his face. One can only wonder how this self-loving sort acquired such.


A scratched and bruised Boy George on The Voice on Sunday 20th March 2016


The singer – born George O’Dowd – failed to respond to those who questioned him about the injuries on Twitter.



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    • I wish somebody would just drop this little pervert out of a low flying cargo plane over Iran.
      At least we wouldn't have to keep seeing his stupid, grinning mush all over the media.

      • He will fit in very well. I don't think you are aware of what iranian actually look like :) do a google I age search and find out

    • AAAH, POOR BOY................................................................................(Just kidding folks !!!!!)

    • He's an excellent mentor on The Voice. A breath of fresh air and he knows the business inside out.

      • A shame he has no remorse for the appalling abuse he subjected his victim to. The BBC should be ashamed of having hired this repugnant man in my personal opinion. Next they'll welcome back Stuart Hall and then Jonathan King.

        • I think the bbc are doing a video link with rolf Harris on the next show asking him what he thinks of the young talent, only a rumour.

      • However much he knows about the popular music business, is he the sort of person we want to have around acting as role model for, and mentoring our children and young people? How about Harris or King on child care and raising teenagers. I would suggest not and if I wouldn't ask him into my house why do I have to have him grace a TV screen? Come the day soon when they scrap the licence fee completely and charge the public its true worth - nothing.
        Henry Worsly is a role model we need in this day and age, and I hope they name the new polar research ship after him.

      • Well Ian, Why not let him mentor one of your siblings if he's such a breath of fresh air.

    • It is evidence based that the BBC don't have an issue with celebrities breaking the law, will even defend them, but will smear the ordinary Joe Blogs that commits a crime or misdemeanour. A corporation that trade in double standards.

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